Graves Satellite Systems - Graves Sat in Broken Arrow incredibly rude to customers!!!!

Posted on Thursday, November 7th, 2013 at 4:49pm CST by Richard P.

Product: Graves Satellite

Company: Graves Satellite Systems

Location: 2144 W. Albany St


Category: Consumer Electronics

I called this business on 11/07/13 to inquire about a product they had for sale. The man who answered the phone was incredibly rude and insulted me. I phoned Graves Satellite on 11/07/13 to inquire whether they had a Dish Network VIP211Z for sale. The man who answered the phone said he did and I asked him what the price was. He quoted me a price of $199. I asked him if he could double check the model number to make sure he was referring to the same model I was inquiring about. I told him I had seen this very same model online at Dish Network's website for $85 and thought that he might be quoting me a price for a different model. This man, representing Graves Satellite, at this point in the conversation, said to me, "Are you hard of hearing? I told you the price was $199". I then said to him, "I understand you probably sell products for a higher price, and I accept that, but the fact that you are quoting a price that is $114 higher than Dish Network's website price leads me to think you may be referring to a different model. I just don't believe you are selling this very same model for over twice the amount of any of your competitor's. Both Dish Network and Amazon are selling this very same model for $85." He then responded by saying, "For the 3rd time, I'm saying the price is $199. Are you hard of hearing?" Of course, I was quite taken aback and upset by this attitude and responded,"Well, certainly won't be coming to your store and buying anything from you nor will any of my friends, with your rude attitude". He then said, "I don't want your business or your friends' business, anyway". I responded with, "I can't believe you make a habit of this kind of behavior to potential customers. I was going to buy this product from you and I'm just wanting you to double check the model number to make sure you aren't mistaking it for a different one, but you are not even wanting to make a sale at all. I haven't been rude or vulgar or insulting in any way to you and after all I am the customer so is this how you treat your customers?" He then responded with, "I've told you the price of the item, now for a fifth time, that it's $199 and again asking you if you are hard of hearing?". I responded with, "I not only cannot believe you are selling this item for $114 more than anywhere else and obviously you are not concerned with the price difference,but that you are this rude and insulting to customers in your neighborhood. How do you do business with this type of behavior and treatment of potential customers?" I then hung up, very upset and frustrated. I feel this business cares nothing about their customers or the public in general.Not only is Graves Satellite rude to customers but I feel they are hiking up the price of their products unreasonably if not illegally, if this is any example.


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Business Reply  c37f0477, 2013-11-10, 04:51PM CST

This customer called and did ask the price of the vip211z receiver, he was told the price, and then he began to raise his voice and asked again, again we told him the price, we then began to explain the reason we charge what we charge and he would not listen, he just kept interrupting and getting louder and louder asking the price over and over, we then assumed the customer was hard of hearing, and asked if he was hard of hearing, At this point he was obviously offended and we let him blow off some steam when he was done we tried to explain the pricing again and he rudely hung up.

Here is the reason for our pricing. The majority of our customers that are interested in buying a vip211 is needing it for RV or tailgating purposes, the big RV dealers sale the older vip211k for $179 cash and carry out the door, at Graves Satellite we provide a service, we download and activate the receiver which is usually required if your using it on the Dish tailgater, that process takes about an hour, we then give the customer a do's and dont's, plus if the customer brings there tailgater dish in we will hook it up and confirm that it works and show them how to do that process, all for $199 plus tax. It cost a lot of money and overhead to operate this business and we try to provide a much better service than our competition or Amazon, and every customer until now appreciates our fantastic service. We truly thought this man was hard of hearing and after he blew off some steam we realized he was not, I just wish he would have let us explain the reasoning after we let him talk, but we did not get the chance before he rudely hung up. However we hold no grudges, and we whole heartedly apologize, and we will still honor the $199 price and go the extra mile if he is interested in our quality "go the extra mile" service.

Richard P., 2013-11-10, 07:56PM CST

Obviously this rep for Graves Satellite is desperate to cling to the dwindling business he is lucky to have. He is lying about my raising my voice and my asking him to repeat his price quote. Wouldn't anyone who had already seen this product online for a price $114 less, want to make sure he was referring to the right item? I asked him once to make sure this was the same item I was asking about, and he immediately responded with a rude, "Are you hard of hearing? I already told you it was $199!" As I said, I was taken aback by his rude and unprofessional behavior but I asked, calmly, how he arrived at that figure and instead of explaining it to me, he just kept repeating the same provocative and offensive phrase, "Are you hard of hearing?" Except he prefaced each repeated response with, "I'm asking you for the second time, the third time, the fifth, etc,..." Now, does that sound like a person who cares about his customers? Is that really a business you want in your community?

He explains that he was honestly wondering if I was hard of hearing. Is that something you ask to a customer over the phone? Just think about it, how would you react if someone said that to you, especially if you told him you did hear him and was only wanting to double check the product to make sure, I asked him this only once. Not the multiple times he relates here. As a matter of fact, I then asked how he arrived at his price, and he, instead of explaining all the bologna he now relates in his post here, said nothing in that regard, but only repeated, "For the ***** time, are you hard of hearing?" He didn't want to explain it to me. He just wanted to show how inarticulate and illiterate he was by saying to me, in his own way, "I've had a long day and you are the lucky one to receive my wrath!"

Regarding his explanation of how he arrives at a price that is over twice the amount of his competitors', do you really think a receiver that is $85 at Dish Network and Amazon, but sold by Graves Satellite for $199 is worth his "setting up, downloading software and guide"? I am not a genius, but I am a trucker who has had a satellite dish and receiver on my truck for 10 years. I don't even have the easy to set up Tailgater. I have a normal dish that you see on your roof. With that and pvc pipe and sat cable, I can find my local zip code, azimuth, elevation, point the dish to the satellite's locations, and download the software and guide in less than 10 minutes. Believe me, if I can do it...anyone can. Graves Satellite is ripping you off if you are buying from them. If he's charging $199 for just the receiver, can you imagine what he's charging for the satellite dish itself, or the cable needed? You can get the satellite dish online, just like mine, at Dish Network or Amazon for $67.95, and the needed cable at Walmart for $20 so that means you can get the dish, receiver and cable for $172.95, still $26.05 less than Graves is asking for the receiver alone!! I realize you have to install it at your house, which requires a professional, but you can get all this done by Dish Network, or DirecTV for that matter, for only a fraction of what Graves would be charging you.

Finally, ask yourself this: What agenda does the rep from Graves have and what is my agenda? That should tell you all you need to know. His agenda is to desperately save his business. So he has every reason to lie, cheat and steal,...your money. Sure, I know not every business does this, but look at the facts I have already listed here. He's already contradicting himself in his posting. He says he thought I was hard of hearing yet he says, though it is a lie, that I raised my voice. In his world, he thinks I can't hear him yet I can raise my voice in anger at hearing his price quote. I can't do both! How do I respond with raising my voice in anger if I can't hear him? On the other hand, I have no agenda, except to warn potential customers. After all, isn't that what this forum is for, to let each other know when you've had a bad experience with a business? I really don't live or die on the prospect of his business failing or prospering. I have no agenda.

I wouldn't say this if this was a onetime occurrence, but it's obvious by the rep's posted reply to my comment that he is a liar and by his comments anyone should be able to see that he is gouging his customers with outrageous prices for "going the extra mile". "Go the extra mile"? What a joke! If you pay him for all the stuff he does that you can DIY very easily or get the Satellite company to do for you, then after he has done this for you, check yourself thoroughly because you'll be missing an arm and a leg!!

Richard P., 2013-11-11, 09:28AM CST

Just to reiterate, regarding my complaint and my most recent posting on Graves Satellite, I DID ask the rep on the phone what the price was of this receiver once and then twice, but that's it. I DID NOT ask him repeatedly what the price was, past the second time. I did not ask him what the price was a third, fourth, or fifth time, as he relates in his lying diatribe. As a matter of fact, I only asked him the second time to quote his price because I couldn't believe he was referring to the same product I was referring to, since his price quote was so high. I simply did not think he would actually be charging that much for it. After that, I repeatedly asked him to tell me how he arrived at the price of $199, since it was so much higher than the $85 (actually today at Amazon the price is now $75, you can check for yourself-VIP 211Z Dish Network Satellite Receiver) that his competitors are charging the same product.

The larger issue here is not even the price differential on this product. It is the fact that this rep of Graves Satellite in Broken Arrow, OK is a perfect example of how customer service is continuing on a downhill slide and may never return to the days when local businesses actually cared about their customers, treating them with a pleasant attitude that exhibited respect for their them. Before I became an owner operator truck driver, I worked for 20 years as a bookkeeper and in customer service for a bank, and before that I worked in retail, so I know exactly what's it's like to have to be pleasant and respectful of people, no matter how bad a day you're having. I'm not saying you need to be submissive to your customers, but it does mean that you shouldn't treat your customers like they should be submissive to you. This rep, from Graves Satellite, has no idea what this means at all. I only hope that he is not the owner of his little store, but an employee, since that would be very sad indeed. My guess is that maybe the owner saw the complaint I made here and made the employee respond in order to salvage what damage has been done. Or, I could be wrong, and the owner could have been the one on the phone and the one who has posted his response here. Again, that is sad. To think that he could have said that he is sorry for the miscommunication (although there was none, he knew exactly what he was saying and how rude he was being), but instead decided that the best thing to do was to respond to my complaint with defensiveness, contradictions, and outright lying. Certainly this was not the way to respond to this.

I know you can believe me or him, but all I ask you is this: Look at the way he did respond and you'll see the disrespect he obviously has for his customers.

Richard P., 2013-11-11, 09:42AM CST

Incidentally, the original complaint I posted here, regarding Graves Satellite in Broken Arrow, OK is, word for word, the exact complaint I submitted to the Better Business Bureau as well. The case number is 38048183.

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