Ocan Canyon Properties - Beware of Ocean Canyon Properties

Posted on Saturday, November 23rd, 2013 at 9:35pm CST by 0cc3b021

Product: Ocan Canyon Properties

Company: Ocan Canyon Properties

Location: US

URL: oceancanyon.com

Category: Sports, Recreation

Ocean Canyon Properties - Read the many complaints online:

here's one:

"I would recommend staying away from this park. It is a membership park and they want a lot to join (like $9K plust $395 per year). They provide free gifts for sitting through the 90 min (it was actually about 3 hrs) sales pitch. The gifts are junk. The netbook has a 7 inch screen, the wifi doesn't work and it only has 2Gig of Flash, its useless, even my kids won't touch it. They also only have 8 parks in the system, and they are only in the Southern and South Eastern states. I think even if they gave me the membership and just charged the $395 per year, I probably wouldn't sign up."

another Ocean Canyon Review:

"Beware! Not Really A Vacation Spot! Run AWAY!!!! Scam artists!!!!"

another Ocean Canyon review;


"What a horrible place to take a family. The staff was some of the rudiest most unproffesional people I have ever meet. New Yorkers are Walmart door greaters compared to these people. The campsites were baron like west Texas, over powering rules throughout the park. Then they have the nerve to tell you the prices! Then if you dont buy they tell you that you don't love and care about your family. The facilites were comparable to a rundown truck stop."

another Ocean Canyon review:

"We were solicited by Ocean canyon properties by an offer of four nights free campsite if we would take the tour. We took the tour on June 30, 2013. The benefits of membership and the costs and consequences were totally misrepresented. "

There are 79 BBB complaints about Ocean Canyon Properties them:



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