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Posted on Monday, November 18th, 2013 at 11:24am CST by JEFF P.

Product: car loan, etitle loan

Company: Whetstone Partners (etitle loan)

Location: 382 NE 191st Street, #13502, Miami, FL 33179
MIAMI, FL, 33179, US

URL: www.etitleloan.com

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I got a car loan from this company because i needed money right away, so they give me $700 loan and they told me i will receive my receipt and other papers via email, when i received the documents,i couldn't believe it. they charge 400 for insurance on the loan and another 100 for something else in total i would have to pay them back about $2000 and they never said anything about those fees when i was talking to them. so i start paying the loan back until i couldnt make a payment and they came to get my car away, i had to pay them $400 and another $680 to the tow company to get my car back and i find a job so i start paying back the loan so i can get my title back last october my balance was $500 after all those payment i made, and i made a payment for 300 dallars so will have to pay 200 dollars to close the loan, last week they come get my car again after i paid them 300 dollars, when i called them they said the 300 dollars i paid in october was for fees and i didnt make a payment for october and to get my car back i will have to pay them 600 dollars plus what ever the amount the tow company will charge me. i need help


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marc k., 2013-11-19, 01:03PM CST

I have experienced the same issue. I have filed a report with both the State of Florida Dept. of Financial Regulations and Florida Attorney General's office. Both are looking into this case as there are numerous others who have been charged this Debt cancellation fee they fail to disclose while having you go through and electronically sign on an Ipad and say the documents will be emailed. Many ended up owing crazy fees on top of the principle balance.

JEFF P., 2013-11-19, 03:14PM CST

yes that is exactly what they do to me. people should stay away from this company, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY ( WHETSTONE PARTNERS) www.etitleloan.com

80f947cf, 2014-06-01, 10:14AM CDT

I have experienced similar very bad experiences with this company and when I tried to continue to refinance the loan I was told I had to buy 6 months auto insurance because in the State of Florida they are n longer able to write those exorbitant loans. Any news of a class action suite against them?

DOROTHY C., 2014-09-11, 12:59PM CDT

I borrowed one thousand dollars from e.title loan and they added six hundred dollars to my loan without my knowledge and when I contacted e.title loan asking why was I charged for an additional six hundred dollars and I was told to reread my e.contract that I signed.I have paid back the one thousand dollars that I burrowed and now struggling to pay them six hundred dollars presently. I reported my case to the Better Business Bureau but got no results...e.title loan refused to answer when they made contact the case has been closed so I'm stuck paying the money I don't want to loose my car.This title loan company is a rip off I will be happy once I pay them off...never again will I request another title loan.My advise to everyone interested in a title loan don't let them rush you to e.sign cause there are hidden charges you will have to pay.Read before you e.sign.

noemi c., 2014-10-14, 05:43PM CDT

I start business with this company etittle loan better know like Whetstone Partners two years ago ,at the beginning was ok, but after a medical emergency I was late on some payments but always try the best to made it. Every time I make payments is always a new fee. Today I call because two weeks ago supposed I made my last payment but my tittle is not here yet. Today they transfer me to legal department and a very rude ,cold and unprofessional person name Joe take my call and he don't give me any chance to ask nothing. He explain is more fees, but when I call before they give me a number and never is the same. Different people call you and everyone said a different number. I know I was late because I was unemployed but that don't give them the right to treat customers really rude and cold.I DONT RECOMENDED TO NOBODY, FEES NEVER END.

Joe M., 2015-08-31, 05:34PM CDT

And like ya'll I found myself in a situation where I needed very fast cash.

The vehicle in question loan amount was paid in full, and since I crashed the vehicle in May 2015, I cannot get funds from my insurance without copy of the title. I went to DMV today, and they still are showing as the lien holder.

I have since May, tried to get some sort of coherent response, and have gotten nowhere.


I also just a few minutes ago tried to e-mail them, and got back delivery failure from hotmail.

Now what?

7ae7d743, 2015-10-04, 10:22PM CDT

I too have been a victim . Why isn't the state regulatory agencies doing anything or attorney generals office ???????

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