In-N-Out Burger - In-N-Out Burger is Corporate Bullying me!!

Posted on Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 at 10:52pm CST by Christine P.

Company: In-N-Out Burger

Location: 4199 Campus Drive 9th floor
IRVINE, CA, 92612, US

Category: Law, Civil Rights

In-N-Out Burger has resorted to corporate BULLYING!! I have been telling everyone my husbands story and what In-N-Out Burger has and is doing to him. I have ONLY stated TRUE facts. Facts that I can back up with emails, Governament/City agency letters and other paperwork. Im response In-N-Out Burger has had Attorney John Mark Jennings a Partner at Shulman Hudges & Bastian LLP. [email protected] send me a Cease & Desist Letter. The letter is THREATENING to sue me for "repeated, unwarrented, and unsolicited harrassing and defamatory communications and actions directed toward In-N-Out". How can I be doing any of that by telling people the TRUTH? They just don't want me to tell the truth anymore! I will continue telling the truth. A Cease & Desist means nothing when your telling the truth and have the PROOF!!!

I will NOT stand for corporate BULLYING!! I have said nothing that is not 100% TRUE! If In-N-Out Burger does not like what they read then they should address the problems and take responsibility for their negligence.


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