Verizon - Verizon technicians caused power shortage

Posted on Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 at 11:23am CDT by Keith P.

Product: Internet Service

Company: Verizon

Location: PO Box 11328
FL, 33733, US


Category: Internet Services

Verizon technicians came to my home to install their equipment and my Verizon FIOS Internet service.

The technician installed the equipment incorrectly and as a result both my phone and Internet service were disconnected. When the technician returned to rectify the problem, he left the electric box, which is located outside the house, open and the next night it rained causing a power shortage which resulted in both my receiver and printer were damaged beyond repair.

I was promised that a supervisor would come out to investigate but one was ever sent.

Instead, a Verizon employee came for less than five minutes asked me to take a picture of the damaged equipment and then left.

I was then asked to contact the damage assessment group in another city who stated that they would investigate the matter. After almost two months I received a one paragraph letter stating that Verizon was not liable and if I wanted to pursue the matter further to go to small claims court.


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