Baby boy sumrall. - A ambulance ride for my son that has medicaid.

Posted on Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 at 10:07pm CST by 9990722c

Company: Baby boy sumrall.

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Hi my name is Becky Sumrall, my son was born premature and had to be transported in an ambulance. He has medicaid and I am getting a $800.00 bill. I have talked with people from the collection agency and have given them his medicaid number and they tell me that its not a valid number...yet it works just fine for everyone else. I do not have a job, therefor no income, so please tell me how I can pay that and why you cant get your stuff together. One of your workeds hung up on me one time also. I thought that to be real unprofessional. I hope there is a way to work this out..I dont need it on my credit but I honestly cant pay it. Thank you.


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