Juvesiio - unauthorised money transfer from bank account/stolen money

Posted on Thursday, November 7th, 2013 at 6:17pm CST by margaret e.

Company: Juvesiio

Location: riverside view thames lane wakefield wf1 5qw

Category: Health, Beauty

Entered an online survey, with a reward at the end of survey. Free gift from this company of a 'face serum' ?4.95 taken from my account in October, which should have been the end of contact with this company, alas to my horror on the 4th of November, without authorisation from myself 'Juvesiio' have stolen ?89.00, (I did not sign up for anything from this company) I have tried calling them, there is no answer although I am kept on their answer line for ever, they don't actually answer!(you are passed from an american lady on the phone-to an american male voice, I have e-mailed two of their departments-to no avail, no reply, I am apaulled that this company have not the decency to reply to my complaint. As I am a student and cannot afford this scamming behaviour, I am absolutely apaulled that they have stolen this money from me, and am now in the position of borrowing this money to enable me to get through the remainder of the month- 'JUVESIIO' are what we would call in Scotland 'ABSOLUTE THIEVING RAT-BAGS alias 'SCUM'

sorry to put it so bluntly. PLEASE STEER CLEAR OF COMPANIES LIKE THIS.

I have requested that the company refund my money.


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