B& A Associates - Harrassing Phone calls from Process and Legal Department

Posted on Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 at 10:17pm CST by Melissa T.

Company: B& A Associates

Location: US

Category: Law, Civil Rights

On Oct.7, I recieved a voicemail, from a women saying that they were looking for a Shanita Smith and that they had fradulent activity done in her name and that she needed to contact them. But part of the email was a female voice and part was a automated voice.I made the mistake of calling back and a man answered and I told him that they called for the wrong person,( not thinking )the man asked me for a case number i told him i didnt have one, he asked for my phone number i gave it to him, he apologized and said he would take me off their list. A week later the same voicemail called back but this time from an OHIO number sayinge they had fradulent activity done in my name and that they needed my place of employment address and social security number. I got worried and spoke to a sheriff and he told me if they had a warrant or anything for me they would serve it themselves but not through phone calls. Its now been over a month and this person contunies to call my phone with the same message over and over but always different phone numbers from different states, when i try to call those numbers it tells me the mail box is full, then it says error message cannot be sent.I m so stressted out from these calls because now they are calling my parents home number,and leaving messages that they are gonna arrest me, if i dont give them my information. Ive already argued with a man that finally answered me and he refused to give me any info about his company, and that they work for a law office but refused to give me that info, i told them i contacted the sherriffs department he told me i had no right to do that and hung up on me. When I looked up the phone numbers , i found other people complaining about the same calls. What can i do? I want them to stop harrasing me.


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