YODEL - unreliable collections

Posted on Monday, November 18th, 2013 at 2:27pm CST by john c.

Company: YODEL

Location: UK

Category: Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

This is not the first time I have stayed in all day waiting for a booked collection from YODEL, they seem complacent about dates & times and I cannot ever reccommend them

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03b28825, 2013-11-22, 03:19AM CST

I too had the same issue with Yodel.

They failed to deliver an item when agreed so I re-arranged another delivery (taking a second day holiday) and they failed to deliver on this occasion and even though I called several times throughout the day and was assured delivery can be made any time that day and my parcel was definitely out, when I called at the end of the day they then had no record of me calling to re-arrange it. They then sent the parcel back to the sender.

I now refuse to buy from companies who use them.

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