Lease Corporation of America - **Never do business with Lease Corporation of America**

Posted on Friday, November 8th, 2013 at 1:00pm CST by Lease Corporation a.

Company: Lease Corporation of America

Location: 3150 Livernois Road, Suite 300
TROY, MI, 48083, US


Category: Business, Finances

This company is the lowest of low. In my opinion, they are scum and nothing more. They thrive on scams and suing people.

I did research on this company AFTER I used them which was a big mistake. My case seems to be the general reason that everyone complains about them for. Except for one difference........

In my case, I fought a judgement from them for approximately $1,200 for 6 years. Product didn't work from the beginning and my name on the contract was not my signature. In the end, they apparently won the judgement because they had my personal and business accounts garnished and locked down until I paid them their money that they asked. They locked down every single penny I owned until they got paid. After all was said and done, LCA turned the $1,200 into $4,600 for all of the legal fees. I was at their mercy, and had to pay them just to unlock my bank accounts. If you do a search on Lease Corporation of America complaints, you will see the truth. If I can help one person to make the decision to not use them, I will feel like I accomplished something here.

The worst part was the attorney they used (which I am going to post a complaint for as well) Rosenfeld Stein Batta, P.A. out of Aventura Fl.

They had the authority to place holds on all of my bank accounts over $4,600, but would not return my phone calls promptly to fix the situation. Ravi Batta is the individual attorney that handled my case, and it took him more than 2 days just to return my phone calls to accept my funds to lift the garnishment. It took overall an entire week for them to lift it. I had to go an entire week without access to money. I don't even want to get started on how many checks bounced because of this. Mr. Battas words to me were " whatever charges your bank gives you, is between you and your bank. Not us."

A scumbag attorney working for a scumbag company!


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