Foley Municipal Airport - Excessive Noise Generated by LIGHTNING AVIATION

Posted on Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 at 9:32am CST by 4e2ef341

Product: Lightning Aviation

Company: Foley Municipal Airport

Location: PO Box 1750 Foley, Al 36535
FOLEY, AL, 36535, US


Category: Airlines

Since lightening Aviation came to Foley, the Municipal Airport has become a down-right nuisance to the area. They have at least 4 planes, and at least 3 of them are in the air for up 12 hours a day - 7 day a week. These planes make a touch and go landing and are making a "lap" approximately every seven minutes. As a result of this, there is an almost constant noise.

I've resided in the Foley area for over 15 years, and it's never been this noisy.

This Airport was fine in 1962, but now, it needs to be retired and/or relocated to give the residents in the area some peace and quite!

However, the City Government seems more interested in treating this airport like a commercial business and is therefore not concerned at all with the impact of this noise on the surrounding community. The +/- 100 acres this airport sits on can be better utilized than what it's being used for.


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0794bf5c, 2013-11-29, 06:19AM CST

I agree something needs to be done about this airport. When the Navy gave it to Foley in 1962, there was nothing but woods surrounding the area, but fifty years later, there's nothing but houses. What does Foley Alabama need an airport for? THEY DON'T! They are abusing the privilege and the residents of Baldwin County are suffering for it! These planes are not flying over Foley at all except to land! Most of the noise is generated at take-off, which is just about always to the north. If Foley wants an airport, they need to relocate it to a less populated area!

07260167, 2014-02-28, 05:07PM CST

First let me start off by saying that I live less than a mile from the airport and hear the aircraft going over all the time, its a none issue. If your one of the people that purchased home at the north end of the runway, then as it was pointed out the airport was given to the city in 1962, then you knew first hand that there was a airport and airplanes use the airport so you should known there was going to be some noise. The direction of takeoff is dictated by the wind direction, I believe it was to the south today and during the summer months is almost always to the south. As for what Baldwin county gets out of it, well lets start off with tax money, every aircraft owner pays tax every year on their aircraft, there's tax paid when they purchase fuel, there are people that are employed at the airport and pay taxes. Lightening Aviation prepares Navy flight students to become Naval Aviators (more tax money). The FAA gives money to the city for maintaining the airport which means work for city/county residents and revenue for the city and county.. Air ambulances use the airport to transporting seriously ill patients, I could go on and on, but the airport is plus for the community. Oh and by the way, the Navy is expanding Baron Field and Summerdale Field, so if you don't like general aviation aircraft, your really going to hate the Navy and their turbine aircraft thats going to be transiting the area.

ea91908e, 2014-03-04, 10:02AM CST

This is an FYI pertaining to most small airports, but let's use Foley Alabama as an example.

Everything stated here can be confirmed and verified. Who is actually benefitting from the Foley Municipal Airport's existence? The city? Baldwin county? True, every aircraft owner pays taxes every year. Fuel tax, parking/storage, maintenance, etc, and it's all city, county and state taxes. Everybody benefits right? Let's start with YOU, the american taxpayer and let's work our way up the ladder. YOU pay federal income taxes. Part of YOUR tax money funds the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA gives the city of Foley money to pay for improvements to the airport, etc (Remember, YOU are paying for this). True, the Navy is paying flight schools such as Lightning Aviation (there are 5 schools in the Pensacola area. Foley is 1) to give 25 hours of flight training to "SNP's". Part of YOUR tax money funds the US Navy. The Navy pays civilian flight schools, etc (Remember, YOU are paying for this). Hospitals, such as the Baldwin Regional Medical Center has a Helicopter landing pad for air ambulances. So, the question was, who is actually benefitting from this airport? The city of Foley and Lightening Aviation are the only two, as YOU are paying to keep this airport in operation. How can this airport be good for the community if YOU are paying for it?

52ae03c6, 2014-03-04, 09:51PM CST

If you reside in the Belmont development, on Oak Hill drive, Sawyer Heights of Baldwin County, do you hear that? PEACE AND QUITE!!! However, it will be short lived because when you drive past the airport, you'll notice work is underway at Foley's gold mine! There's signs posted at each end of the runway that reads "YOUR TAX MONEY AT WORK!"

07260167, 2014-03-05, 10:34AM CST

Well for you information, the work being done is mandated by the FAA for safety, the city had to do it. Yep, my tax dollars at work to pay for the Naval aviators, no problem with that or paying for other things you mentioned. Point of interest on the Navy schools, its 10 hrs of flight flight time, also I doubt that UAB's Citation Jet could land on the hospital helo pad and I'm about 100% sure that if it was a loved one of yours or you for that matter that needed to be quickly airlifted to an advance care hospital, you would jump on it in a heartbeat. Now since you have also pointed out taxes, I wonder if your willing to pay the city the difference in lost revenue for say all the rent that would be lost on the hangars, the rent runs from $2200 to $3400 a year for the 30 units. A small price to pay for your peace I guess.. I guess you shouldn't have bought a home by a airport, something about airplanes and airports that go together, duh.. You knew what you were getting when you bought there, but like a lot of people you expect everyone to do bow to your whims now. What are you going to do when the Navy opens up Summerdale and expands Baron, you can expect the Navy to start shooting approaches into Foley, so now besides those pesky GA aircraft, your going to have Navy turbine aircraft coming over, how much sympathy do you think you'll get from the Navy and if you didn't know it, this whole area is in a Military Operating Area, so prepare for it.. Who benefits from the airport, all of the residents of Foley and the county do. Jobs are created and taxes paid that benefits everyone including you, but I know thats a mute subject with you. But all things said, one thing you might check on, when the federal government turns a airport over to a city, the city must operate the airport in perpetuity and the said city cannot singularly close it without the feds approval.. I would imagine that what this will come down to is economics, how much money does the city and county bring in from airport operations compared to how much taxes you and the others that are complaining pay.

0efb9406, 2014-03-05, 10:18PM CST

A friend told me to check this complaint out, and I can't believe this crap! After checking some of this out, I found the only thing these people are primarily complaining about is the noise that started when this flight school came to town. All they wanted was for the city to do something. Concerning the tax money being spent on this airport, hell, part of a $300,000.00 grant from the FAA is being spent on it right now, this week! I don't even live in Foley Alabama and I'm pissed because it's my tax money too! I noticed something else about these people complaining about this airport. Picture this in your minds......a relatively small group of people are in charge and are trying to cram something down your throats. You keep saying "No, we don't want this", but they keep saying "we don't care, we know what's best for you!" Does this "sound" familiar? That how we got OBAMA CARE! "Sounds" just like what's happening in Foley Alabama with the city counsel and that airport, don't it?

4e2ef341, 2014-03-13, 01:07AM CDT

07260167, you come across like a real prick. If you're having problems going to sleep, you count the number of people you've screwed over during the day. The FAA may mandate airport repairs, etc, but if the city is earning so much money from hanger rentals plus, then how do you qualify for federal assistance in the form of a grant? Maybe I can build a runway in my backyard and get a $300,000.00 grant! And yes by-god, it's tax money! As for navy pilot training, it really does not matter if it is a 10 hour course or 100. The fact remains that this program is funded by...once again by-god, it's tax money. It should also be noted that there are several studies out that state this program is basically a waste of...yes by-god, tax money. The long awaited navy turbo training can't possibly be any worse than the pilots that are already doing the snoopy and red baron chase over south Baldwin County every day of the week. FYI: Foley already owned this airport, the Federal Government did not give it to Foley. Check your facts! Why would Foley Alabama want to even consider closing a "gold mine" like this airport? You do not have to close it. This airport will make you the same amount of money without any type of flight school. Have you considered how many businesses could be in operation on this airport property? How many jobs could there be then? More businesses=more jobs=more taxes to the city and county! That's what it's all about isn't it, economics? $100,000.00 salaries and such! What about extending a couple of developments and then selling the land as lots. Parcels of land=money+more houses=more jobs=more residents=more taxes. After all, it's all about economics isn't it? I guess everyone that's complaining about the noise should have bought a house on W 3rd Ave, or on Amazon Dr. What do you think? In reference to economics, remember there's only two things you can be sure of. Death and taxes!

07260167, 2014-03-13, 07:44AM CDT

A prick, maybe some of the people that have worked for me over the years would agree with you (because I made them work and not screw around), but then I didn't care about how they or you for that matter feel about me. Bottom line is if you buy a home around a airport, there are going to be airplanes that make use it. BTW the FAA mandated that the city make the changes to the runway, not something the city wanted to do. Why not just close ALL commercial airports and military training bases and save taxes. Maybe the US can sub flight training out to the Russian Air Force or better yet make the military pilots pay for it themselves.

But I like your other idea, just move.. I hear that homes out in Gleanlakes are going to go real cheap in the future.. For most people around the airport noise is not a problem, so the whining about to much noise is like 2 jackasses fighting over a turnip, who cares..

52ae03c6, 2014-04-02, 09:50AM CDT

The '07260167' person must be a politician since they expertly change what this 'James S.' is trying to get across and make it seem he's a total idiot. Last time I checked, the Navy IFS program is a 25 hour course provided by civilian flight schools and paid for by the Navy. It is designed to "cull" out the students that will be more prone to either flunk out or quit regular Navy flight school. Studies have shown this IFS program to NOT BE COST EFFECTIVE, as the rate of flunk outs/quitting, etc have not decreased. As 'James S.' pointed out, this program is paid for with tax money, and it is another drain on the american tax payer. Since the Navy has both enlisted and contracted flight instructors that regularly train Navy and Marine pilots, I can't envision the USA Government having to hire the Russians to train our pilots nor have the military pilots pay for their training. 'James S.' original complaint was against the City of Foley Alabama because the Mayor, City Counsel and County Commissioners have placed monetary value over the welfare of the citizens of Baldwin County that reside in the area. This can be confirmed by reading the comments posted by '07260167'.

0794bf5c, 2014-08-01, 05:54AM CDT

The city of Foley can't seem to be able to purchase toilet paper without getting a grant of some sort to help pay for it, but all they need to do is transfer $22,000.00 from one account to another to pay for resurfacing a road at the airport.

b3f897f4, 2014-08-04, 09:44PM CDT

Dude, you need to change your approach concerning this city and it's airport if you want something done about it. Did you know Alabama is one of the 10 most corrupt states? Yes, it is ranked #6 out of 10! Considering that, what are the odds that the elected officials of the city of Foley and of Baldwin County are contributors to that corruption? Therefore, you need to change your tactics and go for the jugular! Maybe then, you'll get the results you seek. Whatever you do, DO NOT reveal yourself to these people because if you do, you're done for!

07260167, 2014-08-05, 06:11PM CDT

The city doesn't have anything to do with the Navy pilot training, thats done by bid.. The Airport road extension was to reduce heavy trucks from going through town to United Tech. and I'm pretty sure that it was fed money that paid for it because UT wanted it.. Also the airport improvements are mostly paid for by FAA grants..

0794bf5c, 2014-08-30, 12:57PM CDT

WHEREAS, there is a need to pave the access road to the south T-Hangars at the Foley Municipal Airport due to washouts that occur during heavy rain events, and, WHEREAS, there is $22,000 available in Account 01-613-4010 that would be sufficient to complete this project.

07260167, 2014-08-30, 07:48PM CDT

Hey instead of whining on here, why don't you go to the city council meeting and express your displeasure or run for mayor so you can run the city.

4e2ef341, 2014-10-16, 09:07AM CDT

Whining? All we're trying to do is snap it off! We think we will! What do you think will happen if we were to come before the city council after posting these complaints? Run for Mayor? Run the City? As crooked as most politicians are in Alabama (after all, you should know), I'm sure I can do better!

Lucy D., 2014-11-06, 09:48AM CST

The noise of these planes is constant over the GlenLakes area. Not only is it a constant noise, but they are flying way too low. There are thousands of empty acres in foley, why not fly over them? I called Roger at the airport and the town hall to complain. I have lived here for two years and am just now voicing my complaint. Enough is enough. Why are they flying over houses, several miles south of the airport and not over empty acres in Foley? I will go to a council meeting to bring it up. My instincts tell me this is not necessary, just fly over empty acres, why not?

Lucy D., 2014-11-06, 10:46AM CST

I just had a conversation with Roger at the airport here in Foley. He was very informative as to the reasons the planes practice where/how. It helped me understand a lot. I still do not appreciate the noise, but young people who are learning to fly, especially our Marines and Navy future pilots, need our support. It helped me a lot to accept the situation.

Lucy D., 2014-11-06, 10:47AM CST

I just had a conversation with Roger at the airport here in Foley. He was very informative as to the reasons the planes practice where/how. It helped me understand a lot. I still do not appreciate the noise, but young people who are learning to fly, especially our Marines and Navy future pilots, need our support. It helped me a lot to accept the situation.

b3f897f4, 2014-11-11, 06:15PM CST

1) I don't see how the planes from the Foley Alabama Municipal Airport can be effecting the residents of the Glenlakes area. The planes you're hearing are military trainers that are either using Barin field AND/OR for some unexplainable reason can't find any other location on the entire planet to practice Maneuvers except in Alabama near Foley. Either way, the military planes are flying in from other states and are using this area to practice dive bombings and touch and go landings.

2) Roger Watkins is not training future Navy and Marine pilots. He's "introducing them to flight training" (Navy IFS program...Google it!). Another example of your tax money at work!

3) This complaint is against the City of Foley Alabama and against Lightening Aviation. I've lived in this area for 15 years and didn't have a problem until 2011 when the City Council, signed a 5 year contract with Roger Watkins to manage the airport. He moved right on in and brought his flying circus with him and it's been a noisy hell ever since.

4) If these planes are a nuisance, it doesn't matter what they are here for. You don't have to "put up with it!"

5) Try complaining to the FAA. To our Representative, and to our Congressman, etc. The more complaints, the better. FYI: You're wasting your time complaining to Roger, to the Town Hall or to our County Commissioner because they JUST DON'T CARE!

6) Also,if you want to get the city council's attention, start waving a dollar bill as you go through the door of city hall. If anything will get their attention, that will!

ea91908e, 2014-11-21, 10:22AM CST

If John Konair, Wayne Trawick, Vera Kuaites, Ralph Hellmich, Charles Ebert and Mike Thompson resided near the airport they're so fond of, it would not be there. Plain and simple! The same applies to the Baldwin County Commission! If Roger Watkins actually had to listen to the noise his planes are generating in Foley Alabama, he would either move his business elsewhere or put some mufflers on them! Of course, he resides in Mobile, so he doesn't care either!

Lucy D., 2014-11-22, 06:53AM CST

The loudest planes are the military from Barin. The other day we had guests golfing here and the entire round was noisy due to the planes. Over four hours and they were still flying as we finished. One person told me they wouldn't golf here again, too noisy. Next day, red military planes back,all day right over GlenLakes. One mile due north of Barin is open field, why are they not practicing there? I called the town hall and they said to call Pensacola Naval Station. Taking time to do that is fine, but will it make any difference? Some days I am ready to move from this neighborhood as others have done. Suggestions on what to do about this are welcomed! Foley is a cute town, but way too noisy. Next time I buy a home, I will know to ask if there is a military air field and /or airport within ten miles. Wish I knew that before I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars!

4e2ef341, 2014-11-22, 10:16AM CST

Once again, this complaint is against the City of Foley Alabama, which owns Foley Municipal Airport and against Lightening Aviation.....not Barin Field. Barin field is owned and operated by the US Navy. Calling "the town Hall" will not get you help. Of course, "The town hall" could possible help you if it chose to do so, but that will never happen. The Mayor and City Council are only interested in how much money YOU spend in Foley! Otherwise, YOU and YOUR complaints just don't matter.

This is an example why: (from: 07260167, 2014-03-13, 07:44AM CDT); "I hear that homes out in Gleanlakes are going to go real cheap in the future.. For most people around the airport noise is not a problem, so the whining about to much noise is like 2 jackasses fighting over a turnip, who cares..

07260167 is a city official/employee......Once again, "the town hall" will not help you/us.

BARIN FIELD...Citizens of Glenlakes band together and contact Bradley Byrne, Trip Pittman, Your County Commissioner IE: Charles Gruber. Complain to the FAA. Complain to the EPA (contact: Catrice Jefferson < [email protected] >)

Contact the news media, etc. File a complaint against the US Navy, etc.

07260167, 2014-11-23, 08:56AM CST

Nope not a city, county or state employee, just someone that lives out by the airport and in the traffic pattern. You all should have started complaining a couple of years ago when the Navy laid out its plans for the aux fields like Baron and the Summerdale fields. The extension on the runways has been going on for a while and will be going into full blown operation in the near future. And by the way, you will start seeing Navy turboprops start shooting approaches into Foley to, so if you think Mr. Watkins planes are noisy, just wait. Prices out in Glenlakes will drop not because of the Navy, but the noise and traffic for the Blue collar comedy complex and sportsplex thats going up out there, at least thats what I'm told by people I know that live out there..

Lucy D., 2014-11-23, 09:27AM CST

We hear just the opposites about house values. We are close to projected Blue Collar, but traffic has no advantage by coming to the development. Rt 20 traffic will stop when it gets to FoleyExpress-no need to come into the development, just like Rt. 59 traffic does not bother us at all. It may actually help prices, It all depends on the real estate market. Many people like to be close to the action of athletic fields, concerts, restaurants, etc. I am looking forward to it. I just don't like the overhead noise and will pursue action via PNS and state legislatures. I will hopefully get support of the neighborhood.

ea91908e, 2014-11-23, 03:53PM CST

This problem could be worked out using the Common Core method, however, there is not enough available space to do that. So to solve it using the old fashioned method is this....NO AIRPORT = NO ROGER WATKINS = NO NAVY TURBOPROPS. As you can see, a very simple, very easy solution to this problem.

Lucy D., 2014-11-24, 08:07AM CST

The easiest solution is to just have the planes fly over the open fields, NOT a neighborhood with many houses. Foley has thousands of open acres north, west and east of Foley Express. Can we cut through the bologna and just answer this question? Roger, if you read this, what say you? I can understand take off and landing issues, but the constant circling over GlenLakes is not necessary. Barin is another issue, I realize, but what is our town govt there for if not to help the tax papers? Why not do the 4-5 hour circling over the open fields?I do not believe that the wind direction is different within a radius of 3 or 4 miles. In other words, if conditions are good to practice over GlenLakes, then they are good over the open fields within a mile or two.

I will be bothering the mayor about this, I want others to be as aggravated as I am. Town officials have more power than us, and if they don't try to help, we need to keep bothering them about it. Has anyone ever talked directly with the Foley mayor about this?

f8fe3eb3, 2014-11-26, 06:04PM CST

Oh wow, after reading all of these complaints I'm completly dumbfounded. I have lived in and around this area most of my life, 53 years and the one thing I do know is if you live anywhere along the gulf coast, you live near or under a traffic pattern. From Corpus Cristie to Tampa there is a great deal of military, general and training aviation. I currently live under the traffic pattern at Jack Edwards and I knew it was there before I was, so I dont complain. The old saying comes to mind "buyer beware" did you really believe a growing city like Foley wouldn't at some time grow their airport? Thats a little short sigted on your part, dont you think? Why is it people move down here and want what they had back in ________ norther city? Why are you complaing to the city, dont you think the developer would be a tad bit more cupable. No, no we cant blame them because then we have to look at ourselves. As far as the mayor, city council and Mike Thompson, they are all good people who only have the best in mind for the city. They are all honorable men and woman, yall are fortunate to have them because you certainly dont deserve them. I could go on about how we are and have become a society of complainers but I'm tired of this silly thread. I will leave you though with a positive thought. Aviation noise is the sound of a thriving economy and freedom.


Lucy D., 2014-11-27, 07:23AM CST

You obviously do not have planes flying over over just your area all day several days in a row. And you are right about the builder and also the sales agent, of course they did not mention it and I did not know to ask. I thought a golf course would be quiet. If you golfed, you would know that. Again, it is called empathy when you can feel for someone when you are not going through it. This probably is not your bisuness because it is not affecting you and you clearly do not care about what other people are feeling. I am not asking the military to completely stop as I fully understand the need for our brave, young military to be properly trained. God bless them! BUT, many hours in one day over the same neighborhood when there are open fields one mile away is not necessary. If you understood my complaints, you would know that I am simply asking for an explanation as to why they cannot go somewhere else and rotate the noise. How about you volunteer for them to fly low over your house all day? Then I will listen to you. Until then, maybe you need to not be involved in this.

Lucy D., 2014-11-27, 07:30AM CST

One more thing. Foley is a great little town and I do admire the mayor and others that keep it clean, safe and interesting. That does not mean I can't have an opinion about the noise over GlenLakes. Both can be true and if we are adult about it, we can discuss it without animosity. Today is Thanksgiving and it is a day to give thanks, you are right, So let's give thanks for all we have. Nothing in life is perfect, so a complaint about noise seems trivial. But again, when it is over your house for 6 hours, it gets annoying. That is what I am saying. And if there is a way to make it better for everyone, why not address it?

f8fe3eb3, 2014-11-27, 09:33AM CST

Sorry, Lucy you must have missed where I stated I live directly under the traffic pattern of Jack Edwards. As you may know JKA is a 24 hr a day airport with the Navy and Coast Guard always doing touch and goes or night ops training. I do understand your noise complaint I also live on the canal with constant barge and boat traffic also very noisy, esspecially at 3am. All that being said, all I am trying to point out is where you live is actually not to bad. I guess it really is a matter of prospective. People move down here all the time and dont really do their due diligence, Foley is a great small city that is trying to catch up with alli of the growth over the last twenty years. The Navy has been at Barin Field and Foley, since 1919 and it was rural farms then, I really dont think they are the ones who have to comport to the new people that have moved in, IMHO. You are right I dont have a lot of empathy for these complaints but as also previously stated I have been around all of my 52 years. To me is just white noise that helps me sleep and improves my golf game, silence is creepy to me, welcome to the gulf coast.

I'm not trying to be mean or callus, I am truly not, I work in Foley and have high regards for the city elders. Some of my comments in my original missive were probably not directed at you. I was addressing the "corruption" allegations unfairly thrown at the city administrator, mayor and council. Anyway I hope you have a quiet, Happy Thanksgiving, sincerely.


Lucy D., 2014-11-27, 10:20AM CST

It is quiet, today, thank you! I appreciated your message. This is probably not the forum for this, but I thank you! I will try to think about the plane drone as white noise. As I get older, my hearing is getting better, thought it would be the opposite!

Have a happy Thangsgiving and Christmas!

b3f897f4, 2014-11-27, 04:46PM CST

Concerning the "corruption" allegations, the exact wording was: "Did you know Alabama is one of the 10 most corrupt states? Yes, it is ranked #6 out of 10! Considering that, what are the odds that the elected officials of the city of Foley and of Baldwin County are contributors to that corruption?". Alabama is ranked 6 out of the 10 most corrupt states. THEY are politicians, so what are the odds?

Lucy D., 2014-12-01, 12:06PM CST

Does anyone know how to get schedule of training planes out of Barin? We have friends who don't want to come here if they are flying all day. Can't hear yourself think, can't enjoy outdoors for over 6 hours. Can a civilian go to the airport to get info? Please understand, this is not a pleasant drone of a plane overhead, this is constant take off/landing for over 6 hours. Has anyone ever complained effectively to a govt agency (yes, I am seriously asking that question). I have called several numbers and contacted emails given on the Barin website to no avail. All I want is information.

Lucy D., 2014-12-02, 07:38AM CST

FYI, I started a noise complaint page for Barin Field on this website. Also, FYI, we received a call yesterday from a master commander regarding our concern for the 6 hr take/off landing practices that occur for several days in a row. He told us that he is addressing the situation with the airfield as he has received several other complaints.

90e13155, 2014-12-04, 10:34PM CST

As of today, I have lost all respect for the Aviation Branch of the United States military . It's one thing to have to tolerate the inconsiderate bastards that operate the local airport here in Foley Alabama, but for the citizens of this area to be subjected to what comes down to an act of aggression on the part of the military is just beyond words...This all started with the usual noise of small planes, then the jets came into the area. After that, the turboprops started flying around. At first, I assumed they were doing dive bombing maneuvers, but then I looked up...These planes were doing loops! That's when I got my camcorder out and started recording. This went on all day! A plane would fly in from the north, make a loop then fly toward the south, make a loop then fly back to the north end of Foley and do the same thing. This was repeated several time, then the plane would fly off toward the north. A few minutes later, another plane came and did the same thing! Tomorrow morning several citizens will be ready with camcorders if this happens again, and I'm going to be uploading the video I recorded today to every website I can think of and will also be sending a copy to every congressman and Senator in Washington to inform them of what our military is doing and how American Citizens are being treated!

Lucy D., 2014-12-05, 05:35AM CST

I have felt the same way about the planes and have spoken with town officials who are also working with Randy Roy out if Whiting Field in Milton. They did move a little north of GlenLakes yesterday, but my question to Randy is to please find out why they are not looping over open fields in Foley. I feel as though they are circling over my neighborhood on purpose, maybe because I complained loudly? I think I am getting paranoid! Anyway, I know our military men and women have to train, God bless them, but there is a way to make everyone satisfied. There is a complaint site for Barin field on so you could put your concerns there, too. I will get Randy Roy contact number and post it. He did encourage the taxpayers who are being unecessarily bothered by excessive noise and planes looping and flying way too low. I,too, have video of them right over my house and have forwarded it to the town officials. I realize,they cannot dictate to Barin Field, but they are willing to address the situation so that is good. The military is wonderful, but so are the taxpayers that pay them! Let's get this resolved and hope that Barin Field officials work with the taxpayers.

Lucy D., 2014-12-05, 05:38AM CST

Just saw your comment on the Barin Field Good.

Lucy D., 2014-12-05, 06:08AM CST

Everyone who is disturbed by the planes directly over your neighborhood please call Randy Roy for complaints about Barin Field. His is the liaison at Whiting Field in Milton. His telephone number is 850-665-6132. For those in District 1, Foley, city council rep is Wayne Trawick. Another helpful town official is Mike Thompson who is addressing the issue. I do understand that the town cannot dictate to the military. However, we, the taxpayers PAY the military and we also deserve respect as does our brave military troops. It is usually the admin, not the troops, that can be somewhat testy. This isn't rocket science, folks, this is a problem that can quickly be resolved.

90e13155, 2014-12-05, 08:47AM CST

RE: Lucy D... You're probably not being paranoid concerning the planes over your neighborhood. I've heard other people state that when they've complained about noise from military trainers, it got worst, not better! Maybe someone can actually help!

f8fe3eb3, 2014-12-05, 09:39AM CST

I have been giving your problems some thought. Since Barin Field has been a trng field since 1919, your complaints, rightly so probably will not resonate with anybody but your neighbors. However that being said, perhaps you may have a class action lawsuit againt the developer, builders and realestate companies! They are the ones that convinced you to buy a pig in a poke, under an active training field. The navy is not in the business of targeting our elderly for harassment, please dont give in to that insanely paranoid thought process.

4e2ef341, 2014-12-06, 05:48PM CST

Barin Field did not exist in 1919! The Foley Municipal Airport was constructed in 1933/1934. In 1942, the Navy leased the airport (aka Barin West) and also purchased acreage and then constructed Barin East. Then both fields were commissioned together as NAAS Barin Field.

In 1776, we Americans earned the right to complain about getting screwed over. That's how the United States of America got started! We did something about it then, and we need to do something about it now!

0794bf5c, 2014-12-08, 07:44AM CST

Here we go again! 7:25 am Monday morning in Foley Alabama... Starting another week of the annoying drone of small planes flying over our houses! The people that think Foley can't live without this airport needs to be hearing this noise and feeling this aggravation like the rest of us!

Lucy D., 2014-12-08, 12:18PM CST

Could you also post your complaint on the Barin Field complaint page. we have located the minutes to a meeting held a few years ago that assured planes would not fly below Rt 20. We working with Mike Thompson of Foley City Hall and Randy

Roy, liaison from Whiting Field, to stop planes over the houses which is unbearable and very stressful.. You can call Randy at 850 665 6132 to voice your concern. I also have video of planes ALL DAY, LOW, CIRCLING FOR HOURS DIRECTLY OVER OUR HOUSES WHERE THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO FLY. We now have proof that they agreed not to do this so they have to stop. Again, why not just stop flying below rt 20 as agree. Why the resistance and all this back and forth about it? Please stop wasting time and money.

ea91908e, 2014-12-09, 08:48AM CST

Here we go again! They started at 7:40 this morning and it's been none stop since! YES, we do need to contact Randy Roy concerning the Foley Municipal airport noise problem. If it wasn't for the Navy, Companies like Lightening Aviation wouldn't be in Foley, and there would not be a noise problem!

0794bf5c, 2014-12-10, 10:31AM CST

Wednesday morning in Foley Alabama. I keep hearing the drone of small planes flying over my head!

90e13155, 2014-12-10, 09:59PM CST

What the hell is this, a "Dear Diary" post? By god, my head is still buzzing from these aspholes flying almost non-stop the past 3 days! On top of the bastards from Lightening Aviation, there were the damned Military planes coming into the area and doing loops...YES LOOPS! No wonder the government is screwed up! Of course lets not forget the asphole in the red and white stunt plane doing his crap right over my house today! I recorded all this! 8 hours of droning, ear aching, aggravating noise. I intend to post it so everyone can hear what it sounds like in Foley Alabama, so they will know what to expect. That is, if they decide to visit after hearing the noise!

4e2ef341, 2014-12-11, 08:56AM CST

RE: 90e13155.... There is a reason for what we do. You beat your drum to your tempo and we will do the same with ours. FYI: It started at 7:35 this morning from Lightening Aviation and around 8:00 with the military planes!

52ae03c6, 2014-12-11, 06:11PM CST

Does anyone think the Feds are aware of the fact that most of the new Navy pilot trainees are here in the Pensacola area? Also, does anyone think there is a terrorist group that could be targeting the airports in the area that provide training the the Navy pilot trainees? If this were to happen, it would knock out most of the next generation of Navy pilots.

b3f897f4, 2014-12-11, 11:47PM CST

If they weren't, they probably are now. They would probably consider the loss an acceptable number since the trainees are only students!

52ae03c6, 2014-12-13, 09:55AM CST

Foley Alabama: It's a start to another noisy weekend! Lightening Aviation keeps starting earlier and earlier every day! They started before 7:30 today. Tomorrow is Sunday, what time will it start then?

Things might be different if these people would change the routine once in a while, instead of sticking to the same old predictable crap!

Lucy D., 2014-12-14, 08:00AM CST

We are all hoping for a resolution to this, we need a break from the direct, overhead, low circling. Please do not forget to call Randy Roy (# above) and your town rep for help.

They are addressing this issue as we read this. I hope we can find relief. Again, this is not to disparage our own brave soldiers, but simply to get some relief from the all day, every day, overhead circling. Can we all pitch in and build them a new airfield far away? Any billionaires out there?

Keep the faith!

Also, we should lodge complaints at the Barin Field comment board on this website.

9b62be62, 2015-02-02, 01:16AM CST

GET OVER IT! These pilots are the future of Naval and Marine Aviation! We live at the *END* of runway! And, the flying is AWESOME AND DAILY! It does not WAKE US UP, EVER! These Instructor Pilots are top of the line and they are training and evaluating *future* Navy and Marine pilots to ascertain whether or not they have what it takes; otherwise they are *washed out* of the program. My wife and I have had the PRIVLEDGE of meeting some of the INSTRUCTOR PILOTS and they are extremely HIGH CLASS, INTELLIGENT, GOAL ORIENTATED individuals. I ALSO have had the privilege, FIRST HAND, to go flying, with these professionals to see exactly what it is they do. I have also had the PRIVLEDGE to meet some of the potential Navy and Marine Corps pilots going through this program. My wife and I purchased our quarter of a million dollar home that again, resides at the END of runway and we enjoy each and everyday we hear and see the airplanes flying overhead. If all of you just took a moment to stop by the airport, speak to the pilots, etc., I am sure you would formulate a different opinion of your COMPLAINTS of a loud airplane (A Cessna with about 160-180 horsepower, really?) going over your house, (the noise, as you call it, lasts for about 10-15 seconds...) The noise to us is professionals doing their jobs... We have a police scanner that we have programmed to the airport frequency and we listen to these professionals while they do their jobs. You folks complaining DO NOT HAVE A CLUE as to what your about!!!! Put a FOR SALE SIGN in your yard or GET OVER IT! Flying is a skill... Obviously you complainers have no idea how difficult it is to obtain the skill to fly, and you NEVER will.. For every one of your complaints, my wife and I will ADD double the positives! Keep in mind you all live in the *SURROUNDING* community, my wife and I live at the END OF THE FREAKING RUNWAY! And again, we are not awoken or kept awake by ANY AIRCRAFT landing or departing FOLEY airport! Call whomever you want, I will be there FIGHTING YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, and AGAIN, WE LIVE AT THE ABSOLUTE END OF THE RUNWAY! Drive down airport road, turn into the airport, park, and go shake these instructor pilots hands' and meet the future of naval and marine aviation! Instead of complaining, invite them into your homes, you will be AMAZED at what you learn... that's what we did! Lastly we have also met some of the private pilots that keep their airplanes at Foley...again, all professionals with extreme intelligence for a very demanding hobby. The comments I have read here both infuriate me and bring me sadness. Your complaints are ridicules, sorry but they are. Unfortunately some of your comments just indicate and confirm that you all have NO IDEA what your talking about...I am not going to be specific to each individual(s)comments because like I said, it infuriates me to read the *selfish* writings of the shallow minded *it's all about what I want* folks!!! Oh the airplane woke me up....awweeee really? JUST GET OVER IT OR SELL YOUR HOUSE AND MOVE! For every one of you complainers, there is one of us, SUPPORTERS! FYI, they usually do all their training over the bay, and yes, they do return and to "touch and goes." To all of you that are being awoken, or kept awake, a touch and go is a practice landing and then another take off, without, the lol is because if someone just learned something from that, it's humorous to me... And one more tidbit...after that touch and go, (the landing and immediate take off, lol) their pattern altitude is 1100 if an *airplane* is waking you up at 1100 feet, maybe you should look into some higher quality windows, roofing, insulation, or perhaps another bed, pillow, perhaps a floor fan, (in the winter, aka 40-50 degrees here) point it toward the wall) oh, maybe not, a floor fan could sound like a prop (a propeller of an airplane, just in case you didn't know the technical term, lol) so maybe not a good idea but then again maybe a great idea, you hear your fan, you won't know if is an airplane or not? And, newsflash, you will get used to it! LOL Or, as I mentioned above, MOVE! Oh but maybe it's a long time family home that been in the family for 1000 years... Well, I guess your SOL unless you try the floor fan... you can always get two of them and turn them on, them you would be able to tell if a *twin* engine is taking off of landing. Again for your non aviation folks, a twin engine would be two engines on the same plane, instead of one (one floor fan vs two floor fans, lol)...and also since there are two of them, it is just a bit louder. Hopefully I have been successful in providing some very important aviation information to you all. I am thinking about inviting the FAA representative to my home for a glass of wine and some great conversation about the AWESOME airport here in Foley, AL and how we are so IMPRESSED with the Flight Instructors that operate the flight school(s). Roger thank you for all that you do and it was a pleasure meeting you LAST summer and Bill from Mobile, your an awesome instructor pilot/assistant Chief pilot and my wife and I look forward to our continuing friendship! Please send our thanks to all of the instructor pilots and tell them not to worry about this nonsense! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK and I look forward to hearing those props (airplanes, lol) TOMORROW!!! Be safe up there you guys! and gals! Kristin!!! :-)

Lucy D., 2015-01-12, 07:48AM CST

Oh my, you really need to dial it back a bit. We've spoken with our military and everything is being worked out so no worries. I don't understand your comments because you have misstated everything. It probably is not your business if you do not know the facts of this matter.

b3f897f4, 2015-01-13, 01:01PM CST

You and your wife must live at the south END of the runway, because I live at the north END of the runway, and that's why I'm here complaining! You keep stating "Love it or move", "Love it or move"! SCREW YOU and the plane you flew in on! THIS AIRPORT IS A NUISANCE TO THE AREA AND SHOULD BE CLOSED AND/OR RELOCATED! FOLEY ALABAMA DOES NOT NEED AN AIRPORT! If it were not for the fact the FAA keeps giving the city grant after grant, the city would have closed the airport years ago! If it were not for the fact that the Foley City Council are suckers for a dollar, good ole Roger would not be in Foley! If it were not for fact the Navy thinks their flight students aren't smart enough to find their butts with both hands, then they would not be paying good ole Roger a lot of TAX DOLLARS to "introduce these trainees to flying"! Which means, good ole Roger would not be here! Since you think so highly of good ole Roger, why don't you convince him to sell his house in MOBILE and move to Foley, next to you and your wife!

Lucy D., 2015-01-14, 10:27AM CST

The T6 planes from Barin had caused problems during December. They have not been flying south of CR20 for a couple of weeks now. Foley Airport is a different situation than Barin Field. I will say that anyone that has constant, low flying planes over their house all day ( not just sporadic activity ) has a valid complaint.

Those that enjoy plane noise all day long, good for you, but you are in the minority. Everybody has a right to complain without being thrashed.

Also, FYI, there is a T6 NOLF Barin Field noise complaint page on this website which is a completely different issue than Foley Airport.

Ordering people to move is not helpful in any situation.

0794bf5c, 2015-01-17, 07:52AM CST

FOLEY ALABAMA: It would be very nice, if we could have a weekend without having to listen to the aggravating noise of a GD airplane flying over your house while you're drinking your morning coffee! It's gotten to the point that the only peace and quite we get is when it's raining!

07260167, 2015-01-18, 09:52AM CST

I'd like to point out something to all of you arm chair pilots that make the accusation that the aircraft are flying right over your house. If you read the FAA's Airport Facility Directory, you'll note that the turn after takeoff is not made until 500 feet, which if you watch any of the airplanes out there puts them well north of you that are on the north side of the airport and the downwind leg is at 1000 feet and over or west of CR65. The instructors out there are commercial pilots that want to work for the airlines in the future and will not knowing violate FAA regulations or put anyone in danger as some here have implied. As for he Navy T-6 doing loops right over your house, well, more than likely they are above 10,000 feet for their safety. Just for all of you that have problems with the Military, for your information you live in Pensacola South MOA A-292 which runs for Mobile Bay all the way over to Navarre and up north of I-10 and from the surface up to 17,500 feet, in other words the air you breath belongs to the military.

Point of fact, the Air Force does the same thing as the Navy is doing with their flight students. It actually saves tax dollars making sure that the aspiring young aviators can fly a small general aviation aircraft before putting them in a jet. Big dollar savings.

Since I live close to the airport, I started asking my neighbors if all the flying bothered them, most didn't notice it and the ones that did said it didn't bother them. So the idea that you are the majority is at best stretching the truth. For the ones that complain the most, I bet when your not complaining about the airport, your complaining about how your neighbors mow their lawns or how their house looks. Typical block nazi, live as I live or I'll pitch a temper tantrum until I get my way.

90e13155, 2015-01-27, 10:46AM CST

Apparently, you must be one of those individuals that can't fight the urge to try to make everyone else appear to be totally brainless.

RE(1): "I'd like to point out something to all of you arm chair pilots that make the accusation that the aircraft are flying right over your house." If these planes had glass bottoms, I personally could look STRAIGHT UP at some assholes!

RE(2): After looking into the FAA's Airport Facility Directory (best effort, without actually purchasing it), I don't see any reference to distances concerning when to turn etc. If these planes turn 500' after takeoff like you state, then they should be turning at Underwood road instead of turning at/or around Loretta Dr/Loretta Lane, etc. Maybe they should fly straight until reaching CR28 before turning toward CR65.

RE(3): Yes, the instructors are pilots that are getting paid to instruct. Hence "commercial pilots". As many hours as they fly @ $20.00 per hour, it won't take long to rack up the hours needed to fly for an airline! As for not knowingly violating FAA regulations, common courtesy goes a long, long way around here!

RE(4): As for the T6's, if they can be heard and observed circling and doing loops then they need to be out over the Gulf of Mexico and away from heavily populated areas.

RE(5): The air above your house is not owned by the military, it is classified as PUBLIC PROPERTY. If I park in front of your house and make noise, you can have me arrested for disturbing your peace, yet you can fly your airplane over my house and make all the noise you want to and disturb my peace, but apparently I can't do a thing to prevent it. Ironic isn't it?

RE(6): Yes, the Air Force also has an IFS program. Regardless of what you state, these programs are not saving tax dollars. Several studies show the drop out/flunk out rates since introducing these programs have not decreased. The result is the military is paying civilian instructors "tax dollars" to give the students 10 hours of training for what?

RE(7): This complaint is about the "Excessive Noise Generated by LIGHTNING AVIATION".

This area was never this noisy until and only until Roger Watkins took over the airport operations, and brought a flight school with him. You can ask 10 different people and you will get different answers. Bottom line = The noise "can't" not bother you! It "can't" not be harmful to your hearing.

RE(8): WE are not the majority here...If WE were, there would not be a problem with the local airport. To wit, when WE are not complaining about the airport noise, WE are not complaining AT ALL! That's our only complaint!

RE(9): "Typical block nazi, live as I live or I'll pitch a temper tantrum until I get my way". Really? I repeat, "Apparently, you must be one of those individuals that can't fight the urge to try to make everyone else appear to be totally brainless".

0794bf5c, 2015-01-31, 07:46AM CST

The start of yet, another noisy weekend around Foley Alabama!

9b62be62, 2015-02-01, 12:42AM CST

I just can't keep my fingers still, you complainers are PATHETIC! HENCE, Another GREAT weekend of FOLEY FLYING!!! Love the beautiful weather because we know the pattern will be *FULL!* Heard some of the guys on the radio soloing this weekend, congrats to them!!! And also a huge Thank you to Roger @ Lightning Aviation as well as Mike and Bill @ Flight Training of Mobile for training these guys and gals! GREAT JOB guys and keep up the good work! Love listening on the radio to your professionalism! It's awesome watching your amazing flying skills as you fly over my home, and hearing the airplanes rpm's fluctuate as you fly that airplane and make corrections for winds, approaches, landings, takeoffs, and other air traffic, Love it!!! And it is all free to us because we live next to the airport!!! Tremendous knowledge can be learned just from listening to you all talk on the radio!!! Also, got to love the Helo approaches and touch and goes after dark! Amazing watching and listening to them do touch and goes in the darkness!!! God Bless the US Navy and all of you folks that play a role in it!!! Keep up the GREAT work and the GREAT flying! Oh, and on a final note, a preliminary consensus indicates that we may not be the minority...And, if you are a complainer and just moved into the area, did you not see the 3700 foot runway out your window before your purchased your home? Yea, that's an airplane runway, and yea, airplanes land there, and yea, it's an airport, oh and the airplanes take off there also, it's how airplanes work... The pretty lights at night aren't just for show and the pretty white numbers on the pavement of the *runway* indicate which way the runway is facing so the, yes, airplanes know where to land and take off, at the airport, depending on the wind! That is the conclusion of airports 101, lesson 01... stay tuned for lesson 2... Study up, lesson 2 will be about keeping your morning coffee hot while you sit in front of your computer and complain about an airplane taking off and creating 7 seconds of noise...

Lucy D., 2015-02-01, 06:29AM CST

Where is your house? I doubt you have the planes flying directly over your house. Also, are you home all day? Do you have an illness? What is the decibel level of the planes? What is the altitude? Your situation is very different, I assure you. Plus, your attitude and name calling says a lot about how seriously anyone takes your opinion. Not helpful to the airport, either, as you sound sort of crazy.

This is a serious issue for some of us, otherwise we wouldn't be wasting our time on this site and on the Barin Field site.

Barin planes have been staying north of my house lately so I believe our voices are being heard. This is America, we all have the right to voice our concerns.

I suggest that before you make fun of those of us concerned about all of the planes overhead, you go and sit at the places being bothered the most. Then, and only then, will your opinion be valid.

f8fe3eb3, 2015-02-01, 08:47AM CST

Good morning Lucy D, we really dont mean to poke fun at the complainers, it is just so easy. With the utmost sincerity and kindness, yall do not have a leg to stand on. Ms Lucy as I have mentioned before aviation in ALL of its various incarnations has been along the Gulf Coast since before WWII. Again with all due respect, it is quite troubling when folks move down here and then complain and try to change our ways. We that are from here appreciate aviation in ALL of its ways, military to aspiring private pilots and want it to continue. Im truly sorry this vexes you so.

967efda2, 2015-02-01, 09:24AM CST

Lucy we love you!!!!!!!!!! when you have jerks like the idiot above its hard to stop the harassing. I live 5 miles from the airport, and they ( aircraft from foley airport) come straight to our neighborhood for the sole purpose to harass. They are not training. They have picked our neighborhood because we complained 3 yrs ago. They are very arrogant people they love to fly down to 300'( a range finder has been put on the planes), just to harass. They seem to have a low iq just like the moron that can't keep his fingers still. A lot of people want to complain, but are afraid to speak up for fear of being targeted by these jerks. We have had people come to our neighborhood to purchase a home, and see the low flying planes, and say no way they will buy in another town. I wish we could get a petition going in foley to have the trouble maker at the foley airport removed to another town, and take all his supporters with them.I believe it must be 100 or more 1000 acre fields for these people to do their flying in , but no they just love to harass people that have moved here purchased a 275,000 home, pay taxes, and support the town in every way. Their attitude is we will fly where we will, and ever how low we want, and you can not do anything about it. Lucy we love you, hang in there, we support you in every way. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!

Lucy D., 2015-02-01, 01:12PM CST

We are finding out that the constant passing over houses when flying low is actually against FAA rules and is a safety hazard, especially in "condensed" areas of population. God forbid a training plane crashes into a condensed area as has unfortunately happened in many areas of our country.

The plane activity we are now experiencing is new, with many more planes than ever before, too low and too frequent. Other areas of our country with this problem have set up hot lines to report when planes are too low and are flying over an area that they should not be over. It is an easy problem to fix. When something can be fixed, just do it! Take off/landing are obviously different issues. But we are talking about menacing, harassing turns, dips, flying low, whatever you want to call it. I believe that this is not part of the take/off landing training that these pilots must have. Whether you like/hate don't care about the military is irrelevant. Rules have to be followed by all, it really is no big deal for those training to simply not fly too low except when they are landing. There are FAA rules that the military has to follow. That is the issue here and it is reasonable for those being bothered by planes doing what they are not supposed to do to complain. Petitions will be done - as will meetings with military liaisons and commanders. It is such a waste of time for all and it makes me wonder - how efficient is the military? If we can't come to a compromise here then I would be concerned about the ability of our military to solve problems on a larger scale. We need two different petitions, one for Foley Aviation and one for Barin Field. A civilian employee of Eglin told me that as Foley and Gulf Shores become more "condensed" within neighborhoods, air traffic training may have to change. In the meantime, planes flying below FAA imposed altitudes should be videoed for proof at future meetings. Also, decibel readings can be taken. There are decibel meters for sale at Amazon that are not expensive and are accurate.

If Roger at Foley Aviation, Randy from Milton or any city/state officials are reading this, I urge you to help us all work this out. It is a small problem that can be fixed sooner rather than later. Don't be afraid, guys, speak up, don't just hope we go away . . . Communicate to us what is happening, please.

Lucy D., 2015-02-01, 01:29PM CST

Another thing we found out is that NOLF Barin USED to be an "outlying" field before all these neighborhoods in Foley were built. If you research the other NOLFs, you will find they are that outlying fields, away from developments. That is what outlying means! The fact that Barin, Foley and Gulf Shores airfields were here before the neighborhoods is the part of the problem. Time to review NOLF Barin (there is a Barin complaint page I will post to also). Time to review Foley Aviation and Gulf Shores in light of the fact that many more homes are being built. Yes, plane activity has been here a long time, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't review what is going on here. Reasonable people can agree to disagree and still come to some solution for this problem. Nobody is going to complain that there are not enough planes flying over their house. However, too many training planes flying too low and in a menacing, harassing manner is a valid concern for everyone. Forget about the noise, it is becoming a safety issue for those of us on the ground. Take off and landing, of course is a separate issue. The dips and flying below FAA altitude restrictions is the problem. This problem has nothing to do with whether or not you enjoy planes over your house. I like the occasional drone of a plane, too, and also enjoy the jet passing high overhead - it's exciting when the frequency is reasonable. Our complaint here,I believe, is the continuous, low-flying, menacing, loud training planes that may be breaking the rules and disturbing neighborhoods. This is what we will find out.

967efda2, 2015-02-02, 08:47AM CST

The address of the FAA is 1500 Urban Center Drive Suite 250 Vestavia Hills, Alabama 35242. Areas Of Concern to be discussed (1) Part 91- GENERAL OPERATING AND FLIGHT RULES, part91.13 Careless or reckless operation, no person should operate as to endanger life or property of another. part91.119 minium safe altitudes- for congested areas 1000 feet,(neighborhoods), and 500 feet for sparsely populated areas (fields). Part 91.181 flight path (course to be flown)Contacts- Mr Clay Perkins GA Operations (205-876-1330, and Mr Yancy Rushton GA Operations (205)876-1351 Hope this information will be helpful.

Lucy D., 2015-02-02, 08:51AM CST

Thank you!

90e13155, 2015-02-03, 02:03PM CST

In reference to: 9b62be62 aka: "GET OVER IT!" Someone please contact Roger Watkins and tell him DO NOT MAKE ANY SHARP TURNS! If he does, it will break this idiot's neck!

07260167, 2015-02-03, 07:34PM CST

I'm not trying to make anyone look totally brainless, you do well enough all by yourself.

1. I'm not a arm chair pilot, in fact I am a rated pilot with several thousand hours flying. I doubt very seriously that the planes are coming over low enough to see the pilots, tell me what kind of altitude equipment are you using to make these accusations? None I guess, just your hatred of airplanes and wanting to everyone to be like you.

2. It depends on the aircraft and it performance as to where it makes it turn cross wind. You can't lump all aircraft into one category.

3. The instructors are flying in accordance with published FAA regulations. If you asked them, they would explain it to you instead of making false claims.

4. The T6's are more than likely well over country side at the altitude they are doing their maneuvers. Also they can't go out over the gulf since its a restricted area. Check out the sectional charts if you don't believe me.

5. Your right there isn't anything you can do about the airspace above you, this is a Military Operating Area and has been for the 25 years I've been here. Again check the charts out if you don't believe me..

6. I have to disagree with you about saving money, its a lot cheaper to operate a piper per hour than a jet that the military would be using for training. Yes there will always be a percentage that will not make it through flight training.

7. You lump everyone that fly a aircraft out of Foley into the same complaint.

9. I don't have to make you appear brainless. All of your accusations aren't based on fact, its based totally on the fact that you think everyone is going over your house to tick you off. I can state for a fact that when I fly out there, I'm turning just where I said they were turning, over fields, not housing.

As for people be singled out, the air work is done out over Weeks Bay or the land fill usually at or about 3000'. Oh yeah, guess who approved the training here, yep it was the FAA that who.. duh

9b62be62, 2015-02-03, 07:53PM CST

Very well said 07260167!!! I think I am pretty much finished commenting here, you just did an awesome job and I thank you for your submission. I also can confirm they do their work over Weeks Bay as well, and you right on the money with the altitude because I have been with them! Some pilots do it at 2500 feet and others do it at 3500 feet, etc. Would love to talk to you 07260167 in person at some point. I like #9 the best! :-) Absolutely accurate to the letter! Have a great night sir!

2e3a4aee, 2015-02-04, 08:26AM CST

Reference (07260167) You sir with all due respect where respect is due I must totally disagree with your belief that some of us do not have a valid claim to express our view as to the low flying cessna, and piper aircraft flying from the foley airport. I do have flying experience. No I do not have a certificate. My complaint is with anyone that does not have class enough to follow the FAA ( General Operating Flight Rules). You sir think that is asking to much. Why you are assuming that we here on the ground are brainless is a little bias don't you think? Sir maybe you are a courteous pilot, and fly at the correct altitude I commend you for acting in a responsible manner. We need more like you then, and only them some of us would have a little respect for pilots from the foley airport. I confess I have seen pilots fly over our neighborhood at 1000' or above which is the correct height . No one I repeat no one has a concern with these pilots. The ones we have a problem with are the ones that deliberately fly very very low below 500' into our neighborhood to scare out family, or whatever they are attemping to do. I have been the manager of lumber, and a pole mill in alabama, and I purchased trees to make utility, and transmission poles to be used for power companies in alabama,georgia, and mississippi. The logs came in on trucks we measured the logs, and some from the national forest were up to 200', and over.Sir these pecan trees in foley are at most 150'. The aircraft we have observed are maybe 100' above these trees. Do we have pictures? You make the guess.Did you realize that their were no complaints about low flying aircraft until a certain company came to town. The T6,s I have no comment at this time. I,ve been in foley since 1992, and i,ve never seen such a mess. Sir don't be so defensive. Some of us have very good common sense. Do not lump us all into one category, and we will not put all you pilots into that area also. Thank you for not buzzing my home with my family in it. I take offense to that type of conduct, and please do not p--- down my back, and tell me its raining........

4e2ef341, 2015-02-04, 12:33PM CST

This complaint is titled: "Foley Municipal Airport - Excessive Noise Generated by LIGHTNING AVIATION" It is primarily aimed at the Lightening Aviation Flight school for producing the noise that this complain is about. It is not aimed at the persons who park their privately owned airplanes at the Foley Municipal Airport. We, the complainers did not have a problem with this airport UNTIL 2011 when the city council signed a 5 year contract with Roger Watkins to take over the DAILY OPERATIONS of the airport. This would have been OK with US, BUT he also brought in....yes, you guessed it, the flight school, which is the source of the noise!

These planes fly directly over my house and as stated in another comment, "If these planes had glass bottoms, I could look up at some assholes when they fly over".

Please... feel free to take Underwood road over to Daugherty road around 7:30am or 8:00am and observe the actual path these planes are flying!

Concerning: "6. I have to disagree with you about saving money, its a lot cheaper to operate a piper per hour than a jet that the military would be using for training. Yes there will always be a percentage that will not make it through flight training." ....

Has anyone ever heard the term SIMULATOR? Think about it!

07260167, 2015-02-05, 10:03AM CST

The very idea that these flight instructors singling you all out is just stupid. The instructors out there have spent thousands of dollars and untold hours of study to get where they are today and to be blunt, you all are just not worth it. They are flying according to FAA regulations. I don't know that the gentleman that has flying experience is, but if you did then you wouldn't be making some of the accusations that you have. If you don't like the departure procedures the FAA has put down, then ask them to change it.

I've seen the flight paths the planes are flying, I have been out on Daugherty Rd and Underwood and have watched the planes, I didn't see any assholes or anyone flying low. You do realize that there is a private airfield out there just to the north of you.

Yes I've heard of simulators, I had to go twice a year, 8 hours for my crew cost my company about $10,000. Now a T6 sim might be somewhat cheaper, but its not real flying and for sure its more expensive that flying a piper or cessna. Besides an instructor, sims require several other people to operate it. Think about it..

90e13155, 2015-02-06, 07:35AM CST

It is the same argument. It's all about the money! WE ARE JUST NOT WORTH IT? Who do you think pays the taxes that help keep this airport in business? Who do you think pays the taxes that allow the Navy to pay YOU to be able to afford YOUR flight school that is causing the problems! From You to the Foley city council to the Baldwin County commissioners, it's all about the money! However, you just stated that we, the very people that provide all of this for you ARE JUST NOT WORTH IT! Thank you so much!

967efda2, 2015-02-06, 08:59AM CST

RE;07260167 With respect, It,s not an idea it,s a fact. They have been watched as they flew down from a higher height to below 500' so as harassing can be done. I will not go into detail at this time. A lot of hunters have a range finder that is used to see how far the game they are hunting is from them don't you think it works pretty good when put it on a plane to see how high he is? Think about it. I do not know about the flight paths you are referring to, so I have no comment. You say they are flying according to FAA regulations. I beg to differ with you sir. They are not flying to FAA regulatios if they were we would not be having this problem with them regarding heights to fly over neighborhoods. 1000' if they were at this height I could not complain to much. One more tid bit of information the news is spreading regarding this problem with lighting aviation, (people looking to buy homes in foley)they see the planes flying in our neighborhood below the allowed height limit, and we explain the situation to them, and they say if that is going on they will not buy a home in foley. Loss of taxes, right. To be fair one must say we do not know if these people in the planes are instructors, or student pilots or both. The owner, and the chief flight instructor live in other towns where their family is not subjected to this nonsense is that not wonderful. I do know this ( whoever is causing this problem in foley) will one day stand before his maker, and give an account of his actions. It looks to be a beautiful day here on the gulf coast I hope we are allowed to enjoy it, but it gets very annoying to look up, and see a 12000 lb pc of metal with a b/g lawn mower motor in it flying so low the shingles are flying off my home. I do not mean to offend you sir,their are always two sides to a story. If you are a pilot that flys out of the foley airport, and flys at the proper height ( I,ve seen a lot that do that) thank you you are a good man. Remember it just takes one, or two bad apples to make the whole batch look bad. That could be where the problem lies.

Lucy D., 2015-02-06, 09:20AM CST

967efda2, you are correct. They are certainly too low, too frequent, menacing, unsafe for those of us on the ground, and now, an environmental concern . . . hardly any birds left around this neighborhood. I think the birds may have more clout than we citizens, so let's add that to the list.

I called Birmingham FSDO yesterday (thank you for that info) and got great advice. The airfields can alter their flight patterns IF ENOUGH CITIZENS COMPLAIN. It happens every day, all over America, no big deal.

We will go to the top of PNS, as well as Whiting. In the hierarchy, PNS is over Whiting. Petitions will be drawn up with the following concerns: wildlife endangerment..birds are gone; T6 planes flying too low when not taking off/landing; safety of condensed neighborhood citizens in jeopardy; menacing, engine noise all day (every 20-30 seconds for 8 hours a day some days at above 65 decibels (it would be like me talking in your face all day long ... not pleasant). We have been patient (4 months now). Letter is being drawn up re: Barin Airfield, not Foley Aviation. I post this info here and will post to Barin complaint page to let all of you know that this is America, keep complaining in an effective manner, and you may be able to get the flight patterns changed. Other neighborhoods have done it, we can too. It will take time, but, hey, can't enjoy my yard anymore, I will stay inside when I am home with my earplugs in and my Bose headphones on and keep sending the emails and letters. Petitions will be started in the next few weeks and then letters of concern and petitions will be presented to the PNS Commander, PNS Public Affairs Office and the mayor of Foley. Keep in mind, no one has ever complained that there are not enough planes flying over their houses. Military planes will always use this area, we know that. It is the increased activity causing the aforementioned problems, that is the issue. Encourage your neighbors who are in agreement to start petitions and sign them. List the facts, and don't back down. This is not a trivial issue, and if getting money from the military is of concern to the towns that let them fly here at our expense, I reject that, at least here in Foley. Foley is doing well regarding finances. We are fortunate to be able to now consider the quality of life and safety of our neighborhoods affected by this increased training schedules. A win/win situation will be to alter the routes, and to compromise to give a break to the CR 20 area in Foley. I hope Foley town officials will see it this way.

07260167, 2015-02-06, 10:15AM CST

Well, I for one don't get anything from the airport, county or anyone else for that matter.. I wish I did though. Ok, since the one gentleman claims to have aviation experience, you quote the 500 and 1000 feet altitude requirements, you as well as I live in the airport traffic pattern, which you should know means that aircraft are climbing to a traffic pattern altitude then descending to land. So with that said and your knowledge of aviation, then you must know that means airplanes are going to be climbing out or descending over your house or depending on what the wind direction that day and where you live.. Also take a look at the FAA published approaches, you might be surprised. BTW the airplanes flying here weight about 2400 lbs.. Yes I do fly by the regulations and always have, just like the instructors do.

But everyone that is complaining here and if your are successful in shutting down the two flight schools then do me a favor and man up and go over to the airport and tell Mr. Watkins 9 or 10 employees what a good thing it is that they are loosing their jobs and won't be able to support their families. You said it, everyone will stand in front of their maker and have to atone for their actions.

f8fe3eb3, 2015-02-06, 10:54AM CST

Ok, this is my last post then I will be unsubscribing from this rediculous post. I also am a retired aviator who until now has only tried to get the complainers to see things from a different prospective. I for my efforts have been called names by the same person who ends their missive with "God Bless" so I know I am not addressing a forgiving or understanding crowd. The aviators who fly over are not doing "loop d loops" over your heads, they are not targeting you for harassment and they are not errant irresponsible aviators. They are indeed attempting to become proffessional aviators and they hold themselves to high standard.

Now for my complaint I will be starting on, I call it "Jerks Who Move Down South and Complain about airplanes in the aviation training capital of the world, AKA The South" you build or bought a house under an airport traffic pattern, this is your mistake, so the entire aviation community should not have to accomadate your poor choices!! I am sick of the frikken complaing yall do and not just aviation NOTHING is good enough for you people. You need a reality and a self accessment check! PEACE OUT!

9b62be62, 2015-02-06, 03:51PM CST

Amen f8fe3eb3!!! Great post and I will join you in your thread about the "jerks." In addition, they, "the complainers" said that I was a name caller. If they scroll back and read my posts, they will see that I did not call anyone names. Perhaps me saying they were "pathetic" or maybe even also using the term "complainer" is being construed as name calling in their *opinions*. I do recall reading that I was called several names, including an "idiot and a moron." However I am the name caller??? Again f8fe3eb3, thank you for your great post(s) and attempting to set these "idiots" LOL straight! We are definitely not the minority here as they believe. Lastly sir, thank you for your service in the military! Have a great Navy day!

9b62be62, 2015-02-06, 03:58PM CST

Amen to you as well 07260167!

Lucy D., 2015-02-06, 04:48PM CST

You need to reread (and try to comprehend) what you are reading. No one is advocating "shutting down training". We are asking for scheduling and flying patterns to be reconsidered. It is possible to alter routes once in a while as is done all over our great country. Please calm down and start getting your facts straight or stay out of it, please. Thank you.

52ae03c6, 2015-02-07, 07:54AM CST

f8fe3eb3, 9b62be62, 07260167: You keep turning things around so that it appears YOU are the victims here, and the rest of us are the bad guys. You must be politicians!

Yes, I just called you a name!

52ae03c6, 2015-02-07, 07:57AM CST

It's the start of another noisy weekend here in FOLEY ALABAMA!

967efda2, 2015-02-07, 12:28PM CST

You know I got up this morning at 5 oclock had a good cup of coffee got the news, and took me a good long walk. Looked up and saw what a beautiful day it was thanked the good Lord for it, and settled down to working outside in the yard. Little did I know that the circus at the foley airport was gearing up for another day of aggravation, and harassment. I got the grandchildren inside out of harms way stopped what I was doing, and settled in for another day of attempt harassment from the clowns. I guess I just had wishful thinking. Maybe just maybe one day they will leave us alone, but I guess that is wishful thinking also. I,m so glad I raised my children to be considerate, and respectful of others not like what i,m seeing in the planes above me. Take care all, and have a wonderful day........

252eab53, 2015-02-13, 01:14PM CST

When we moved to Woodmont (sub-division off the north end of the runway), we knew about the planes and the noise associated with being this close to it - What would really help in terms of the noise and the fact that somewhere down the line someone is going to get hurt, is for "all" planes abide by the FAA rules of altitude - There are several quotes above related to this rule (look on the FAA web site for airplane altitudes and noise - Google it)- Altitude would be a great start! Then as mentioned above, we start the process to get attention - A good start would be with the District #4 Council member who oversees the airport (City of Foley will bring his name and email up), then to the City Council and then file a formal complaint with the FAA - They tell you how to do it on their web site - They in turn will send someone out here to observe and talk to the people during their investigation - The operators of the airport are not going to do anything to resolve the problems - Understand all about the military and their training - That is not the issue and it is wrong of anyone to use that to hide the facts of the real problem - Persistence will get results!

ea91908e, 2015-02-15, 12:48PM CST

I moved to Foley about 15 years ago. I was also aware of the airport. There were no problems with the airport then. You barely even knew it was there. I loved it here! Then in 2011, it all changed for the worse. I've had relatives come for visits and ask "How can you live here with all this noise?" I certainly don't say you get used to it! It seems to be getting worse everyday, but I can't afford to move. I've tried to sell my house, but as soon as someone comes to look at it, a plane flies over, and they are gone! No sale!

I'm not trying to be sarcastic about it, but if one of the persons above; you know the ones I'm referring to; that have posted they just can't seem to get enough of the planes flying over their houses; would agree to purchase my house; then I can move away from Foley Alabama!

I'm sure someone has a snide remark to post concerning me, but instead, put your money where your remarks are!

344ae410, 2015-02-15, 02:04PM CST

I agree with "252eab53's post of 02-13-2015". I sympathize with "ea91908e's post of 02-15-2015" as I can personally relate to this situation. If everyone resided at the "South end" of the run way, no one would complain!

Something needs to be done concerning this airport. The problems concerning this airport are not getting any better. They will only get worse. The City officials should be more concerned with the welfare and safety of the residents, instead of how much money this airport can produce for them!

0794bf5c, 2015-02-15, 02:54PM CST

A complaint in the form of a letter and/or email has been sent to the Mayor and every member of the City Council. No response! More than one complaint has been sent to the FAA. No response! Complaints were sent to the County Commissioners. No response! Maybe there are a lot of hands in the old cookie jar!

The city considers this airport a business. The city does not need an airport per-say, but it is after all, a business! However, unlike most businesses, they can get grant, after grand, after grant from the FAA to make "improvements" to this business. If the FAA would stop "giving them grants", then the city would indeed have to do what all other business owners in Foley have to do and that is to either earn a profit or close!

It's one thing after another with this business (aka: airport). The City Council is now making plans to enlarge the "long term parking area" at the airport. More grant money spent and for what? What will be next? The noise problem certainly isn't being addressed with grant money!

Maybe the city should check into getting another FAA grant for purchasing all the land and houses up to Summerdale's city limits and over to cr65 and south, all under the heading of "airport improvements". Then they can give us current owners the option of moving out of the "zone" or staying and paying the city rent! No one could possibly complain about the noise then, as it would be part of the airport, and look at how much money the city could make by expanding the business!

Lucy D., 2015-02-15, 04:35PM CST

I am feeling so sad that many of us are unhappy with Foley and Gulf Shores noise. It is a great place to be, but the noise is stressful, menacing, and embarrassing.

We need to get petitions signed for both Barin Field here in Foley and also for Gulf Shores Airport to get help. I was told that the more people that sign, the better. We can be heard, we just need to get people to come together and do the "hard work of complaining effectively". If you want to learn more, go to the website:

Here you will read how to quantify our concerns. Our complaint/letter/petition should address the following list of items. They are:

1. Intensity

2. Duration

3. Repetition

4. Time of day

5. Fear or personal anger from the planes

6. Extent that people believe noise can be controlled

7. Abruptness of onset or cessation

This may seem like a lot of reading and a lot of work, but as this is not a trivial complaint and affects our health and quality of life, we should get a group together willing to do the work and go forward. It will take time. We have a group here in Foley that is willing to keep it up and NOT GO AWAY. It is easy to give up and feel defeated, but don't feel that way. Any step we take can only help us towards our goal of going back to the more quiet, non-menacing acceptable level of noise with no training planes over our condensed neighborhoods.

Good luck!

4e2ef341, 2015-02-16, 04:41PM CST

I have to state this complaint is levied against the Foley Municipal Airport. We do not have a complaint against the Jack Edwards Airport in Gulf Shores.

We do need to go forward with this issue. The biggest problem with most Americans today is the fact they have more of an inclination to "roll over and play dead" instead of standing up and fighting for their rights!

07260167, 2015-02-16, 07:50PM CST

What are you all going to do when the aircraft owners at the airport stand up for their rights? Might get interesting. For you Baron complainers, you do know that the Navy does environmental and noise impact studies around their airfields, also you might as well get the petitions going for the blue collar comedy club, if you think planes are noisey, wait until the park opens up out there.. Since you all are after Foley and Gulf Shores airports, you forgot Fairhope.. Might as well go after them all so you can feel big..

On a personal note, if I'm taking off to the north out of Foley and I am going to assume its one of you people that did it the person that took the spotlight and shined the beam into my cockpit, if it happens one more time, I will call the FAA and the local police and lodge a complaint. Not only is it a federal crime to do that, it puts not only the people in the airplane at risk but the people on the ground if the pilot looses control of the aircraft. You talk about how dangerous the airplanes are and then you pull a stunt like this.. I guess your trying to make someone crash so you can say how dangerous the airport is..

252eab53, 2015-02-17, 11:10AM CST

Spot lights and even lasers should not tolerated at any time and you should have gone ahead and filed a complaint! Talking about the spotlight, let's talk about altitude on take offs and landings again - I will use the "Turquoise" condo's out at the beach for a measurement - The top of the building is at 400 feet and for sure the majority of planes taking off from Foley are no where near that - Next time you are down that way stop at look - I would think one would have to have a light from a carnival or circus to shine at that height - For sure if you are at 1000 feet, as required by the FAA, that would not happen - Let's get the planes up to start, and see if the noise improves - Not real sure why the government would take "sound" readings unless they are working on some kind of "muffler" for airplane engines - That would be a good way to spend our money?

07260167, 2015-02-18, 06:56PM CST

If you live at the end of the north or south end of Foley's runway, you need to understand that 1000' altitude doesn't apply. The aircraft are climbing out a specific airspeed that ensures a safe climb and therefore in all reality it takes time and distance to climb up to either the pattern (1000') altitude or to depart the area. Very few airplanes based at Foley can be at 1000' before they leave the airport boundary, When landing, the FAA has set up a 3 degree visual landing system that everyone uses for landing. You can't fly to the end of the runway at a 1000' and land safely. If someone is flying low over a populated area and farting around, then by all means call the FAA, but when taking off and landing, you just can't go vertical then proceed on course or land.. Just doesn't work like that.. All of the planes at the airport have FAA certified mufflers on them, you can't equate a aircraft muffler with a car muffler, they just don't work the same.

I was at about 500' climbing out when the butthead hit me with the light and my plane has a higher rate of climb than the schools planes do and I was climbing straight ahead and well pass the homes at the north end of the runway before I made my turns... Sorry I don't go much below 2000' when I'm down at Gulf Shores doing approaches except on the approach and landing then takeoff. You really need to go over and take with the instructors and see what they are doing and have them explain takeoffs and landings to you. You might find that most of your preconceived beliefs are wrong..

f5dc109b, 2015-02-27, 07:57AM CST

I have a question for all of you "intelligent" people complaining. When you purchased a house on the approach end of a runway either north or south, did you really anticipate not hearing aircraft noise? If you didn't, then you are truly an idiot. You shouldnt have purchased an a home by an airport. Lightning is in the business of training pilots who will eventually be fighting to protect yalls right to be as stupid as you are on here. Stop complaining.

344ae410, 2015-03-10, 09:18AM CDT

Thank you Barack! You are trying your best to take away as many of our constitutional rights as you can. Now it is the first Amendment by attacking our right to complain! Some of us served in the military and fought for the right to "complain"! You degrade us by using abusive english in your post above. You insult our intelligence by stating Lighting is in the business of training pilots who will be fighting, etc, etc, etc..... This is not true! Answer this question: If it takes a minimum of 40 hours of instruction to train a civilian pilot, how can Lightening Aviation train a navy student in 10 hours? We know the answer, but please... insult our intelligence!

3a4bf07b, 2015-03-17, 09:46AM CDT


Lucy D., 2015-03-18, 08:20AM CDT

Re: 3a4bf07b, I wasn't going to comment, but feel I should speak up. Are you kidding with your last post? You are way out of line and I feel confident that the town of Foley officials would not appreciate your tactics at all. You need to stop threatening people, not helpful to anyone.

344ae410, 2015-03-18, 09:46AM CDT

After reading 3a4bf07b' post, I think this person is being brutally honest. This airport is owned by the city of Foley, and they don't seem to care that we are complaining about the noise. The people that work at the airport don't care if we complain about the noise. Apparently, none of them care if some of us served in the military, if we are here complaining about the noise. The only reason this airport exists is to bring in money for the city and for the person operating the airport (There is no other reason for this airport to be here!). Apparently we are not worth it because nothing is being done about our complaints. We are all idiots for moving here in the first place as stated by 'f5dc109b, 2015-02-27, 07:57AM CST' The city just completed constructing a new parking lot. I know they have plans for more projects to be constructed.

Last, but not least, if the city wants to do it, they really can take your property from you (Eminent Domain) to expand this airport.

Lucy D., 2015-03-18, 01:52PM CDT

I understand what you are saying, I would like to move, too. But, for the last two years the plane activity was certainly bearable. What everyone doesn't get is that it is UNBEARABLE when it comes over your house, like today, every 10 seconds, flying too low, with a decibel reading of 74 or higher.

Whether it is Barin Field (there is a complaint post site on this website for them which I post to and I wish others would also) or Foley Aviation, or Gulf Shores, there comes a time when it is too much noise for reasonable people to accept. No one has ever complained about not enough noise over their house, why is that? Noise pollution, planes flying menacingly low, fear of crashes into your house, is a valid complaint and at the least should be addressed, not ignored. What gets me and others angry is being ignored due to arrogance of the people in charge. No one is better than the next person and reasonable people should try to come to some solution. If there was a good reason for T6s to be flying low over a condensed neighborhood (where take/off landing is not the goal) then please tell me what it is. This is what Randy Roy. Liaison at Milton, cannot tell me, or I think,he would have told me. Informed people have the right to ask questions and get some respect and get answers, not just be stonewalled. I would move tomorrow if I could convince my husband. But in the meantime, I will not stop asking questions because it is my right. You can enjoy the noise, good for you, but try to let others have their opinion. What is it that you are afraid of?

Tom J., 2015-06-06, 08:48AM CDT

Foley Alabama is a nice, peaceful place to live!...... UNTIL THE SUN COMES UP! Then the airplanes start flying from the local airport and that's the end of the peace and quite until dark!

Lucy D., 2015-06-06, 09:18AM CDT

This is such a shame, because those that do not live under planes flying overhead all day most days, cannot and will not, try to understand how menacing and scary it is. Also, when you cannot hear inside your own house, it is quite different from watching planes from afar and admiring our young people who are training in them.

Our Mayor in Foley is trying to get information from Whiting Air Field, as we, the residents, have tried for almost 8 months. Whiting's liaison is very good at putting people off. Our question, from the beginning, has been, why are they over our residential neighborhood with such increased activity, when they never were before December of last year? Also, do they have the right to ruin lives of those in quiet neighborhoods? I know the military has to train, but there are many other OLFs that they can train at that do not impact condensed neighborhoods. So far, the liaison and Captain at Whiting will not even face facts and they do what they want. I respect our military, but they do not run this country. This is not Russia or No. Korea where military is supreme. Ordinary citizens do have a say here, that is the true sound of freedom. We continue to work with Mayor Koniar and Mike Thompson in the hope that Whiting Airfield will talk with them and give us answers and hopefully, stop flying over our neighborhood. As I said, there are alternatives to where they can train, they just do not want to compromise and work with those of us who are civilian tax payers trying to live a normal life.

The FAA, who cannot tell the DOD what to do, but has given us advice, has told us to get many people to sign petitions and work with the town officials and keep at it! Other parts of our country have had this issue and have been able to alter airplane activities to some extent. People here in America do have rights to live a normal, acceptably quiet life in a residential neighborhood. We will keep trying and as I said, military or not, no one has the right to ignore taxpayers forever. We'll see!

4e2ef341, 2015-06-09, 09:44AM CDT

This complaint thread concerns the "Foley Municipal Airport - Excessive Noise Generated by LIGHTNING AVIATION". This airport is owned and operated by the city of Foley Alabama. This airport IS subject the FAA rules and regulations. WE are trying to do something about THIS NOISE!!!!! The U.S. military "usually complies" with FAA regulations concerning U.S. airspace. However, as with both this airport and Whiting Air Field for instance, They seem to have turned a blind eye! The Faa's standard response is "Complain! The more complaints there are, the better the chances of getting results"! I say B.S.!!! In 1775, we American citizens got tired of "complaining" and did something about it. Maybe we need to follow that example concerning the noise and aggravation caused by these airplanes, and do something about it besides complain!!!!!

3a4bf07b, 2015-06-16, 11:04AM CDT


Lucy D., 2015-06-16, 02:39PM CDT

To 3a4 ... Are you a terrorist? I notice you don't give a name... Just like to yell at people, I suppose. Why don't you back off a little.

T6s from Barin are directly over houses at 85+decibels all day today here along CR 20-feels like an invasion. Getting in touch with Pentagon next. Up the chain of command, maybe they will try to help. I suggest everyone bothered by the plane noise and stress contact the FAA and file a complaint with the Denix (noise police) division of the FAA. The military menace needs to be followed up in a different way. Foley is getting a rep as a not-so-nice place to live, unfortunately. But for,the plane activity and noise, it is a little gem which I love. We have the right to complain, but hopefully, we can do,it effectively. I would also talk,with the Mayor of Foley. He is a smart and reasonable man. It can't hurt.

My family fought in both world wars. Why? So Americans can live good lives and not be afraid to speak up when something is wrong. That is the "sound of freedom".

252eab53, 2015-06-16, 06:44PM CDT

Here is the FAA web page to get started with filing complaints - I recently visited the office in Vestavia Hills, right outside of Birmingham, and all the advice that they gave me is located in these web pages - In the search bar at the top right hand corner, type in low flying aircraft or noise, and it will take you to the flight standards page where information is located to get you started - It requires a bit of home work such as a/c numbers, time of day, how low you think they are flying (what are you using to determine your estimate say the top of houses, trees,etc) - They also ask for telephone numbers of witnesses and their address)- Pictures are worth a thousand words! Once they receive your packet of information they start their look see from their end and they will send someone down here to investigate - It will take some time and work, but it can be done.

As far as the earlier statement about them taking our homes and expanding the airport, that is just nonsense and not right - There is a lot that goes into airport expansion and with Jack Edwards airfield in Gulf Shores, just 7 miles from Foley, there would have to be some really good justification to expand the Foley Airport - That does not happen overnight!

Lucy D., 2015-06-16, 06:51PM CDT

Thank you, good info.

We can encourage all those involved to send a complaint. Don't forget, this is America, and people have power.

9b62be62, 2015-06-16, 08:34PM CDT

And, we supporters "ENCOURAGE ALL OF THOSE INVOLVED to send a SUPPORT LETTER for these aviators and the FOLEY Municipal Airport!!!! "Don't forget, this is America, and people have power." *Your words Lucy D!* And all that being said their is/was actually an US Navy Aircraft Carrier named the USS AMERICA! CV-66!

I leave you with this:

***If flying were the language of man, soaring would be its poetry***

eb1f3693, 2015-06-16, 10:23PM CDT

Lucy, with all due respect you are a moron. You all are. If you don't like plane noise, you shouldn't have moved by an airport. Also, good luck calling the pentagon, I'm sure they have a direct line for lunatics with complaints about an issue that is actually within all legal limits. Enjoy your peace and quiet for now, the planes rev at 7 :)

Lucy D., 2015-06-17, 06:13AM CDT

You don't comprehend what you read, do you? Plane activity has been acceptable for many years, until December of last year. Things change, not always for the better. Citizens have the right to ask for change, it is kind of how our country was born.

Our town officials are meeting with the top brass about this because there is a problem. Would you like to tell the commander of the navy that he is a moron? Already the aircraft activity level has been decreased and we are hoping to alter the flight path and come to some compromise about the situation so once again, you have no idea what you are talking about. But that's okay, America allows all types, doesn't it? Have a good day, I know I will.

eb1f3693, 2015-06-17, 08:24AM CDT

I know exactly what I am talking about because I am an aviator in this community and the community that you are targeting. You have no clue what you are talking about and I can personally guarantee that your little witch hunt party has done nothing to alter our flight paths or operations. It just so happens that the lull between the spring and summer is the time OCS classes/NAVAL Academy students are finishing. Furthermore, the day that the town officials of a small middle of nowhere pitstop town on the way to the beach (Foley) are able to organize a meeting with the Commander of the entire Navy is the same day a pig flies out of the frozen gates of hell. You are absolutely delusional. The planes that you speak of (T-6's, Gulf Shores IFS, Foley IFS) are all operated by the top aviation instructors in this country and all follow Military/FAA guidelines to a tee. Except on an approach to an airport, a plane is required to be at least 1000 feet above congested areas. Your little decibel meter may read high numbers at that altitude, but if it does then quite frankly we don't care. We have maneuvers and procedures to be done at low altitude (within the legal limits) and your complaints will continue to fall on deaf ears. As for the continued claims of "menacing" on this board, you all sound like paranoid lunatics. No one that I know in this community cares enough to avoid our duties to bother you crazy individuals.

John Y., 2015-06-17, 08:57AM CDT

3a4bf07b stated "WE DO NOT CARE!". eb1f3693 just stated "quite frankly we don't care". I work 2 jobs for what I have, but it seems like I'm just pond scum compared to these individual's attitude because they are connected with the local airport, and aviation in general. You people seem to think you're better than the rest of us common workers and tax payers, but ANYONE that is even remotely associated with the Foley Municipal Airport is just another bunch of trash on Welfare! Welfare in the form of grants is the only thing keeping this Airport open! No Welfare grants = no Airport! Get off welfare and get a real job!

Lucy D., 2015-06-17, 09:17AM CDT

We sound crazy? Sir, if you represent our country's aviators, then I recommend mental check ups for you. All the military people I know, and respect, would never sound off the way you do. They are in control of their emotions and I feel confident that they do not appreciate your antics.

We have our opinions and rights as tax payers who pay for military protection of America. We know how vital this is and we appreciate our freedom because of them. However, compromise and listening to one another is not a bad thing. I know now why you hide your identity. You have no real sense of what America stands for. Our military planes are too noisy and at times, very menacing and stressful. But, they are being trained to do a certain job without taking a hissy fit. That is the mettle of our military. No one denies that. Your rantings are helpful to no one, least of all the military. If you have a family or belong to a church, seek guidance. You need some help.

Lucy D., 2015-06-17, 09:18AM CDT

We sound crazy? Sir, if you represent our country's aviators, then I recommend mental check ups for you. All the military people I know, and respect, would never sound off the way you do. They are in control of their emotions and I feel confident that they do not appreciate your antics.

We have our opinions and rights as tax payers who pay for military protection of America. We know how vital this is and we appreciate our freedom because of them. However, compromise and listening to one another is not a bad thing. I know now why you hide your identity. You have no real sense of what America stands for. Our military planes are too noisy and at times, very menacing and stressful. But, they are being trained to do a certain job without taking a hissy fit. That is the mettle of our military. No one denies that. Your rantings are helpful to no one, least of all the military. If you have a family or belong to a church, seek guidance. You need some help.

eb1f3693, 2015-06-17, 09:20AM CDT

That is one of the most stupid things I have literally ever read. I don't think I'm better than you because I'm a pilot, I think I'm better than you because I am educated and make thoughtful claims. I am literally speechless after reading your moronic grasp at straws comparing a municipal airport to welfare. Aren't you late for one of your "jobs"?

Lucy D., 2015-06-17, 09:21AM CDT

I am reporting you, you are a ticking time bomb.

eb1f3693, 2015-06-17, 09:25AM CDT

Lucy, your thoughts are unbelievably convoluted. I'm not going to waste my time having a discussion about what America stands for when I have earned my freedom. Every person whom I know who has seen this thread in my same role, or superior, shares the same sentiment that you all are paranoid lunatics. We literally laugh at you all and quote your posts in jest. It's a running joke amongst us.

eb1f3693, 2015-06-17, 09:31AM CDT

Ha! Reporting me for what? Voicing my opinion, just the same as you are doing?

Lucy D., 2015-06-17, 09:50AM CDT

Keep digging yourself deeper, you do not represent the military, sir. No way.

Lucy D., 2015-06-17, 09:53AM CDT

I suggest we shut this complaint site down. Eb1f . . . is ruining the integrity of it. Good luck to you working with the FAA and military to come to a compromise.

eb1f3693, 2015-06-17, 10:25AM CDT

Lucy, you are correct, I do not represent the military. I represent my opinion as a citizen first which I am within my legal right to do just as you have done. Just because you don't like my opinion doesn't mean I cannot share it on this page. As for compromising the integrity of this board.. This board has none to begin with. I have read individuals calling members of the military bastards, people claiming to see pilots assholes because they were flying so low, ridiculous claims that town officials are meeting with the commander of the navy, and countless statements of incorrect knowledge of aviation knowledge (none of which I have learned in the 12 years I have been flying). So please point out where the integrity of the post ever existed. So please, report me for exercising my rights to speak freely, I'm sure it will go far. But please don't shut down this post, it is far too entertaining.

252eab53, 2015-06-17, 10:39AM CDT

What do you say we just file, let's say, 10 formal complaints to the FAA office in Birmingham and that will be more than sufficient to get an FAA field inspector down here to look into things - That way if there is a problem, they will announce their findings and take corrective action if needed - If they take no action, then so be it! Their findings and decisions would be made a part of public record and announce able, probably in the local tv news or where ever - They are required to adhere to certain altitudes on approach and take off based on certain factors - They are required to adhere to certain noise levels (for many reasons) as outlined in the FAA Operational Standards that they all have to adhere to - Then their decision will not matter as to what kind of airplanes are flying - I think we are missing the point here by focusing on "who" is flying the planes and not on the initial problem which is noise and low flying airplanes - Let's see what happens with their investigation and go from there.

Lucy D., 2015-06-17, 10:44AM CDT

Do it, that makes so much sense. Good luck to you and good luck to us here at GlenLakes!

252eab53, 2015-06-17, 01:07PM CDT

Here is another web site that deals specifically with "noise" and the standards and regulations in this web are used by the FAA - It contains a ton of information!

Lucy D., 2015-06-17, 03:06PM CDT

Eb1f...believe it or not, I do agree with some of what you said in your last post. My question has been if any planes have the right to fly over and over and over a residential area all day, low , with decibels of 85+. I am not lying when I tell you I cannot hear in my house. I wish I could send you the videos that show what I am talking about. Some days it is all day, from 8-6, with 4 or 5 T6 literally looping and circling, as if in a holding pattern,before they climbi higher, then descend again to do their touch and go at Barin. It does not seem to make sense to many of us. We would just like the airfield personnel out of Whiting to talk with us! Again, I realize that this is not a Whitin/Barin complaint site, so I will stop.

0794bf5c, 2015-06-20, 08:31AM CDT

252eab53... Instead of relying on the Federal Government to step in and make a ruling on this issue, would it not be a better solution to have the city of Foley hold an election? This would allow the majority of the residents to vote on and decide if they want an airport or not?

f2852c1a, 2015-07-05, 10:18AM CDT

The airport has been there long before it was given to the city in 1962, established during WWII. I doubt any of the residents who lived around there when it was built are still alive.I can't believe that anyone buying a house anywhere near an airport is complaining about noise! These complaints raise stupid to a new level. Not that they have any validity to their complaints about noise but the planes coming out of Foley are not B-52's. The residents got their houses cheaper because of the proximity to the airport, now that they have moved in they think it should go away? You want quiet? Sell your house to some other DA and pay more money and live somewhere else.

252eab53, 2015-07-05, 11:10AM CDT

OK Goober! Calm down or your real IQ is going to come out and from what you wrote above that would not be pretty - It amazes me that someone can just say anything but this is America - Where have you been? The last comment was written back on June 20th - Peanut truck brought you back home?

4e2ef341, 2015-07-14, 11:27AM CDT

Since lightening Aviation came to Foley, the Municipal Airport has become a down-right nuisance to the area. They have at least 4 planes, and at least 3 of them are in the air for up 12 hours a day - 7 day a week. These planes make a touch and go landing and are making a "lap" approximately every seven minutes. As a result of this, there is an almost constant noise. I've resided in the Foley area for over 15 years, and it's never been this noisy.

This Airport was fine in 1962, but now, it needs to be retired and/or relocated to give the residents in the area some peace and quite!

However, the City Government seems more interested in treating this airport like a commercial business and is therefore not concerned at all with the impact of this noise on the surrounding community. The +/- 100 acres this airport sits on can be better utilized than what it's being used for.

07260167, 2015-07-15, 04:30PM CDT

Seems the FAA was down here checking on all of the noise and low flying.. Guess what no one was seen doing anything wrong and the photos provided by one if the chief complainers on here was taken at the airport of airplanes landing... Sorry you all creditability just went where it belongs. down the crapper..

252eab53, 2015-07-16, 11:08AM CDT

"Seems" the FAA was here and no one was seen doing anything wrong? There is a problem with your statement in the fact that a formal complaint has been filed with the FAA concerning the ongoing problems and "when" they come there will be a formal meeting with the director of airport operations along with a representative of the City of Foley and I will be in attendance also - Per my phone conversation with the FAA in Birmingham this morning, they are still looking at all the documents that were sent to them and the meeting, nor their observations of the airport have not taken place!

You gotta love America!

4e2ef341, 2015-07-25, 08:54AM CDT

Interesting! The FAA must have adopted the same concession that Obama is giving Iran. IE: Give 24 hours notice before an inspection! The day it was so nice and peaceful here must have been the same day the FAA came to check on the noise. It has been 4 years since it was that "quiet" around here! Interesting! Still just as noisy around here as it ever was since Lightening Aviation came to town! Just like nothing happened! Like the man said "You gotta love America!"

eb1f3693, 2015-07-25, 09:01AM CDT

First, do any of you people know how to spell "quiet?" Stop spelling it quite, it doesn't have the same meaning. You continually prove yourselves stupid. Secondly, the day the woman from the FAA was down here was a normal ops day with planes flying in large numbers legally as is done everyday. She even went to that lunatics house 5 miles south of the field and individually pointed out planes he was saying we're menacing him and found all to be in legal ops. Your complaints have and continue to fall on deaf ears. Find a new soap box and enjoy the planes.

07260167, 2015-08-02, 02:16PM CDT

You must be the guy that didn't want the Feds to talk to you neighbors since they weren't complaining.. Funny how that happens when you don't have a leg to stand on.. You guys don't have a beef with the airport, its just you want to everyone to think you important and you think that they will be a easy target, well the airport isn't going away, Lightening Aviation isn't going anywhere, everyone that has a plane at the airport aren't going anywhere, so if you don't like the way its done here in Foley, Delta's ready when you are!! You might worry about the FBI showing up on your doorsteps after the threats that was made toward the aircraft flying into the airport.

65cd71a8, 2015-10-22, 11:23PM CDT

In reference to the noise complaints and negative comments directed specifically towards Lightning Aviation posted on this website I can?t help but find myself disappointed, discouraged, and embarrassed to reside in a community that has such a disrespect and misplaced anger towards pilots and their professional roles.

When purchasing a home, good, smart, buyers usually research information about the surrounding areas. If only these people would have spent more time researching the history behind Foley Airport and Lightning Aviation instead of wasting time writing over-dramatic untruthful, and verbally attacking a profession they know nothing about then their view would drastically change and should feel guilty for their misguided rants against some of the best pilots around who take pride and honor in what they do every day. The sky is their workplace where dreams are made and new fighter pilots are born.

Lightning Aviation is one of the first stepping stones for some of the most elite, intelligent naval and marine pilots in the world. Not only does Lightning Aviation provide training to young Naval and Marine officers, but it also provides aspiring civilian pilots an opportunity to achieve their own pilot certification.

The Foley Airport has been in operation since the 1960?s. If you perceive the noise to be that intolerable, the simple solution is to move because the airport is NOT going anywhere.


Lucy D., 2015-10-23, 12:13AM CDT

Foley, Gulf Shores, and now Fairhope airports are being over run with military training ops out of Florida. Training Squadron Five and Whiting (who sends the planes over here to AL) get the jobs, the revenue, the glory. We get the noise, stress, and menace. AF training jets could be here

next as has been the case at many military and commercial airports all over our country. Neighborhoods are being ruined when there are alternatives for the Navy who do not seem to care about Alabama tax payers although they claim to be "good neighbors".

Towns like Pace, Milton, Pensacola and other Florida towns are "military" towns. Foley, Gulf Shores, and Fairhope are not and have never been known for being a part of military operations, Perhaps those that love the 85+ decibel levels for 8 hours a day should be the ones to move-then you could take the planes with you and hear them directly over your house all day,

Apparently, the tide is turning in favor of the FAA regs being changed all over our great country which will put a stop to this. There are thousands of open acres of land and ocean over which planes can train. Congressman from all over the country are working on what is an appropriate sound metric to use to regulate noise and altitude rules. And, petitions are being drawn up in our small, quaint towns here in Alabama to get the touch and go training out of here to maintain the qualiy of life here in Fairhope, Gulf Shores, and Foley. Nobody moved to these towns because they want more planes over their houses all day. That is just a fact that can not be disputed. Barin Airfield had its glory days, then closed down a couple of times, then reopened. So this has never been an area with military culture attached to it as its primary attraction.. That is what Pensacola Naval Station and Eglin Air Force base are known for. You can't seriously think that Foley, Gulf Shores and Fairhope compare to that type of community.

A few people say they do not mind the aircraft activity. In my personal experience, I have learned that most of these people are not home during the day, are hard of hearing, and do not live directly under the continous loop every 20-30 SECONDS ALL DAY LONG. I do live under that as do thousands of people within two or three miles of Barin Field. THIS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE 2014, another fact that can ot be disputed. The Navy stated in writing, that "no noise impact" will occur over neighborhoods. Nothing could be further from the truth. If pilots can train somewhere else, why do you care if we get our yards and homes back to the quiet and stressfree life we had a year ago? Why do you care as long as our pilots can train? What possible reason do you offer for not wanting tax paying citizens to be happy in their homes with their expectations of a nice neighborhood, not military, being met. If we wanted training planes overhead, we would move to Florida towns known to be military towns, not here where there are beaches, golf courses, quiet rivers, quiet lagoons, wonderful bird life and wild life. It will take time, but,changes will be made because the Navy can practice elsewhere. They will "proceed until apprehended" of course, and that is why tax paying residents are taking the time and effort to do something. Ask yourself this- why would we waste our time and energy if it was not a horrific problem for,those,of us who live directly under these planes who have normal hearing? Barin, Summerdale, Jack Edwards and an airport in Fairhope will eventualy have to deal with this. Hopefully, all residents will sign the petitions and help maintain the quality of life in our So. Baldwin towns. It makes perfect sense, nobody moves here to be part of military training operations and those that love the action may want to consider moving to Pensacola.

07260167, 2015-10-23, 08:59AM CDT

Ms. Lucy,

Since you make the statement that "THIS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE 2014", you must be one of the snow birds that has moved down here to take advantage of lower taxes and our climate because the Navy has been training in this area for the 35+ years I've been here especially at Barin Field with the exception of when repairs to the runways. I've seen the email that the hoa has sent out to the residents out there and there is an agenda for sure. Let me ask you a question, have you started your petition to stop the blue collar comedy park, soccer fields and all the new businesses that they will bring in and its all going to be located right out where you live and that my dear will make your property value drop like a rock because people are already looking else where to buy instead of glen lakes.. Best of luck at the next Block Nazi meeting.

Lucy D., 2015-10-23, 12:41PM CDT

Once again, you are flat out wrong . . . T-6 planes did not start here until June of 2014. Call Whiting Field in Milton and confirm so you at least get the facts. I can give you contact info for the civilian liaison, Captain and Commander Bahlau, and Colonel Kling, head of TRAW5.

Where do you live?

07260167, 2015-10-23, 06:45PM CDT

Aww have to burst your bubble Ms Lucy, the Navy was flying the T-34 Mentor which is a single engine turboprop trainer and that was prior to 2014 and I might add uses the same engine that the T-6 aircraft and before that it was the T-28. There was a lot more training going on then than there is now so you should be happy that there isn't more intense training going on.. I live in Foley and have for almost 20 years and as far as aircraft recognition goes, I spent almost 30 yrs in the military working on and flying in them. You next time you are complaining you can ask them at Whiting what kind of aircraft knowledge a Chief Petty Officer has if you think your smarter than me on military aircraft. You have to be the person that has been here about 3 years according to friends that live in glen lakes.. Considering the airspace from Mobile Bay over to Tallahassee is military operating areas, I don't think that they are going to stop flying because you annoyed for a couple of hours during the day.. Also Jack Edwards is actively trying to get the airlines to provide jet service there and if you look when you down that way there is always a couple of private jets sitting there.. I also believe that the FAA has signed long term agreements with the airports down in this area.. Like I said if I were you I'd be more worried about whats going on the corner of the Beach Express and CR 20 than the Navy flying over you house and I have to add this at a 1000 ft or better... Cheers

Lucy D., 2015-10-23, 07:39PM CDT

Where do you live, sir? And why are you such a miserable person? Is that what your military experience has taught you? Why do you care if the planes go elsewhere? Foley, Gulf Shores, and Fairhope do not have military installations in these towns. I have checked with people that have lived here longer than you, never had an issue because T-6s did not fly over here until 2014. T-34s were not an issue. You do not live in the areas of concern, so it really is not your business at all. This is not a town that makes money off of military ops - you are blinded with your pre-conceived notions. You, sir, are up against hundreds of people, as you will find out. You can argue with them if you have the courage to state where you live and who you are instead of sneaking about to find out who lives where. Your sources here at GlenLakes are in the minority - time to accept it.

Where do you live and what is your name? If you can't be up front about this, please go away, maybe move to Pensacola or Pace or Milton where you will be in your element.

And you aren't bursting my bubble you moron, no one is enjoying this except you. It is called quality of life, what people move to Foley and Gulf Shores and Fairhope to find. If you want military installations, you can go elsewhere. Military ops do not add revenue and jobs to Foley and that is a fact.

Lucy D., 2015-10-23, 07:48PM CDT

Oh, another thing your are completely wrong about...planes are at altitude of 450 as stated by Colonel Kling, Commander of TRAW5 (publicly stated on 9/29). I can send him a copy of this email so he will realize he is wrong about the altitude these planes are flying at over our houses. Your are out of touch with what is really happening and that is because you do not experience the actual fly overs which are 8 hours a day most days. As I have said before, no one can understand it until you come here and sit here for several hours to understand it.

Where do you live?

65cd71a8, 2015-10-23, 09:04PM CDT


Obviously you have made it very evident you have a problem with the noise coming from the planes out of Barin Field. With that said,I have a question for you....... What if you lived nearby a fire station that had sirens going off during the day, middle of the night, and other various random times enroute to put out fires and save lives. Are you going to petition the mayor to move the fire station to a desolate area where they, the firefighters,will be delayed to the scene, thus causing lives to be lost and unsalvagable damage. How dare they turn on their sirens to alert people they are enroute to perform their honorable duties.

Take a minute and think about that before you reply irrationally. Thank you!

Lucy D., 2015-10-24, 06:35AM CDT

One last comment...The Navy has alternatives. Fire Department running into fires potentially saving lives do not. They are the heroes.

I reread some of the posts last night and see a few of you (who have no courage to give names) are acting like terrorists. And, I think you either do not have planes directly over your house all day, every 20-30 SECONDS. You will never see another side of the issue, and that is the problem with a lot of people. My family and my husband's family were fighting in WWII before you were born . . . putting their lives on the line . . . both in the North African campaign and on the USS Enterprise . . . for the freedoms we have in our country. Everyone is entitled to think their own way (short of being a terrorist, however). Rantings and ravings do no good.

07260167, 2015-10-24, 03:50PM CDT

Well, I experience airplanes coming over my house everyday all day and even at night, thats what you have to put up with when you live close to a airport, airplanes take off and land there.. Terrorists, really, you sound like one of the politicians running for office, if someone disagrees with you, you start calling them names, really lends credibility to your complaints.. Thanks to your and your husbands family for what they did in WW2, they were just like both of my parents and my wife father who went to war then. They understood duty, just like the young men and women that are going through flight training to serve this country so that people like you can exercise their first amendment rights to make complaints about their lack of judgement when they purchased property close to a military installation. You say the Navy has alternatives, so do you, if you don't like the way its done down south here, Deltas ready when you are! I suspect that you are the type that if you didn't have this to complain about would be out cruising the neighborhood to target home owners that you don't like the way they yard is or any little HOA infraction.. I'll bet you that the PA officers are running pools on how many times you'll call a week to complain.. As I stated, I was in the military, I understand the necessity for the military even if you don't and my loyalty will be to the military.

Lucy D., 2015-10-24, 07:03PM CDT

Whoa, you are a bad rep for our military. Everything you said was untrue. Over and out.

eb1f3693, 2015-10-24, 07:10PM CDT

Hey Lucy!!!!!! Great to see that you are literally still as much of a moronic lunatic as always! Haven't changed a bit in the past few months! I'm starting to think that you really hate the military seeing as you have previously bad mouthed my service and now continue to berate others for their military representation.

Also, per usual, all of your "FAA facts" are all incorrect and not even on the FAAs radar. Your contact is Nina McBride who is the area rep for lower Alabama and has to listen to you. Foley is one of hundreds of thounsands of small airports in residential areas and foley isn't going to be the one to change regulations. Especially when all aviators abide by the laws in lower Alabama- foley barin JKA Fairhope.

Glad to see you're still batshit crazy and completely delusional though!!!!

Lucy D., 2015-10-25, 07:39AM CDT

Colonel Kling and Corpus Cristie TRAW 5 will be receiving eb1f3693 and 07260167 comments. It is good your thoughts are in writing on this public forum. It helps the case. Notice you both remain anonymous ...that is really ironic that you are so "proud" but don't give your names.

252eab53, 2015-10-25, 09:42AM CDT

I was raised being told that one's choice of words was always a reflection of your upbringing and your intelligence - It would appear, eb1f3693, " Mr. Goober " has spoken again - Your statement that all the aviators are abiding by the law is a very one sided statement and clearly does not reflect upon the fact that planes are flying low over homes and that is clearly a problem and is only adding to the noise problems.

07260167, 2015-10-25, 03:16PM CDT

Oh come on Lucy, I was expecting a better come back than that. So I'm supposed to be afraid that your going to forward a couple of posts to commanding officers who has more to than to worry about some middle aged woman and the others on here that don't know the difference between 50 feet and 1500 feet and guess what just because you see a plane, doesn't mean its hovering over your house. Its pretty sad that you really believe that your that important that Navy officers would jeopardize their careers just to annoy you and even more sad that you really think that the Navy is going to close down a airfield for a dozen or so people especially after they've spent millions on new runways out there. And for you people that have bought homes in line with the runway, airplanes come down and land, so they aren't going to be high till the end of the runway, you bought it without thinking about it, so now you have to live with it.. Oh yeah, the FAA signed a 30 year agreement with the city of Foley to support the airport.. The airplanes are here to stay...

Lucy D., 2015-10-25, 03:19PM CDT

Thanks for the compliment . . . And, please, keep posting . . .

eb1f3693, 2015-10-25, 03:44PM CDT

Please do Lucy, with our budget cuts in the military, we could always use some free toilet paper. Your comments really only amount to being used as such- only problem is that it sucks to wipe shit with shit :|

ea91908e, 2015-12-10, 07:58AM CST

If you'll look as you drive past the sink hole, you can see the FAA, the CITY COUNCIL, and ALDOT all standing at the rim tossing in another $400K+. Interesting to note that according to our Governor, Alabama can't afford to buy toilet paper,yet ALDOT always seems to be able to scratch up a few $K to toss into the pit! Maybe this needs to be looked into?

07260167, 2015-12-11, 03:12PM CST

Hey Lucy, just heard that Jack Edward airport is going to be getting commercial airlines flying into GulF Shores in the near future, now you can look forward to see not just the Navy flying over your house, but now you'll get to see Delta and American airlines flying over you house..

Lucy D., 2015-12-12, 09:02AM CST

That is good, we fly those airlines all the time. You still don't know understand what the concern is with military training of T6s and helicopters. Thank goodness those with clout and power are listening (and learning).

Lucy D., 2015-12-12, 09:04AM CST

That is good, we fly those airlines all the time. You still don't know understand what the concern is with military training of T6s and helicopters. Thank goodness those with clout and power are listening (and learning).

Lucy D., 2015-12-12, 09:05AM CST

That is good, we fly those airlines all the time. You still don't know understand what the concern is with military training of T6s and helicopters. Thank goodness those with clout and power are listening (and learning).

eb1f3693, 2015-12-12, 11:43AM CST

Hey Lucy,

Just wanted to give you your monthly reminder, you're a dilusional idiot who is changing nothing!

Enjoy the quiet for the next few weeks while most are on Christmas leave, engines will be throttled back up soon in full force.

Lucy D., 2015-12-12, 12:12PM CST

Eb1f3693, who are you?

9b62be62, 2015-12-12, 03:56PM CST

WELL SAID *eb1f3693* !!! Merry Christmas to you and yours *eb1f3693* and can't wait for the New Year to usher in all the new possibilities for the Foley and Gulf Shores airports! The *sink hole,* as it was referred to in an earlier post, is looking MIGHTY FINE! The Taxiway is looking great!!! Kudos to the City of Foley, the FAA, ALDOT, and all those involved making this airport and community a great place! Most of all, thanks to all the pilots, both instructors and students, private pilots, and locals that make this wonderful Foley airport what it is! Keep up the good work and a note for the pilots that read this, look down once in awhile on approach and you may see some folks waving to you! :-)

And yes, Merry Christmas to all...

PS. Lucy I do apologize if *Merry Christmas* offends you... well, actually, no I don't...

eb1f3693, 2015-12-12, 04:45PM CST

Lucy, I am a pilot, who if you had your way would be put out of a job in this area and forced to move to a new location. Which would mean uprooting my children from their schools, selling my home, relocating to a new city, having to have my wife quit her job and find a new one, and most importantly have my rights stripped away by a lunatic with a decibel meter. Every thing you write is garbage and an attack on myself, my family, my career, the military as a whole, and the freedoms governing this country. I take you about as seriously as I do the "frost advisories" that periodically make their way into our forecasts. You are, in fact, a delusional clown with no sense of reality and a true distaste for this country and for what it stands. You are no patriot, get off your soap box made of the scraps that are your dreams of crushing aviation (military and civilian) in lower Alabama. That is who I am.

Merry Christmas 9b62

Lucy D., 2015-12-13, 07:21AM CST

After we read your post I was thinking, how awful people can be down here. Then we went to a Xmas party. We have met such wonderdul people over the years here and as I told a select few about you guys, a couple who have lived here all their lives apologized to us on your behalf. If you and your wife and children want to act like you do, go right ahead, it is a free country. But I suggest you and your family, who you have now brought into this, reread my posts and try to finally understand what my issue is. Until you, eb1f3693 and 9b62be62 do that, you should probably mind your own business because you are telling many lies and twisting everything. I thank God for the true Alabamians we have met here. It overrides all the hate that you may feel. Go to church now and listen to the sermon . . . I think it could help you as you head into,the new year.

ea91908e, 2015-12-16, 06:57AM CST

Maybe you should think more about your wife and kids. Go ahead and relocate. Otherwise, you may get too close to the edge of this sink hole and fall in! Think about it.

eb1f3693, 2015-12-16, 11:39AM CST

A couple who has lived here all their lives apologized to you for military training air traffic. What a touching story. Completely irrelevant and insignificant but touching none the less. Good old dilusional Lucy! You never bore me, you lonely little housewife.

Lucy D., 2015-12-16, 11:59AM CST

You don't understand, they apologized for your behavior, nothing to do with the planes.

Where do you live and what is your name?

252eab53, 2015-12-21, 02:34PM CST

My neighbor is buying a "Drone" for Christmas an that would seem to be a problem with how low the planes are flying over the houses - 500 feet is acceptable height for the drone this close to the airport?

Lucy D., 2015-12-21, 05:21PM CST

I am not positive, but I have read that drones should stay under 400 feet. I hope people have the sense to stay away from airports with these things, but who knows? That's all we need added to the aircraft activity around here.

Rain this week will keep us quiet in regard to T-6 touch and goes...only county I know of in AL that likes it when it rains! What a waste of living in a beach resort area. Good time to catch up on cleaning and reading I suppose.

Have a Merry Xmas!

eb1f3693, 2015-12-21, 06:17PM CST

Drone guy- legislation on drones is very gray right now. Currently the only legalities regulating them is that they are to avoid class a,b,c,d,e airspace. Around here we have primarily class e and g airports as well as e and g airspace. The dimensions of e and g airspace vary unlike that of b,c,d... Best rule of thumb is to stay a reasonable distance from the airport -3-5 miles and below 500 feet. NAS, PNS, BFM (class d), MOB are all class c... It is best to stay clear of those airspaces entirely

eb1f3693, 2015-12-21, 06:20PM CST

Lucy- provide me one good reason that you need my name and I will provide it to you.

I find it difficult to believe that you can't clean or read because of plane traffic. If so, you need to work on your mental acuity and focus. Secondly, foley is not a beach town. It is a beer stop on the way to the actual beach town. Lastly, how dare your neighbor who has lived here his entire life apologize for me without my consent. I do not apologize and I redact his irresponsible use of my apologies.

Lucy D., 2015-12-21, 06:37PM CST

eb1f3693, are you punking us?

eb1f3693, 2015-12-21, 08:18PM CST

Lucy, please elaborate, I am dying to know how you think that I am "punking" you.

07260167, 2015-12-25, 08:53AM CST

For you information Lucy, Baldwin county is mostly agriculture except along the beach area's. Yes the farmers love it when it rains and its a good thing for the area. Oh yeah for you info, the Navy has ceased most flying for the Christmas holidays and it will resume after the first of the year and they will have to make up for the 2 weeks that there wasn't any flying. Get your ear plugs ready.. I'm with eb1f3693, I don't need anyone to apologize for me so please don't think your neighbors speak for me, more than likely they said that just so you would quit complaining to them.. Your like most transplants here that come down from the north or left coast, if we don't think like you do, then we're wrong and have to be made to think like you do.. I doubt that will happen with Southerners..

Merry Christmas to all

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