The Cabinet Place of Largo - Do NOT do Business with the Cabinet Place in Largo, FL

Posted on Thursday, November 21st, 2013 at 7:52pm CST by 7035d810

Product: Cabinet Installation

Company: The Cabinet Place of Largo

Location: 8223 Ulmerton Road Largo, Florida 33771
LARGO, FL, 33771, US


Category: Building, Construction

Tony Jackson owner of The Cabinet Place, required and cashed our $7500 check on Aug 9, 13 in order to establish an account. Then on Sept 10, 13 we were required to pay another $4500 cash in order to get someone to come out to create a layout and on 10/4/13 we were required to pay another $4000 in order to begin work.

The agreement says work would begin Sept 16, 2013 and continue for 2 weeks. That would mean completion was to be completed by October 1, 2013. With nothing but continual delays and broken promises from Tony Jackson about not having workers to show up for work and saying he does not know what the schedule is, on Tuesday Nov 5, 2013, he promised me the job would be completed by Monday Nov 11, 2013. To date, 11/21/13, the job is no where further along than it was on Nov 5th, the kitchen and 2 baths still sit uncompleted and doors have not even been ordered. Would it be apparent that if he called today to ask what style of cabinet doors we wanted that he lied about the job being able to be completed on Nov 11 if he had not even ordered doors? On Tuesday Nov 19, 2013, WFLA Channel 8 News that is 8 on Your Side, visited the Cabinet Place on my behalf and at the same time encountered another victim who arrived at his place complaining of her 8 month job that had not been completed. She paid this man over EIGHT (8) months ago and STILL has not gotten her job completed!



How do you make up for the disappointment of not being able to move in and spend Thanksgiving in your new place with your family? At this rate, I assume we will also miss Christmas and do not even know if we will be in by Jan 1 of 2014, if ever. This man claims he has been taking people's money to keep from having to file bankruptcy... REALLY? Are you SERIOUS.. that is your justification to TAKE and HOLD people's money and NOT do the work.. so you will have CASH and not have to file bankruptcy... WOW.WE have done everything you have asked, Mr. Jackson... GIVEN you CASH when you asked for it... you have NO Business being in business ... NONE... taking people's money WITTINGLY knowing you are NOT going to do the work as promised!

As a monetary compensation, we are asking for a credit of $598 a month, beginning Oct 1, 2013 for the monthly maintenance fee we began incurring that we had not planned on due to the Cabinet Places installation delays. We intended to sell our house and be living at this new place by Oct 1 and not to be financially supporting TWO household expenses month after month due to his actions - which let me remind you again that his excuse is to take other peoples money so he does not have to file bankruptcy. At the end of November, this fee we are incurring would total a credit due us of $1196, and an additional $598 per month for each month there after the job is not completed.

Additionally, to date, we want an additional $2000 for a minimum of 20 hours of time x $100 an hour that my husband, Dr. Mitchell, has WASTED sitting at the new place awaiting The Cabinet Place workers that never showed up and/or showed up late. This too will be accruing on-going daily until the job is complete.



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