Frazier Farms - Frazier Farms Fraudualantly Sold Me Tolbunt Polish Chicks and Then Sent Me Candy Corn Chicks Instead!

Posted on Wednesday, November 6th, 2013 at 5:06pm CST by Kristina J.

Product: Frazier Farms in TN. Promised Tolbunt Polish but sent a different Breed!

Company: Frazier Farms

Location: BYBEE, TN, US


Category: Pets, Animals

I purchased Pure Tolbunt Polish from Frazier Farms in Bybee TN and received, not Tolbunts but Candy Corn Polish instead. The seller new full well what I wanted and what i was paying for and we even discussed other Tolbunt Breeders and their birds, so they new what I was paying for. Every email and even my check I sent them said I was buying Tolbunt Polish Chicks. Then I received my young chicks and was happy, but two weeks later when their feathers started growing out I could see they were not Tolbunt at all but a completely different bird. The seller relized she did something wrong and that shows by her taking the name Tolbunt off her FB page and adding Candy Corn to that and her classifieds. So she new she did me wrong but would not fix the issue with me or try to make it right. I asked to send the chicks back and get my money back since they were not what I was promised. She stated since I did not call her as soon as I got the chicks she would not do that... How can someone see the color on a 3 day old chick! I contacted her as soon as I noticed. She does not have Tolbunts at all but only has Candy Corn Polish and sold them as Tolbunts. Now that I am posting complaints everywhere she is changing her Wording to Candy Corn Tolbunts or just Candy Corn on her site and ads... Frazier Farms Scammed me out of $270! Make Sure you never buy birds from these people!!! Never know what you will really get!!!


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