Ray White Rockdale - Go elsewhere!

Posted on Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 at 10:42pm CDT by Mira M.

Product: Real estate

Company: Ray White Rockdale

Location: 2/8 Ashton St Rockdale

URL: http://www.raywhiterockdale.com.au

Category: Real Estate

I've signed up Ray White Rockdale to help me rent and sell my beautiful, recently renovated home that's been in my family for 30 years.

They had clear instructions to rent the house out to a professional couple without children. After showig my house to a number of applicants I would never approve, they found a 'professional couple with their own business and one child` which I did agree to rent my home to. The lease was taken out by the owner of G7 Star Corporate Limousines - [name removed]

Even though the house was in perfect condition, the couple regularly requested repairs that the property manager started calling me about. Just over two months into their tenancy, I found out that the husband bashed [name removed] and moved out of my house. She then felt entitled to stop paying me rent and I quickly fell into arrears with my mortgage payments. I also found out that the tenants had a history of domestic violence, two kids and a cat that I didn't give permission to live in my house. Not only that but apparently their large, extended family also lived in my home without my knowledge and permission.

This situation obviously suited Ray White sales staff who started processing buyers offering me up to $100K less than what we agreed to sell my property for, by way of 'trying to help me'. Even though eviction notices were issued to my tenant, no extra attempt was made to collect outstanding rent payment from her. Since she previously invited me to communicate directly with her, I went to see her at my property where she pushed me around and threatened to bash me. I filed assault charges against her and the police helped me to remove her from my house. Half way into the tenancy.

[name removed] left some of her rubbish at my property, left a devastated garden, helped herself to some of my items without my permission, damaged a door and left my beautiful home dirty and violated, with cat stench inside and out. Beautiful new carpets stained and dirty. Property manager's response: none of the above is true and the house is in immaculate state! Arrived at this conclusion by excluding me from the requested inspection and forming her own opinion! I've never seen my house look like this before. Was not able to claim stolen items from my insurance because the agent never noted them on the Incoming condition report. So much for their touted "attention to detail!"

Since I questioned their lack of professionalism in handling my tenant, the agent didn't bother to request the bond return, which [name removed] refused to release to me! Thanks to their 'service`, I had to contact Dept of Fair Trading and do this myself. In the meantime, I agreed to sell my property to this agent's buyer, at ca $70K less than the original price. The buyer had 'extraordinary' demands for things to be done to my property to proceed with the sale, all of them denied to them by my solicitor. They agreed to proceed with the sale and we are days from the settlement. Even though I had a written agreement with Ray White about not posting any of their signs on my property, this did not stop them from plastering their SOLD sign on my fence which I had to remove. Not only that but I noticed that Ray White staff and the buyer entered my property last week without my knowledge and permission and ripped back part of the carpet in the lounge room. They also tampered with the hot water system and the toilet in the laundry, both of which are now leaking.

I was so impressed by Ray White Rockdale's management and selling style that I took them to the Consumer Tribunal. Unfortunately, they were not in a position to compensate me for all the losses this agency cost me. All my neighbours witnessed the tenant dramas and Ray White Rockdale staff treatment of me and certainly won't be engaging their services. My complaint to their corporate office also fell on deaf ears as they didn't consider their Rockdale office doing anything wrong by me! I have now commenced legal action against this agent. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to join me class action.

I would never recommend any of the Ray White Rockdale staff to anyone. Save yourself the trouble their lack of professionalism will cost you and hire someone else!


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