WALMART / CLAIMS MANAGEMENT INC. - Walmart DOES NOT Stand Behind Their Promises

Posted on Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 at 10:21am CST by Allison


Location: EAST DUNDEE, IL, 60118, US

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People need to be aware that if damage should happen to your vehicle by a Walmart cart on Walmart's property, Claims Management Inc. WILL NOT do anything to ASSIST THE CUSTOMER. Even after their Walmart employees assure you, as they did me, that Walmart will indeed pay for everything to repair your vehicle, just as it was before you parked it on their lot.

I parked my car away from everyone else at Walmart's parking lot early Sunday morning. While cart attendants were visible to me collecting carts, a cart came flying across the the lot and put a huge dent in the side of my new car.

I went inside and told a manager at the customer service desk who got another (loss prevention?) manager for me. While I was waiting, she assured me that Walmart would pay for the damage to my vehicle as it was on their property in their parking lot. Another associate came up and told me the same thing, they always do the right thing and take care of the customer.

A lady came up to the desk, came outside to my car with me, took pictures and and took a report as to what happened. She said she would review the security cameras, which I fully encouraged as I wanted to know what happened too.

She said she would call me the next day, Monday, and make sure that Claims Management, Inc., the company they use for claims, had contacted me to take care of this.

Monday comes and goes, no phone call. No call on Tuesday either. I call Walmart on Wednesday, 11/20 to follow up with the status of my claim. They apologized and provided me with a claim number and told me to contact Claims Management at 800-527-0566. I was assigned a Claims Manager - Megan at ext 57820. I leave Megan a message.

Megan with Claims Management Inc, returns my call just after 9. She's located in Arkansas. In so many words, she tells me that they will not take care of the repair my vehicle needs because they said we had 62 MPH winds and the cart was blown into my car.

On Sunday, we did in fact have storms and high winds in Illinois. There were tornados in our state too. But not at the time that I was at Walmart. This happened at 9:50AM. It was sunny outside. The storms didn't come until 11:30 in my area. Megan, the claims adjuster, is using a weather report that does not coincide with what truly happened, just to get out of doing the right thing. Just to get Walmart out of taking care of their customer.

I told Megan that I would be sure to let everyone know how Walmart does not take care of their customers. Megan asked me why I would slam Walmart and said it wasn't fair to them. I let her know, as I want everyone who reads this to know, if you were promised that they would be taking care of the damage to your car by several employees, then they use every excuse unfairly to get out of it, wouldn't you do the same thing?!


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John Scott, 2014-06-20, 09:28AM CDT

I, too, now have to eat $1000 for shopping cart damage to my new car. My damage was caused when a customer pushed his cart across a row to a collection of carts gathered in a handicap parking space on an incline. Once that cart hit the pack of carts another cart broke loose and headed down the sloping parking lot resting into my fender! All co-managers told me not to worry, Walmart with fix it once they view the security tape to confirm what I saw happen. Once they saw the film they sent it to their third party Claims Management Inc. (CMI). This is the group that denies the claims. They say they are not responsible! I pointed out that they will always be accountable as long as they create the environment that leads to this happening...parking lot not level, old steel carts instead of plastic ones like Target and Big Lots have switched to, and negligence due to inadequate help removing the rogue carts that do not make it the cart corral. They fought me on this for 2 weeks...I guess they are hurting for cash and need it so much they will sell their sole to save a dollar. All while their new CEO Doug McMillon makes speeches about the importance of doing the right thing!

Allaire d., 2014-08-31, 12:40AM CDT

My experience was different. After having my oil overfilled at my local Walmart my previously well running 2006 Prius with 185k miles just shut down in the road less than 20 miles after the oil change. Seems second generation Prius are susceptible to fouling the Throttle Body and MAF if the oil is overfilled. Mine was and by simply filing a clam at my Local Walmart along with the invoice from the dealership Claims Mgt Inc payed out nearly $4000. The entire time my Claims Mgt represenitive Josh was professional, a good listener and followed thru with what he said he'd do , on time every time. Within a week of first talking with Josh I received a check for just under $4000 to replace the HV battery in the car.

They treated me fairly and took the time to understand how a oil overfill could actually cause such damage.

Good Job Josh

540238a2, 2014-09-04, 11:30AM CDT

My experience was a bit different. The cart i was using was missing the flap where kids usually sit. I put a glass bottle in there and it rolled out hit my foot and i had to get 3 stitches. I have a copay of $200 and they say it wasnt walmarts fault. What pissed me off was some bitch from the claim management Deann Blevins she was so rude to me and made me feel very bad. If they dont help me pay my bills I WILL NEVER GO TO WAL-MART OR SAMS EVER AGAIN, its to bad cus i really do like walmart. I will use all social media i can to tell my story and let everyone know how wal-mart really manages their issues.

d88c0e5d, 2014-12-03, 02:31PM CST

This is a mirror image of what is happening to me right now. Just change the date.

Angel A., 2014-12-12, 04:51PM CST

filing a complaint about an incident that hap[pened today

Angel A., 2014-12-12, 04:53PM CST

filing a complaint about an incident that hap[pened today

Hal W., 2015-03-19, 06:33PM CDT

My complaint was a little different than these, but also involved a shopping cart. On the 17th of January (2015) I went to my local Walmart and when I tried to get a shopping cart several of them wre stuck together. i was unable to get them unstuck until another shopper wanting a cart also, tried to help. We were finally able to gt a couple of them apart, but when they came apart my right hand ended up between two of them. The last joint on my middle finger was bent to about 45? and I was unable to straighten it out; plus it hurt like he--. I went to the Service Desk and they filled out a report. The problem was that I am right handed and couldn't even hold a pen much less fill out the form. They didn't like that but said someone would contact me within the next couple of days. Sure enough an employee called me the next day to see how I was doing. After the incident I went to the emergency room of the local hospital and was told the finger bone wasn't broken but the ligaments and tendons were broken. To Make a long story short. About a month later I received a call from Claims Management Inc. informing me that they were handling all claims for Walmart and that they would investigate the matter. On March 5, 2015 I received a letter from them saying that they had made a decision and asked me to call them. I tried for a week and finally talk with "Jill" on March 19th and she said that they had not found any negligence on Walmart's part and therefore I would not be awarded any monies. I now have a deformed right hand, can no longer sign my name, am unable to use my computer (how I make my living) like I was able to and several other things that a normal right handed person is able to do. It might not do any good, but I have retained a Personal Injury lawyer to pursue the matter further. CMI is a rip off and who would expect an employee (CMI) to find their employer (Walmart) negligent on anything. The "China Warehouse" is perfect in anything they do.

Joseph S., 2015-06-29, 04:23PM CDT

I was recently injured at a walmart. I walked around a corner and "hit" a bar that was protruding from an end-cap and injured my knee. It was a neutral color, the same color as the end-cap/floor/shelf, it was stationary and was designed in that manner.

I received a phone call from Claims Management Inc at which point they required a lot of personal information from me, some of it I can understand them needing to ensure that I was myself, but I'm not sure how 3 years of residency and work history were required. When I asked why my living and work history were required I was told I was "required by federal law" to provide that information. When I declined and after having taken all of my information they informed me that they would not process my claim as they had no evidence of negligence on walmarts behalf. I asked for a manager, I was told there was no manager that the manager had gone home for the day, and settled for someone who was considered a team leader....

The team leader, over a long and drawn out argument, let it slip that they are not required by federal law to ask those questions AND that I was not required to give ANY of my personal information. Then she quickly doubled back and claimed that I was made aware of this at the beginning of the phone call. I told her to bring that recording to court and...oh that's right, they didn't record the whole conversation only my official statement as to what happened at walmart. Further more, she let slip that there might not be video footage of the incident and that they had only received the eyewitness statements from the walmart managers whom were not there in the first place, my wife had to go get help when I was injured.


Walmart corporation hired a scam company to tell people that their claims are not legitimate in hopes that people believe them and don't sue hard enough to take the yacht, the private jet, the island and the lambo.

John Scott, 2015-06-29, 04:59PM CDT

I am the John Scott from above(6-20-2014). I did take Walmart to court and won! It was embarrassing to see the representation they sent to intimidate me, and how uninformed they were on what actually happened.

Hal W., 2015-06-29, 07:15PM CDT

Congratulations Mr. John Scott. I couldn't even find a lawyer that would take on The China Warehouse. Because of the injury I lost about 60% of my income this past tax filing season.. Walmart might be cheap on some things, but there are other stores with better products, nicer and cleaner stores and much more friendly employees.

Elizabeth H., 2015-07-09, 06:42PM CDT

I have a similar story to those above. Filed a claim and was denied. I was told it was my fault, but it was not my fault. Tried to appeal this decision to no avail. CMI arbitrarily makes decisions about all claims and the local Walmart where the accident takes place is not aware of any decisions that are made with regard to customer's claims. The Walmart parking lot is a dangerous place for people and for their cars. I think I will avoid Walmart's parking lot like the plague. It's a real shame that the customers who make Walmart successful are not protected and appreciated. As for me and my house, we'll shop elsewhere.

dcb01fb3, 2015-08-31, 01:03PM CDT

Walmart has the worst in the claims company CMI. I took my car in to get a battery put in and the walmart person put the battery in backwards which caused all kinds of problems. On that day, I had to get a ride home by the mananger of the department, plus miss a day of work. it has been two weeks and a few days and I still don't have my car. They are paying for a rental right now, but is had to pay for the first $330 dollars and wait to be reinburst. When I asked to be paid for my loss time due to no fault of my own,they refused to pay. Still waiting on my car and my money.This is the worst experience I have ever had. Walmart should get someone else to represent their company,

1724fbb6, 2015-10-18, 11:35PM CDT

Also have a negative experience with CMI, Claims Management, Inc. - Walmart/Sam's Club insurer. My daughter brought her auto to a Sam's Club auto department for a new tire - simple enough. However, upon then going to her auto - the driver's side lock was broken (has on key fob two dealership keys, not-interchangeable - one for door, another for ignition). Door lock worked before. A requested manager advised submitting a mechanic's quote and written statement. No other paperwork then requested. Quote submitted by a dealership mechanic - stating damage to lock possible if forced/incorrect key. YET: prior to also submitting a written statement - informed by CMI that: the claim denied. Did reach (now know miraculously) the case manager who stated: Did not even know of a quote, nor received written statement - yet stands by decision and 'Does not consider possibilities'(!?) So VERY frustrating - and outrageous - is that I have since made MULTIPLE calls to CMI to have decision reviewed - NO calls returned. Ignored,'written off'. And Club management says it's between me and the non-responsive CMI. Such ARROGANCE!! What advice/'lesson learned' to say to daughter? And I work at Sam's Club! To hire a lawyer for a $278 claim? Since reviewed 'ripoff reports' and other sites & know I am not the only to have been totally written off. I WILL search a lawyer for a 'bad faith' class action. Shame on Walmart/Sam's Club!

Hal W., 2015-10-19, 08:09AM CDT

If a Class Action suit is ever filed against Walmart/CMI please inform me as I would like to me involved in the suit.

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