Weston Union - Customer

Posted on Saturday, November 30th, 2013 at 8:19pm CST by L G.

Company: Weston Union

Location: US

Category: Business, Finances

I just got ripped off of my very own $400.00 cash when i bought a Weston Union money order and accidently made it out to the wrong person and when i went back to where i got the Weston Union money order for $400.00 i was told there was nothing that could be done and then i called the number to Weston Union and explained what happened. They told me to sign the back and write under my signature "Not to be used as intended" and then go to my bank and deposit the money order but when i tried to do this my bank said that couldn't be done and to go back to where it was purchased and have then stamp the money order as cancelled. I went back and fourth all day with absolutely no help and this is my complaint that Weston Union SUCKS because that $400.00 is no-one elses but MINE and i want it back which is only the right thing to do so i'm asking for someones HELP, PLEASE!!!


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