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I had a problem with my computer updating so decided on trying for the 1st time a online company for a repair, little did I know it would turn into a nightmare.

I called FIXNOW.US and spoke to a women who did a scam of my computer, she started with OH NO you have a 3rd party inside you have them looking at your banking and that is why you can not update your computer. I was shocked and said what would be the next step. Here is where it all began.

She said FIXNOW.US would put a remote tech inside it a level 5 tech and he can fix it in an hour. So then the amount came in, she started at 299.99 I said no way then after talking back and forth it went down to 99.99. I was like what if he cant fix it she said he can and will with in an hour or no money would be taken.I THEN DUMMY ME GAVE HER MY DEBIT CARD. So he took over my computer and after seeing him for 2 days work on it or I should say ruin it, it crashed worse then it was.Lost all windows files, I brought it back with a F9. I called them and they said he went home, I took it to another REAL computer shop myself and had it fixed, it turned out to be one bad ram 4gb out of 16gb.

So then I noticed they took their 99.99 from me and would NOT call me back,I called my bank so they could stop the payment which they did, I did not allow them to take it.

The following day I started to get weird calls one after another from them TECH 780 who is the one who ruined my computer called me a Indian man who I spoke to for two days so knew his voice. This kept on happening then a women called me a few days ago and said is this ( ) me I said who is this knowing it was that FIXNOW again, started to say I had a virus and sending out bad e-mails 1000's. I am at this time so upset that a so called big company could do this after they ruined my computer even worse then it was to start. At this time it has stopped.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL HATE TO SEE OTHER'S RIPPED OFF LIKE I DID.THANK GOD BANKS CAN STOP PAYMENT OTHER WISE THEY WOULD HAVE TAKEN THEIR MONEY AND DID NOT FIX MY COMPUTER.My bank sent me a new debit card so they could not take more money from me. At the end my computer cost me another 109.00 for the true repair that was the bad ram module. I will never use another online repair for my computers even though I know not all are as bad as the FIXNOW was. Hoping this never happens to anyone else is why I came on here to inform others of this scam.


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Jared I., 2014-05-04, 05:07PM CDT

They tried to scam me yesterday.

I thought I contacted free Microsoft Tech Support to downgrade from Win 8 to Win 7.

I allowed their tech into my PC remotely. He loaded 26 programs into my PC, said I have over 1000 viruses and malware, and offered to fix it for $799. I immediately asked him to disconnect, he would not, and after the 4th request he finally disconnected.

I removed McAfee Anti Virus, deleted the 26 programs, loaded Norton 360, did a scan and removed all of their crap.


48119862, 2014-05-04, 09:43PM CDT


Sorry to hear they are still scamming other's, unclick the remote area which they can NOT get into your computer then. I did that after they harassed me over and over, so unprofessional. Hard to believe they are still in business! Loser company!

Nantz J., 2015-09-23, 01:15PM CDT

If this is the case then I recommend to once try PC/Laptop Support.

48119862, 2015-09-23, 07:32PM CDT

What a terrible company they are! That is so weird that is how I was connected with them through Microsoft Tech Support. Makes me wonder how they can get away with using that link.

I was not very nice when they harassed me on the phone, calling me not saying anything unknown numbers coming up. I got them to talk by saying something I knew they would reply to. :)

Good luck on your computer!

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