Century Link - Terrible Customer Service, Breach of Contract

Posted on Wednesday, November 6th, 2013 at 11:40am CST by Zach P.

Product: Internet/TV service

Company: Century Link

Location: 930 15th Street
DENVER, CO, 80202, US

URL: www.centurylink.com

Category: Internet Services

After 12+ hours on the phone with Century Link, I am officially an advocate of doing anything and everything one can to stay away from Century Link. My first negative experience with Century Link began when I signed up for the service, and they somehow created accounts and billed me for two accounts at the same address for the next month (Not to mention the two modems they sent me, when I didn?t even want one). After many hours on the phone, speaking with many different people, I got the issue taken care of (somehow really difficult to do). I later added DIRECTV to my service, after getting a quote of $52 a month. I called back a few days after this quote and had it verified simply because of the experience I had with Century Link messing up my bill previously. I was quoted the same price, and was told to rest assured. I then received my bill at the end of the month, and big surprise, it was for $75. After many hours on the phone with incompetent and rude employees, letters to CEO?s, emails to higher ups, and tweets to the company, I managed to speak with the escalation department. After listening to the recording of my conversation with the employee, I was told it was a misquote, and there was nothing this multimillion-dollar company could do about it (somehow they were not able to pull my second conversation with another employee quoting the same price? weird). In other words, Century Link does not properly train their employees, keep their word, honor quotes, or care about breaching contract. I am thoroughly disgusted with my experience with Century Link and highly encourage anyone and everyone to stay as far away from Century Link as possible!


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