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Posted on Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 at 5:46pm CST by Nicole S.

Product: Sprint Wireless

Company: Sprint

Location: GAINESVILLE, 30504, US

URL: sprint.com

Category: Consumer Electronics

Over the course of 1 week I have spoken to about 12 different Sprint representatives, both in the stores and through Customer "Service" & escalations. It all started when my iPhone 4 stopped charging. I visited my local Sprint store & they looked at the phone, determined that there was no physical damage (including water damage & damage to the pins in the charging dock) and suggested that I try to do the most recent Apple update, as they had seen multiple customers with this issue & doing the update had solved it. The only problem was that my phone was at less than 50% power and therefore, could not install the update. I should mention that the phone will also not recognize the USB cable in order to connect to a computer/iTunes. I had a backup plan and had brought along my old phone, a 3 year old LG Optimus S -- not the best phone to begin with, and being 3 years old, though in good physical condition, let's face it, technology only lasts so long. The rep at the Sprint store switched my service over to the LG so that I would not have to go without a phone & suggested I do some research on my own as to what Apple would be willing to do about the phone. I should mention here that I got my iPhone in October of 2012 & Sprint did not, at that time, offer any kind of insurance or protection program for the iPhone and I was never informed of any outside insurance I could purchase. So, I went home and researched my options with Apple. I am currently 1 month outside my 12 month Apple warranty, and will have to pay around $250 to get the phone serviced.

My LG is very glitchy. I'm not receiving my text messages, the battery dies within a couple hours, even of non-use, the touch screen stops responding, etc...

I called Sprint Customer Care on Friday 11/15/2013 and spoke to Jennifer. I explained in detail what the issues I'm having are and asked her what my options would be. She told me I would qualify for the new "One Up" program, broke down all the charges, told me about the plan I would need to change to, and even gave me the address and phone number of the nearest corporate store to me. I called the store on Monday 11/18/2013 and spoke to a sales rep. I explained to him the situation and told him I wanted to do the One Up program, and get a new phone. He agreed that I qualified, said I wouldn't need an appointment and that I could come in at any time. I went in the next morning, once again explained the situation, what I wanted to do, and we got started. Then he informs me that I'm not eligible because my iPhone isn't in "Good working condition" and I can't use my LG for the program because the iPhone is what was originally on the contract. Their other options for me were to cancel my service & buy a new line, meaning I would have to pay the Early Termination Fees. So, I left, upset because I felt I had been lied to twice by Sprint at this point, and scared because my LG isn't reliable and I am 8 months pregnant and use my cell phone as my home phone. I called Customer Care again and the only additional option they had for me was to sell me an LG Rumor (an extremely basic phone that was also pre-owned). I've experienced Sprint's "Certified Pre-Owned" phones before through insurance claims in the past -- they're awful and always come with their own set of issues. So, that afternoon I called customer care escalations and spoke to Katrina. She seemed very knowledgeable and helpful, going so far as to promise me I'd be taken care of, since Sprint corporate had told me I would be eligible and I had been a customer for a very long time. She even called the store closest to me and scheduled an appointment for the next afternoon (today) -- she even changed my current service plan to the "Unlimited My Way" so that I would have less to do in-store. Having already been told a couple of times that I would be taken care of, I was a bit paranoid, so this morning I called the store at which I was to have my appointment to confirm we were 100% set and ready to go. Surprise, surprise, they tell me no, that they won't honor what I was told yesterday and they "don't have to" because they weren't a corporate store. At this point, I was completely frustrated. I called Customer Care AGAIN. I spoke to Elena this time & explain AGAIN what's going on. She sends me to the next level, where I speak to a guy. I have to explain AGAIN & he sends me on up the chain of command (supposedly) where I finally get Raphael. I explain AGAIN to Raphael the situation (at this point I have been on the phone for an hour) & he calls the corporate store nearest me, sets everything up & gets back on the line with me to say that I can do the One Up program without a problem. Because I've heard this song & dance before I ask him if I can verify, step-by-step that we're really going to do it this time. I start explaining AGAIN and he stops me and says "Oh, I didn't realize your iPhone wouldn't charge. Yeah, you won't qualify for the One Up program." I am livid. LIVID. Obviously, having explained this situation multiple times at this point, I am an expert at what the problem is -- I know I didn't leave anything out. From this point on, I have absolutely no faith in this company. I tell Raphael that he has wasted my time (he doesn't care -- all I get is a half-hearted "I'm sorry you feel that way") and that I expect them to make it right. He tells me he's going to look for a "discounted" iPhone that I can buy to use to turn in for the One Up program -- so they want me to buy a phone, so I can buy a phone. If you're still reading this, it should come as no surprise that Raphael was unable to locate a phone for me to use. I told him I wanted to cancel my service and his blase response was "If that's what you want to do, I can transfer you to that department." I haven't cancelled yet because my husband LOVES his phone & we can't use it with any other service provider.

I haven't asked for anything for free -- all I'm asking for is for Sprint to honor what MULTIPLE SPRINT REPRESENTATIVES have TOLD me they would do. I hate this company. Let me say that again. I HATE THIS COMPANY. I have been with Sprint for 10 years and will cancel my service as soon as I figure out what to do with my husband's phone. I have told everyone I know about how absolutely horrible their service is. Don't let them fool you -- they really, truly, honestly, do NOT care about us as customers


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