Dish Network - Dish Network does not honor contract

Posted on Friday, November 1st, 2013 at 6:27pm CDT by Barbara B.

Company: Dish Network

Location: US


Category: Telecommunications

Dish Network contracted to provide us with our local channels, but for over a month we have not had our CBS affiliates. They blame the holding company, but they refuse to negotiate. They are doing this all over the southeast with both CBS and NBC. WE WANT OUR CHANNELS OR WE WON'T PAY AT ALL!!! I want to start a class action suit but don't know how.

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30746024, 2013-12-29, 10:00PM CST

For sure someone should get a class action lawsuit going on this. The entire northern CA region is being ripped off by this company as they are not letting people out of their contracts without early termination fees even though they are no longer providing the programs they customer signed up for and expected.

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