Bright Now Dental, Lorain Ohio - Bright Now Dental Horrible Dentist Experience

Posted on Friday, November 8th, 2013 at 3:30pm CST by d729e096

Company: Bright Now Dental, Lorain Ohio

Location: US

Category: Health, Beauty

The service at Bright Now Dental at Leavitt Road, Lorain Ohio is deplorable. They have the longest wait times (30 min atleast to an hour), are overcrowded with patients and there seems to be a disconnect between the front reception staff and the hygienists/dentists at the back. I took my 7 year old son for his regular cleaning and was asked to wait outside while they took him in. They took an x-ray and recommended that four of his teeth be taken out because x-rays showed that new were teeth were growing underneath and since his baby teeth were capped it was advisable to take out the baby teeth to make room for the new teeth. I requested that not all be taken out at once-- however in his next visit when we went in, they were ready to knock him out and insisted that it would be ok to extract all four. I asked to see the x-ray report and they couldn't find it. I insisted that they do an x-ray again and the dentist replied that she wouldn't have enough time to do the extraction that day since she had other patients waiting. I still insisted that I was not going to allow an extraction until I saw the x-ray report myself. They took another x-ray and it turns out that there were no new teeth visible underneath his baby teeth in the new x-ray which meant that extraction was not necessary. In fact the dentist then went back on her word and said if an extraction was done, my son would've needed spacers so that his other teeth did not crowd into the gaps that would have been created. What a horrifying experience! I asked who did the previous recommendation based on what x-ray and they said that most likely the x-ray was not done properly. And here they were ready to extract 4 teeth out of a 7 year old's mouth due to incorrect diagnosis and a missing x-ray report. I usually do not write negative reviews but in this case I felt that other patients should be cautioned, particularly parents of children. They never apologized or followed up after that incident and I am not taking my son back there again!


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