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Posted on Thursday, November 21st, 2013 at 11:04am CST by Ali Q.

Product: virginmobile customer service

Company: Virginmobile,inc.

Location: EAST ORANGE, NJ, 07018, US

Category: Computers, Software

I've purchased a virginmobile internet stick & couoldn't get service for two months. called the 877-877-8443 number & got a service rep the was so repetitive that it was boring. then when I described what was happening, she acted as thought it was normal. So now after three weeks of no service I want a refund for the month I paid. I was given a refund num ber & told it would take anywhere within 72 hours to confirm. Well 72 hours later, they lied....said they tried to reach me & no one answered. (What was that about, I don't know) But my phone is in my pocket, no one from their office tried to reach me. Muy phone never rang. So if you ask me. Virginmobile is a theft operation with a bank of ragtag operators posing as customer service. that can't answer questions & they will never give a wronged customer a refund. "DON'T USE THIS SERVICE" IN NEW JERSEY !!!!!!


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