Hi Fi Sound Connections - Run From Hi Fi Sound Connection... They take your money, then lie and block your calls... Google the name and read!

Posted on Thursday, November 14th, 2013 at 11:43am CST by Darryl M.

Company: Hi Fi Sound Connections

Location: Piles of S**Tville

URL: hifisoundconnection.com

Category: Consumer Electronics

They lie, they lie and they lie again! Google them and read the complaints on alot of sites. Same stuff. they screw you, lie to delay you, then hang up and block your number. These people are SCUM and james and mark are lying peices of SH*T! I paid them $750 for 2 items. They called and left voicemail telling me the items were back ordered even though ad said they had them.And the ad is still up selling items they don't have and can't get!) I contacted them and told them I was assured I would have them within 10 days, that they were purchasing them from another store and they would have them in 3 days and forward them immediately. Never happened. I called and the man said they had the items in their possession and would be sending them to me wither that day or the next. Never happened.... After calling and being hung up on twice, I spoke to a lying dipshit named "james" who told me I needed to "forget about the lies, and stop focusing on the past." And hung up. I call the next day and ask for a manager... sit on hold and am hung up on. I call back, they put me on hold again, then hang up and block my number. This situation has put me in a position that is now costing me THOUSANDS of dollars and about to damage my career. Action SHALL be taken beyond writing reviews. ATTYS General in both states they function contacted. I may not be able to stop these pieces of human garbage totally, but I assure them I will see to it this costs them far more than just doing the right thing, and far more than its going to cost me! They think hiding behind phone blocking will save them... Also working with ebay because they violate teerms by taking ebay transactions off ebay. So if you encounter them on there, complain to ebay!


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