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Posted on Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 at 3:47pm CST by hanh n.

Product: activate sim card


Location: Spot Mobile 300 71st street suite 500 Miami Beach, Fl 33141
MIAMI, FL, 33141, US


Category: Telecommunications

i ordered a sim card of SpotMobile online 10/17/2013 11:19:44 pm. there were an unlimited talk, text& 250MB data (30 days plan) $29.99 and Spot mobile sim $9.99. fee shipping was $5.00, no fee tax, so total: $44.98

i received the package on 10/23/2013. around 2pm same day, i called 1 866 450 2353 to get help activate sim card with a port my old phone number. after read the sim card number, pin number, my old phone number, and my information, the lady there (i did not know her name)said my old phone number could be port and did activate the sim card for me. she said after 1- 24 hours i could use the sim card. i waited one week, nothing happened. i called again(around 2pm, 11/1/2013), one lady said my activation failed because i had a prepaid plan, so she could have me activate with new phone number. however the system program upgrade that time so she could be done, she asked me to wait few hours to redo. then i waited to around 8:40pm called again, a man picked up and tried redo the process for me but it had taken too long. i had no time to wait and i asked him to try activate the sim card for me, he said yes. i called again next morning, afternoon, and night, there was same answer it took so long could you wait or gave me the number i called you back. but no called at all. i tried activate online, but nothing happened. i called next day to ask same thing and request to talk to the manager, the guy said request took 24 hours, gave him number and they called me after 24hours, and no calls. they sole a bad sim card for me (the pin number till value), i cannot use it, but they do not fix the problem for me. i just call around and receive "can you wait, the process takes too long..." they have to response for their product, solve the problem. almost 2weeks to do the process, it is so wrong. the sim card no refund but it could not use. how they solve this problem?

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Business Reply  33efcfcc, 2013-11-10, 04:56PM CST

We apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, without any order information we are unable to investigate your complaint further at this time. Please note that we process many ports daily without any problems. Please contact Spot Mobile and request to speak to a Supervisor, a ticket will be assigned and you will be contacted promptly to resolve your inquiry.


Call Center Support - GS

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