- Credit Card Fraud/Misrepresentation

Posted on Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 at 2:02am CST by Mary T.

Product: hotel reservation service


Location: 333 108th Ave. N.E. Ste 300

Category: Travel, Vacations

Was traveling and stopped at Pismo Beach, CA for the night. Saw two motels and wanted rates. I "googled" Hampton Inn on my Smart Phone and retrieved phone #855-901-0002. A lady answered and I asked if this was The Hampton Inn. She said "Yes, we represent All the hotels in the area.? I asked for rates, was quoted $99, I said it was too high and thank you. She was persistent and said she could find me a hotel with a better rate. She asked my price range and I told her around $69. She said she found a hotel for $72.69 with a 91% customer satisfaction and 4 star rating. She asked me for my credit card information in order to hold the room. I thought I would check-out the place. After she took my C.C. info, she recited their disclaimer, "blah, blah,NO REFUNDS....," I stopped her right there and said never mind. I don't do business this way and I do not authorize the charge. I am not going to pay for something I haven't seen. What if this place is a dump? She continued to assure me it was a 4 star hotel, etc. I said "No thank you!" Then she said it was too late. She had already ran my C.C. and was unable to reverse the charges. I asked to speak to someone who could. She transferred me to Alexander "S" who adamantly refused to give me his last name. He asked for a reference number but I never got one. Then he asked me for my phone number. I told him I never gave it to the lady. He said he needed the information in order to match the info in their system. I said she never asked me for my phone number. He said because of security reasons he wasn't able to assist me! What a bunch of Shish! What security? I checked the ratings for the hotel they booked for me. It has a 2.5 rating with a 27% customer satisfaction! I've disputed the charges with my bank and had to cancel my credit card to avoid being victimized again by this company.


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