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Posted on Tuesday, November 26th, 2013 at 4:08pm CST by Michael W.

Product: Wetern Digital Red WD40EFRX 4TB IntelliPower 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" NAS Internal Hard Drive


Location: 9997 Rose Hills Road Whittier, CA, 90601


Category: Computers, Software

First, let me set the stage. Like so many before me, I have been doing business with NewEgg for over a decade with no problems. Put in an order, they charge the card, the order comes in, all is well. Until it isn't. Then basically you see the darkside, the underbelly of the beast.

On November 1, 2013 I placed an order for two WD 1TB drives and two 4TB Red (premium) drives. I got the order about 5 days later and proceeded to install them in several systems. The two 4TB drives were upgrades for a SOHO SAN system with RAID-1 mirroring. I got the system to recognize one drive and got the OS on it, but was never able to get it to recognize the other drive. I ended up booting several O/S's against the drive to see that the BIOS saw the drive, but the OS could not. This is typical of operable electronics and inoperable mechanical drive. I have been doing this (IT) for over two decades, so pretty routine stuff.

On November 8th, I got back into the system and completed an RMA. Not a very intuitive process and when I finished I realized that the process never once covered how to get the faulty drive back to them. So I dug around until I found a place I could order a return shipping label, for $11.38. Now, I have to admit having to pay for a return shipping label on a defective product started to get me annoyed. But, at this point I had a $200 drive that did not work and a SAN I could not get back in operation until it is replaced. Oh, but the site raved on the advantages of using their shipping label.

So, I packaged the drive up with bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts and stuck the label on and gave it to UPS. I started tracking the shipment a few days later and after about 5 days, it was back where it started. The site showed they had received it. Then they took a full five days to look at it. On the fifth day, they sent me an email saying the drive "bezzle" was broken, possibly during installation, and this was not covered. Then the email proceeded to tell me they were shipping the drive back to me. Let me tell you this ruined my Friday.

I have been on the phone ever since and getting their support on the phone is not trivial. First you have to complete a quest to show your worthy of speaking to a human. DO NOT DO THE CHAT, THEY ARE NOT HUMAN. So, after getting someone on the phone and explaining the situation, they put me on hold a total of six times to discuss with others. Finally, the rep came back and told me all she could do was request pictures of the damaged drive, but could confirm that the shipping box was not damaged. She said she would get back to me once she had the pictures. I ask how long that would be and she stated maybe today and if not on Monday. So, I fumed. At this point mad about having to pay to ship it back AND them telling me I was out $200. Well actually $211.38 at this point.

Monday came and went, Tuesday morning came and went. Tuesday afternoon I made the mistake of Chatting to check the status. Mind you whatever your contact desire, you have to prove yourself worthy. Only one component of this worktheness check is Captcha and like this site itself, is only the worst Captcha ever. I would be willing to believe a machine could read it better than I could. So the chat automaton comes on finally after I put the information in twice, the full scoop about my issue, because the popup blocker ate the first window. The automaton, "How can I help you?" Me, like really, did you read the material. They have been learning something from the doctors office here apparently. So, after I get the automaton up to speed, basically "we said no, so why you no accept no." I then relayed that the previous rep stated they were retrieving pictures. The automaton then gave me an email address, '[email protected]', and told me to directly email that rep and get the pictures. So I did. The automaton waited, I stated I felt I was getting the run around; The automaton indicated it was "sorry for my inconvenience." And waited.

At this point, I once again prove my worthiness to retrieve the phone number and call. I speak with yet another rep. This rep can see nothing about the pictures having been ordered or any other calls or inquirys. Now I feel like I'm just being worn down. The rep asks me what I wish to do. I state that I need to speak with a supervisor because this is starting to look like that one issue that may be worth spending whatever it takes to prove a point. I am not walking away from my money here. He puts me on hold and comes back and states they have to order pictures and it may take up to five days to get them and then they will email or call me back.

Let me summarize. I ordered a product, the product came broken. I paid to return the product, NewEgg confirmed it was broken, but not in a way they covered. Now I used to work retail and have been told that a retailer bascially has to warranty their product to function for 90 days in most states and definitely that it will work the moment you take delivery. This is not the case. NewEgg never delivered me a working product. They shipped it to me, I confirmed it did not work and then used their shipping label to ship it back. As far as I am concerned, they dropped the damn thing at NewEgg and some minimum wage worker won't own up to it.

I will not rest until I have gotten either a refund of my purchase price and the return shipping or a functioning drive. I don't care if that satisfaction costs me $5,000 in attorney fees.


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