Conn's - Warranty Complaint

Posted on Thursday, November 21st, 2013 at 2:39pm CST by Jessica N.

Product: Recliner

Company: Conn's

Location: 4818 S. Padre Island Drive


Category: Furniture

I purchased numerous things from Conns and purchased the warranty. I paid my account off 2 years in advance. You would think good faith of paying early I will get my warranty taken care of since it's still good till January 23,2014. My 2 leather recliners are pealing.. My 1st phone call was 3/15/13 I spoke to Stacey with customer service, she advised a guy would come look at recliner and take photos. I made numerous call between that time that I didn't write down cause I wasn't aware this was going to be this bad. 3/26/13 Spoke to Jose a supervisor and who was doing 2 separate tickets one for top part of recliner and 2nd for the bottom part of recliner. 4/4/13 Spoke to Joe the manager at the actual Conns store He said the system showed I have a credit of $349 + tax since it will cost more to fix the recliner then what it's worth. he gave me an invoice # and I was fine with that. 4/15/13 @ 11:17am spoke to Joe again with conns store and now this time my credit of $349 + tax has not been approved yet. I asked for corporate's phone number. 4/22/13 @ 9:30 Spoke to Johnny with corporate and he said I need to call GE to find out why. 4/22/13 @10:00 called back to the store to speak to Joe and imagine that he's not there. So spoke to Janice. She said they will deliver a new recliner and pick up the old one. At this point I'm totally confused I called back at 10:26 am the same day and finally got ahold of Joe the manager with the conns store and he said don't worry he will get it taken care of to where I keep recliner and still get the store credit. Since I paid my account off I don't have an active account so he said they might give me a check and will call to pick up the old recliner but It might take 2 weeks till I know something. 5/14/13 @10:24 am Called Joe Sanchez with Conns still haven't heard anything he said call back at 11:00 and speak to our Manager. So needless to say I wasn't speaking to a manager this whole time. Called back at 11 that day and spoke to Jose Guerra "Manager" supposedly and he said he will look into it. Never heard anything back. I went of vacation the month of June and still no call. 7/1/13 11:30 called the service department and spoke to Maria and reported my 2 recliner is doing same thing as first one. It's pealing on the arm. she said 3-4 days I will get a call for someone to schedule and come look at it and take pictures. 7/1/13 @11:41am called Joe Sanchez with Conns and he said my credit of $349 + tax was going to expire. I never knew it got approved. 7/1/13 11:54 am called the help desk and spoke to Rick he said 3-5 days call to make sure 2nd recliner/credit is set up cause he submitted a ticket for it. 7/16/13 @10:21am spoke to Dora with the Service department she ordered 2 repairs cause they can be fixed. it will come UPS in 2-3 weeks, when I receive the parts I'm to call US Quality furniture and give them my work order number and they will fix it. 7/16/13 @11:22am got a call from Lance with US Quality furniture he will be here July 30th to put the parts in. 8/29/13 @1:36pm spoke to Nancy with US Quality furniture and advised the bottom of both recliners still are not fixed he only replaced the back of one and the arm of the other. she transferred to Conns Customer Support. I then spoke to Selina and she said repairs are done. I said NO THEY ARE NOT. I said both bottom cushions of recliners still need to be fixed and she update my address info. 9/4/13 @8:30am Lance and his supervisor Dewight from US Quality furniture came out and looked at BOTH recliners and by this point more was pealing. Now the 1st recliner needs bottom seat, right and left arm and the 2nd recliner needs bottom, back and left arm replaced. they will submit report but more then likely wont get approved cause cost to much to fix they might just replace. 9/6/13 @ 8:38 am spoke to Tamara with conns customer service she said to contact the store to get them replaced. 9/6/13 @ 10:04am spoke to Cody with the conns store she said my account shows I have a credit of $698 + tax store credit. which is good for 60 days. I went into the store as soon as I hung up and there is NOT ONE recliner in the store that is $349 she said I can pick one and open a new account for the remaining balance. I said ABSOLUTLY NOT. that is what warranty is for. she said think about it or a check can be issued to me in the store credit amount and they will pick up the old ones. 11/6/13 :11:54am spoke to Dora with the service department and she transferred me to the resolution department where I then spoke to Meagan who gave me a request # and said 24-74 hours I'll get a call once they look over my request of $698 + tax refund check. 11/18/13 @8:22am spoke to Carmen with service department to check status of refund she transferred me to the help desk and I spoke to Sharia who said it hasn't been reviewed yet. 11/21/13 @ 9:38am spoke to Angelica with the help desk and she said she's updating my ticket info and allow 24/48 hours till I get a call. 11/21/13 @ 10:46am received a call from Latrice with the service department saying it has been processed and someone will be calling me to pick up the recliners. I said what about the refund, she said I wont get the check until after they pick up recliners. So Not only have I been inconvenienced 11 months now they are going to leave me with no recliners and god knows how long till I get the check so I can go purchase new ones else where. I will NEVER EVER buy from Conns again NOR will I refer anyone to them. This has been the worst year of dealing with Conns about the warranty.


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