htc - htc one pixel malfunction,they dont accept hardware malfunction

Posted on Thursday, November 14th, 2013 at 10:57am CST by sukru o.

Product: htc

Company: htc

Location: TW

Category: Consumer Electronics

i've bought htc one with distributor insurance on 22.09.2013.i've noticed there were horizontal lines with 1-2 mm intervals all from top to the bottom.The firm ?stanbul Bilisim refused to change the phone ,they said it has been 35 days,we cannot give you a new one they said i should contact service,they would change the display.Since it was a hardware malfunction,i refused,and i contacted htc turkey ,the employee at the customer service called me on 14.11.2013(about one month after i first reached them) ,and while i was talking,i noticed she was not even listening.Before HTC,i used iphone,and i'm extremely dissappointed,i will sue the firm ,use my rights. But because of your customer service and paying no attention,i will use net/forums about my complaint as well as i can.HTC Turkey distributor is so uninterested after selling the product.


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