Foley Municipal Airport - Excessive Noise Generated by LIGHTNING AVIATION

Posted on Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 at 9:32am CST by 4e2ef341

Product: Lightning Aviation

Company: Foley Municipal Airport

Location: PO Box 1750 Foley, Al 36535
FOLEY, AL, 36535, US


Category: Airlines

Since lightening Aviation came to Foley, the Municipal Airport has become a down-right nuisance to the area. They have at least 4 planes, and at least 3 of them are in the air for up 12 hours a day - 7 day a week. These planes make a touch and go landing and are making a "lap" approximately every seven minutes. As a result of this, there is an almost constant noise.

I've resided in the Foley area for over 15 years, and it's never been this noisy.

This Airport was fine in 1962, but now, it needs to be retired and/or relocated to give the residents in the area some peace and quite!

However, the City Government seems more interested in treating this airport like a commercial business and is therefore not concerned at all with the impact of this noise on the surrounding community. The 100 acres this airport sits on can be better utilized than what it's being used for.


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Raymond M., 2013-11-29, 06:19AM CST

I agree something needs to be done about this airport. When the Navy gave it to Foley in 1962, there was nothing but woods surrounding the area, but fifty years later, there's nothing but houses. What does Foley Alabama need an airport for? THEY DON'T! They are abusing the privilege and the residents of Baldwin County are suffering for it! These planes are not flying over Foley at all except to land! Most of the noise is generated at take-off, which is just about always to the north. If Foley wants an airport, they need to relocate it to a less populated area!

07260167, 2014-02-28, 05:07PM CST

First let me start off by saying that I live less than a mile from the airport and hear the aircraft going over all the time, its a none issue. If your one of the people that purchased home at the north end of the runway, then as it was pointed out the airport was given to the city in 1962, then you knew first hand that there was a airport and airplanes use the airport so you should known there was going to be some noise. The direction of takeoff is dictated by the wind direction, I believe it was to the south today and during the summer months is almost always to the south. As for what Baldwin county gets out of it, well lets start off with tax money, every aircraft owner pays tax every year on their aircraft, there's tax paid when they purchase fuel, there are people that are employed at the airport and pay taxes. Lightening Aviation prepares Navy flight students to become Naval Aviators (more tax money). The FAA gives money to the city for maintaining the airport which means work for city/county residents and revenue for the city and county.. Air ambulances use the airport to transporting seriously ill patients, I could go on and on, but the airport is plus for the community. Oh and by the way, the Navy is expanding Baron Field and Summerdale Field, so if you don't like general aviation aircraft, your really going to hate the Navy and their turbine aircraft thats going to be transiting the area.

ea91908e, 2014-03-04, 10:02AM CST

This is an FYI pertaining to most small airports, but let's use Foley Alabama as an example.

Everything stated here can be confirmed and verified. Who is actually benefitting from the Foley Municipal Airport's existence? The city? Baldwin county? True, every aircraft owner pays taxes every year. Fuel tax, parking/storage, maintenance, etc, and it's all city, county and state taxes. Everybody benefits right? Let's start with YOU, the american taxpayer and let's work our way up the ladder. YOU pay federal income taxes. Part of YOUR tax money funds the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA gives the city of Foley money to pay for improvements to the airport, etc (Remember, YOU are paying for this). True, the Navy is paying flight schools such as Lightning Aviation (there are 5 schools in the Pensacola area. Foley is 1) to give 25 hours of flight training to "SNP's". Part of YOUR tax money funds the US Navy. The Navy pays civilian flight schools, etc (Remember, YOU are paying for this). Hospitals, such as the Baldwin Regional Medical Center has a Helicopter landing pad for air ambulances. So, the question was, who is actually benefitting from this airport? The city of Foley and Lightening Aviation are the only two, as YOU are paying to keep this airport in operation. How can this airport be good for the community if YOU are paying for it?

52ae03c6, 2014-03-04, 09:51PM CST

If you reside in the Belmont development, on Oak Hill drive, Sawyer Heights of Baldwin County, do you hear that? PEACE AND QUITE!!! However, it will be short lived because when you drive past the airport, you'll notice work is underway at Foley's gold mine! There's signs posted at each end of the runway that reads "YOUR TAX MONEY AT WORK!"

07260167, 2014-03-05, 10:34AM CST

Well for you information, the work being done is mandated by the FAA for safety, the city had to do it. Yep, my tax dollars at work to pay for the Naval aviators, no problem with that or paying for other things you mentioned. Point of interest on the Navy schools, its 10 hrs of flight flight time, also I doubt that UAB's Citation Jet could land on the hospital helo pad and I'm about 100% sure that if it was a loved one of yours or you for that matter that needed to be quickly airlifted to an advance care hospital, you would jump on it in a heartbeat. Now since you have also pointed out taxes, I wonder if your willing to pay the city the difference in lost revenue for say all the rent that would be lost on the hangars, the rent runs from $2200 to $3400 a year for the 30 units. A small price to pay for your peace I guess.. I guess you shouldn't have bought a home by a airport, something about airplanes and airports that go together, duh.. You knew what you were getting when you bought there, but like a lot of people you expect everyone to do bow to your whims now. What are you going to do when the Navy opens up Summerdale and expands Baron, you can expect the Navy to start shooting approaches into Foley, so now besides those pesky GA aircraft, your going to have Navy turbine aircraft coming over, how much sympathy do you think you'll get from the Navy and if you didn't know it, this whole area is in a Military Operating Area, so prepare for it.. Who benefits from the airport, all of the residents of Foley and the county do. Jobs are created and taxes paid that benefits everyone including you, but I know thats a mute subject with you. But all things said, one thing you might check on, when the federal government turns a airport over to a city, the city must operate the airport in perpetuity and the said city cannot singularly close it without the feds approval.. I would imagine that what this will come down to is economics, how much money does the city and county bring in from airport operations compared to how much taxes you and the others that are complaining pay.

0efb9406, 2014-03-05, 10:18PM CST

A friend told me to check this complaint out, and I can't believe this crap! After checking some of this out, I found the only thing these people are primarily complaining about is the noise that started when this flight school came to town. All they wanted was for the city to do something. Concerning the tax money being spent on this airport, hell, part of a $300,000.00 grant from the FAA is being spent on it right now, this week! I don't even live in Foley Alabama and I'm pissed because it's my tax money too! I noticed something else about these people complaining about this airport. Picture this in your minds......a relatively small group of people are in charge and are trying to cram something down your throats. You keep saying "No, we don't want this", but they keep saying "we don't care, we know what's best for you!" Does this "sound" familiar? That how we got OBAMA CARE! "Sounds" just like what's happening in Foley Alabama with the city counsel and that airport, don't it?

4e2ef341, 2014-03-13, 01:07AM CDT

07260167, you come across like a real prick. If you're having problems going to sleep, you count the number of people you've screwed over during the day. The FAA may mandate airport repairs, etc, but if the city is earning so much money from hanger rentals plus, then how do you qualify for federal assistance in the form of a grant? Maybe I can build a runway in my backyard and get a $300,000.00 grant! And yes by-god, it's tax money! As for navy pilot training, it really does not matter if it is a 10 hour course or 100. The fact remains that this program is funded by...once again by-god, it's tax money. It should also be noted that there are several studies out that state this program is basically a waste of...yes by-god, tax money. The long awaited navy turbo training can't possibly be any worse than the pilots that are already doing the snoopy and red baron chase over south Baldwin County every day of the week. FYI: Foley already owned this airport, the Federal Government did not give it to Foley. Check your facts! Why would Foley Alabama want to even consider closing a "gold mine" like this airport? You do not have to close it. This airport will make you the same amount of money without any type of flight school. Have you considered how many businesses could be in operation on this airport property? How many jobs could there be then? More businesses=more jobs=more taxes to the city and county! That's what it's all about isn't it, economics? $100,000.00 salaries and such! What about extending a couple of developments and then selling the land as lots. Parcels of land=money+more houses=more jobs=more residents=more taxes. After all, it's all about economics isn't it? I guess everyone that's complaining about the noise should have bought a house on W 3rd Ave, or on Amazon Dr. What do you think? In reference to economics, remember there's only two things you can be sure of. Death and taxes!

07260167, 2014-03-13, 07:44AM CDT

A prick, maybe some of the people that have worked for me over the years would agree with you (because I made them work and not screw around), but then I didn't care about how they or you for that matter feel about me. Bottom line is if you buy a home around a airport, there are going to be airplanes that make use it. BTW the FAA mandated that the city make the changes to the runway, not something the city wanted to do. Why not just close ALL commercial airports and military training bases and save taxes. Maybe the US can sub flight training out to the Russian Air Force or better yet make the military pilots pay for it themselves.

But I like your other idea, just move.. I hear that homes out in Gleanlakes are going to go real cheap in the future.. For most people around the airport noise is not a problem, so the whining about to much noise is like 2 jackasses fighting over a turnip, who cares..

52ae03c6, 2014-04-02, 09:50AM CDT

The '07260167' person must be a politician since they expertly change what this 'James S.' is trying to get across and make it seem he's a total idiot. Last time I checked, the Navy IFS program is a 25 hour course provided by civilian flight schools and paid for by the Navy. It is designed to "cull" out the students that will be more prone to either flunk out or quit regular Navy flight school. Studies have shown this IFS program to NOT BE COST EFFECTIVE, as the rate of flunk outs/quitting, etc have not decreased. As 'James S.' pointed out, this program is paid for with tax money, and it is another drain on the american tax payer. Since the Navy has both enlisted and contracted flight instructors that regularly train Navy and Marine pilots, I can't envision the USA Government having to hire the Russians to train our pilots nor have the military pilots pay for their training. 'James S.' original complaint was against the City of Foley Alabama because the Mayor, City Counsel and County Commissioners have placed monetary value over the welfare of the citizens of Baldwin County that reside in the area. This can be confirmed by reading the comments posted by '07260167'.

Raymond M., 2014-08-01, 05:54AM CDT

The city of Foley can't seem to be able to purchase toilet paper without getting a grant of some sort to help pay for it, but all they need to do is transfer $22,000.00 from one account to another to pay for resurfacing a road at the airport.

b3f897f4, 2014-08-04, 09:44PM CDT

Dude, you need to change your approach concerning this city and it's airport if you want something done about it. Did you know Alabama is one of the 10 most corrupt states? Yes, it is ranked #6 out of 10! Considering that, what are the odds that the elected officials of the city of Foley and of Baldwin County are contributors to that corruption? Therefore, you need to change your tactics and go for the jugular! Maybe then, you'll get the results you seek. Whatever you do, DO NOT reveal yourself to these people because if you do, you're done for!

07260167, 2014-08-05, 06:11PM CDT

The city doesn't have anything to do with the Navy pilot training, thats done by bid.. The Airport road extension was to reduce heavy trucks from going through town to United Tech. and I'm pretty sure that it was fed money that paid for it because UT wanted it.. Also the airport improvements are mostly paid for by FAA grants..

Raymond M., 2014-08-30, 12:57PM CDT

WHEREAS, there is a need to pave the access road to the south T-Hangars at the Foley Municipal Airport due to washouts that occur during heavy rain events, and, WHEREAS, there is $22,000 available in Account 01-613-4010 that would be sufficient to complete this project.

07260167, 2014-08-30, 07:48PM CDT

Hey instead of whining on here, why don't you go to the city council meeting and express your displeasure or run for mayor so you can run the city.

4e2ef341, 2014-10-16, 09:07AM CDT

Whining? All we're trying to do is snap it off! We think we will! What do you think will happen if we were to come before the city council after posting these complaints? Run for Mayor? Run the City? As crooked as most politicians are in Alabama (after all, you should know), I'm sure I can do better!

Lucy D., 2014-11-06, 09:48AM CST

The noise of these planes is constant over the GlenLakes area. Not only is it a constant noise, but they are flying way too low. There are thousands of empty acres in foley, why not fly over them? I called Roger at the airport and the town hall to complain. I have lived here for two years and am just now voicing my complaint. Enough is enough. Why are they flying over houses, several miles south of the airport and not over empty acres in Foley? I will go to a council meeting to bring it up. My instincts tell me this is not necessary, just fly over empty acres, why not?

Lucy D., 2014-11-06, 10:46AM CST

I just had a conversation with Roger at the airport here in Foley. He was very informative as to the reasons the planes practice where/how. It helped me understand a lot. I still do not appreciate the noise, but young people who are learning to fly, especially our Marines and Navy future pilots, need our support. It helped me a lot to accept the situation.

Lucy D., 2014-11-06, 10:47AM CST

I just had a conversation with Roger at the airport here in Foley. He was very informative as to the reasons the planes practice where/how. It helped me understand a lot. I still do not appreciate the noise, but young people who are learning to fly, especially our Marines and Navy future pilots, need our support. It helped me a lot to accept the situation.

b3f897f4, 2014-11-11, 06:15PM CST

1) I don't see how the planes from the Foley Alabama Municipal Airport can be effecting the residents of the Glenlakes area. The planes you're hearing are military trainers that are either using Barin field AND/OR for some unexplainable reason can't find any other location on the entire planet to practice Maneuvers except in Alabama near Foley. Either way, the military planes are flying in from other states and are using this area to practice dive bombings and touch and go landings.

2) Roger Watkins is not training future Navy and Marine pilots. He's "introducing them to flight training" (Navy IFS program...Google it!). Another example of your tax money at work!

3) This complaint is against the City of Foley Alabama and against Lightening Aviation. I've lived in this area for 15 years and didn't have a problem until 2011 when the City Council, signed a 5 year contract with Roger Watkins to manage the airport. He moved right on in and brought his flying circus with him and it's been a noisy hell ever since.

4) If these planes are a nuisance, it doesn't matter what they are here for. You don't have to "put up with it!"

5) Try complaining to the FAA. To our Representative, and to our Congressman, etc. The more complaints, the better. FYI: You're wasting your time complaining to Roger, to the Town Hall or to our County Commissioner because they JUST DON'T CARE!

6) Also,if you want to get the city council's attention, start waving a dollar bill as you go through the door of city hall. If anything will get their attention, that will!

ea91908e, 2014-11-21, 10:22AM CST

If John Konair, Wayne Trawick, Vera Kuaites, Ralph Hellmich, Charles Ebert and Mike Thompson resided near the airport they're so fond of, it would not be there. Plain and simple! The same applies to the Baldwin County Commission! If Roger Watkins actually had to listen to the noise his planes are generating in Foley Alabama, he would either move his business elsewhere or put some mufflers on them! Of course, he resides in Mobile, so he doesn't care either!

Lucy D., 2014-11-22, 06:53AM CST

The loudest planes are the military from Barin. The other day we had guests golfing here and the entire round was noisy due to the planes. Over four hours and they were still flying as we finished. One person told me they wouldn't golf here again, too noisy. Next day, red military planes back,all day right over GlenLakes. One mile due north of Barin is open field, why are they not practicing there? I called the town hall and they said to call Pensacola Naval Station. Taking time to do that is fine, but will it make any difference? Some days I am ready to move from this neighborhood as others have done. Suggestions on what to do about this are welcomed! Foley is a cute town, but way too noisy. Next time I buy a home, I will know to ask if there is a military air field and /or airport within ten miles. Wish I knew that before I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars!

4e2ef341, 2014-11-22, 10:16AM CST

Once again, this complaint is against the City of Foley Alabama, which owns Foley Municipal Airport and against Lightening Aviation.....not Barin Field. Barin field is owned and operated by the US Navy. Calling "the town Hall" will not get you help. Of course, "The town hall" could possible help you if it chose to do so, but that will never happen. The Mayor and City Council are only interested in how much money YOU spend in Foley! Otherwise, YOU and YOUR complaints just don't matter.

This is an example why: (from: 07260167, 2014-03-13, 07:44AM CDT); "I hear that homes out in Gleanlakes are going to go real cheap in the future.. For most people around the airport noise is not a problem, so the whining about to much noise is like 2 jackasses fighting over a turnip, who cares..

07260167 is a city official/employee......Once again, "the town hall" will not help you/us.

BARIN FIELD...Citizens of Glenlakes band together and contact Bradley Byrne, Trip Pittman, Your County Commissioner IE: Charles Gruber. Complain to the FAA. Complain to the EPA (contact: Catrice Jefferson < [email protected] >)

Contact the news media, etc. File a complaint against the US Navy, etc.

07260167, 2014-11-23, 08:56AM CST

Nope not a city, county or state employee, just someone that lives out by the airport and in the traffic pattern. You all should have started complaining a couple of years ago when the Navy laid out its plans for the aux fields like Baron and the Summerdale fields. The extension on the runways has been going on for a while and will be going into full blown operation in the near future. And by the way, you will start seeing Navy turboprops start shooting approaches into Foley to, so if you think Mr. Watkins planes are noisy, just wait. Prices out in Glenlakes will drop not because of the Navy, but the noise and traffic for the Blue collar comedy complex and sportsplex thats going up out there, at least thats what I'm told by people I know that live out there..

Lucy D., 2014-11-23, 09:27AM CST

We hear just the opposites about house values. We are close to projected Blue Collar, but traffic has no advantage by coming to the development. Rt 20 traffic will stop when it gets to FoleyExpress-no need to come into the development, just like Rt. 59 traffic does not bother us at all. It may actually help prices, It all depends on the real estate market. Many people like to be close to the action of athletic fields, concerts, restaurants, etc. I am looking forward to it. I just don't like the overhead noise and will pursue action via PNS and state legislatures. I will hopefully get support of the neighborhood.

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