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Product: FORD E-150


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My 2008 Ford E-150 transmission failed after only 27,000 miles. It is only 8 months past the 5 year power-train warranty of 60,000 miles. However, the mileage is so low that I was hoping that Ford would do something for this premature failure - like trade some time for the extremely low mileage. NO SUCH LUCK. The only luck I had was BAD LUCK in having bought the vehicle - make that any Ford. Cost to repair is $3,000+.

I have owned two other E-150's and have had two other transmissions fail.

I also own a Toyota Corolla and a Dodge Challenger - no transmission problems.

As a further example of poor Ford quality, the front coil springs on my wife's 1995 Taurus fell apart in many pieces right on my driveway. No wonder the imports have gained so much ground. Ford cannot continue to make inferior quality product and expect to recover some market share.

Here is the tramsmission TSB 13-4-23 (Technical Service Bulletin)

It seems to indicate that there are numerous failures of this type and includes all the following vehicles by Ford:


2008-2011 Crown Victoria

2008-2010 E-Series, F-150


2008-2011 Town Car

2008 Mark LT


2008-2011 Grand Marquis

One would think that Ford would be able to build a "FORD TOUGH" transmission "as advertised", especially after building vehicles for over 100 years.

The vehicles were never overloaded or driven hard.

I would like Ford to pay for the full repairs for this low mileage, rarely driven vehicle that appears to have a large number of premature failures.

I spoke to one transmission shop that said these Ford transmissions are prone to early failure "We have fixed tons of these trannies - especially when the taxi's were using them." "Now they use the Toyota Prius and rarely have to service their transmissions - because of the quality, they last and last and last....

They analyzed the guts of the transmission and determined that the rear bearing failed (due to inferior quality steel from a third world supplier perhaps?) That lead to catastrophic damage resulting in over $1,000 worth of parts.

Guess what? If Ford does not do something on this I will never buy a Ford product again - moving over to Toyota - who really makes "Built Toyota Tough".

Oh, and the turning radius on this vehicle is terrible compared to the prior years.

The vehicle was purchased here...

Marylin Irwin, Sales Consultant


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