Start running - Take money but don't deliver

Posted on Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 at 1:08am CDT by Lee H.

Company: Start running



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Bought a pair of asics runners online.Total $205 including postage. They were very quick to process payment, within 2 day.Failed to deliver the runners.The companies phone number goes straight to message bank. I sent numerous emails but got no reply. Their Facebook page must of been doctored as you are unable to leave a review. I ended up lodging a complaint with the department of fair trading.


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a1f58a6b, 2014-02-07, 09:21PM CST

oh no, how did you get on? I'm in same position and now their website even says "down for maintenance"!!!!

Lee H., 2014-02-08, 03:12AM CST

I was lucky enough to get my money back via visa. I lodged a complaint with them and they found in my favour. The dept of fair trading were unable to contact the company and suggested legal action! If you paid via visa or PayPal lodge a complaint you may be lucky enough to get your money back. I am astounded that this company is still trading! Good luck.

a1f58a6b, 2014-02-09, 05:09PM CST

I have also reported to ACCC on "scamwatch" so hopefully others will not be caught!

a58d64c3, 2014-02-09, 07:30PM CST

I too have purchased a pair of Nike Flyknits 2 days ago and they emailed me saying they were out of stock the next day. They advised that they would like to offer another pair of shows at a discounted price to make up for the inconvenience and gave me a voucher code to use for my next purchase. I've sent them 3 emails demanding a refund and no reply yet.

I was skeptical ordering from the site but the fact that their explanation in relation to and ABN# convinced me. Should've followed to my intuition. I did an ABN look-up search 95 409 924 382 and it came up with "The trustee for The Boscawen Street Discretionary Trust" Wonder if that is fake as well? Since then their website has been down for maintenance it seems and yesterday it worked for about 5 minutes and now the website is gone again. Definitely won't be dealing with them again and will be ringing my bank to get my money back and report them for Fair Trading. Also found another website that looks really similar to theirs called All seems very suspicious and yells SCAM to me.

Lee H., 2014-02-10, 02:40AM CST

Oh my God, I just checked out start fit,completely similar to start running! Must of started up a new company to rip off more innocent people me thinks! I really hope fair trading catches up with them

Sharon W., 2014-02-16, 06:43PM CST

Hi Lee, yeah I know. I still haven't received a refund to date. I wrote in to the ACCC and Scamwatch. Also to the NSW Dept of Fair Trading. I'll have to try and get the money back through my credit card. I also wanted to make sure this business suffers and is not still trading. I came across a fraud report form on the NSW police force website. Was wondering if you've tried reporting this to the police to try and track this business owner down? I would like to submit a report but I suppose I need some back up of other victims that this business has scammed. Could you kindly email your details through to me at [email protected]? Perhaps together we might be able to bring this scam of a business to justice!

Business Reply  Alex, 2014-02-27, 05:44PM CST

Dear 'Lee H.' and 'Sharon W.' From We have contacted you Lee on previous occasions to clarify that your item was out of stock and we refunded your money via Visa, it was not 'returned' as you seem to be convinced, although your bank did contact our bank at a later date after the refund had already been processed on our end, which we verified. We have also asked you to contact our management with your grievances on many different occasions, via email, phone as well as your facebook account. The ongoing nature of your harassment is making us start to wonder if you are a competitor. To answer your questions - we are 'still trading' as we are a legitimate company, based in Sydney with a large clientele Australia wide. Our ABN is listed on our website, as is our phone number. If you are put through to the voicemail service please leave your details and we will call you back. Our website is periodically taken down for maintenance and stocktake and we update all these details when it happens on our facebook page. I am sorry if this happened at a time when you were trying to purchase a product. If you would like to speak to the manager you can email directly to [email protected] - Lee we have given you this email on numerous occasions. Please contact us if you have any problems as we will of course assist and again would like to reiterate that we are in no way a 'scam' company. All our details are on our website, we are based in Sydney and use the National Australia Bank as our business checkout system. This we of course could not access and use on our site without providing detailed information to the bank and having the support of Nab business banking. Please contact us if you have any issues with your orders to the email address above. We try to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours. Refunds take between 3-5 business days to appear and this depends upon the speed of your bank. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Alex Manager

Lee H., 2014-02-28, 02:38AM CST

I have never received ANY emails regarding the item being out of stock,nor did you refund me. I had to lodge a complaint with visa. The purchase went through in Oct last year and my refund was in december! I received my refund from them not your bank. I recieved an email from my bank to verfiy this.Also the dept of fair trading which I contacted last year when this happened were also unable to contact you! And last year on your Facebook page when comments were still able to be left there were quite a few negative comments by people that also had poor customer service and were still waiting to receive their shoes. No I am not a competitor just a very dissatisfied customer.

Business Reply  Alex, 2014-03-06, 03:10PM CST

HI Lee,

I have emailed you as recently as 5 weeks ago after your last complaint as well as posting requests to contact us on all the sites you have commented/left feedback on. We also tried to message you through facebook however you could not receive messages from non - friends. We had already processed your refund when we heard from your bank and passed along confirmation of this to them when they made contact. I am happy to forward you all these details if you would like copies of them. The department of fair trading has not been in contact with us (I will check our emails again though) however if you would like to contact them again and have them contact us - we would me more than happy to discuss anything you wish. It is not our aim to have dissatisfied customers and we do try to resolve any issues people may have. Please email me if you would like any clarification or to discuss this further to [email protected] We mail out hundreds of orders a month and at times things go wrong due to human error or other factors (postage issues etc) and we do try to remedy as soon as possible. I am sorry that your purchase with us was so distressing and obviously difficult. In terms of our facebook page we did not find it a very useful means of marketing (as many businesses dont) so have wound down our activity on it and as such encourage customers to contact us directly. We do still respond to peoples messages through Facebook, however no longer actively engage customers on it with weekly posts etc as it has been proven to be quite ineffective. I hope this helps to answer some of your questions and as I have said previously please feel free to contact me if you would like copies of bank correspondence or if you would like to discuss anything further. I am sincerely sorry you had such a negative experience with us. Kind regards Alex

fcb3f028, 2014-03-20, 04:42AM CDT

I am also having trouble with this company, am about to lodge a dispute through my credit card. Same story as everyone else START RUNNING looks like a scam. I have emailed 3 times, and called with no response. My shoes haven't shipped.

Steve T., 2014-04-06, 06:54PM CDT

Should be called Rubbish customer service. I was not advised of any out of stock when I made my order. EXPRESS delivery should be 2-5 business days. It took 12 business days (nearly 2.5 weeks!). Alex treated me like dirt when I tried to resolve an issue over lack of clarity on their ordering system. I had to badger them by phone after I did not receive replies to emails for 5 days. I am just relieved that I did receive the right delivery in the end but it was definitely NOT worth it. I thought I would save about $30 by buying from but it cost me way more after paying extra postage and return fees plus weeks and weeks of waiting and hassle.

Business Reply  Alex, 2014-04-09, 02:57PM CDT

Hi Steve T.

I am sorry you have found the experience shopping with us frustrating. As we explained by email we do use US sizing, as do all the other large chain stores in Australia (Athletes Foot, Rebel Sport, Footlocker, Pauls Warehouse etc etc) We also state on our website that we use US sizing. We did upgrade you to free express DHL shipping for the replacement pair in the new size you ordered, although as I explained we are unable to cover the cost of postage both ways when you ordered the incorrect size. We are trying to deliver shoes at a more reasonable price than the larger stores in Australia but in doing so our margins are small and we dont have the flexibility to offer free shipping when we are not at fault. I had hoped the free upgrade to DHL might have assisted in some way. Unfortunately when exchanges have to be made etc it does increase the time it will take to get your shoes in the long run, I guess it is a downside to not walking into a shop but the prices hopefully compensate for it. Again I am sorry your experience with us was a negative one. Kind regards Alex

Alex, 2014-04-06, 08:25PM CDT

HI fcb3f028,

Please contact me at [email protected] and I will assist, please send your order number or name etc and I will find out what the problem is,

Kind regards Alex

Steve T., 2014-04-09, 05:30PM CDT

Dear Alex, Thank you but I think you have not learnt anything from this feedback. Explaining by email is too late. It needs to be clearer in the ordering process in the first place. I ordered the right size from my (the customer) perspective (I did not consider myself at fault) and at no point in the ordering process is the use of US sizing explained. Your lesson from all complaints on this site should be: Empathise with the customer and understand their problem and make changes to fix the problem. Why can't you clarify the ordering process online? Why can't you reply to emails within 24 hours? Why can't you tell people when out of stock etc? Don't write explanations on this website or in emails to justify your actions. Fix the root cause.

fcb3f028, 2014-04-10, 03:41PM CDT

I originally posted on 20th of March, saying I was having issues. After two weeks of silence I got an automated email saying my shoes had shipping, I was still skeptical as they didn't provide a shipping number (like promised) and still no response to my 3 emails and phone calls. Then I got a personal email, still with no tracking number saying sorry for the delay and promising a tracking number the next working day. I never ever got a tracking number but in the end the shoes did show up about 3 week after payment and ordering, the DHL shipped from the USA.

While I ended up with my shoes in the end I would never buy from Start Running again, it's simply not worth the small saving. I thought being an Australian site it would be quick and easy but the communication was appalling and delivery super slow.

I was sure for 3 weeks I had been scammed, I even started procedures to claim my $$ back through VISA. It's all so dodgy I would simply not risk it again.

Business Reply  Alex, 2014-04-19, 03:57PM CDT

Dear fcb3f028,

Thanks for contacting me - my apologies I did not realise that you were the same poster as "Steve T". As I said in my previous reply our margin is quite small and we are unable to cover the cost of return shipping at present. We hope to be able to give a free shipping service within the the next 6 months. I will look into why you didnt receive your tracking number as this should be uploaded to your account on the website once the order is shipped. Again I am sorry that we were unable to cover your exchange shipping costs at this time. I will ensure we take all your feedback on for future and try to remedy the problems you discuss.

Kind regards Alex

rhonda m., 2014-04-15, 05:24PM CDT

Some one please contact me ASAP regarding my order received a tracking number yesterday saying was delivered to the wrong location I am know wondering if this is a dodgy set up as I have gone to log on to the website this morning and get the following:

Error 503 Service Unavailable

Service Unavailable

Guru Meditation:

XID: 1392533888


Varnish cache server

Business Reply  Alex, 2014-04-16, 03:17PM CDT

Dear Rhonda,

I hope that you received our email stating that our website was undergoing maintenance last night 15/4. We have emailed you re the delivery of your goods which is expected to be today. This site is in no way affiliated with us, if you would like to contact us please email us at [email protected]

Kind regards Alex

aea3d6c0, 2014-11-19, 03:12PM CST

We too have been scammed by start running. I Ordered a pair of asics on nov9 and same pattern .... money taken immediately and then silence. Many unanswered phone calls & ignored emails . After reading many alarming emails with exactly the same complaint we realized we were never going to see our shoes or money back. However fortunately we paid by paypal and they are onto it. Start ..... yours days of scamming are coming to an end.

ps. we wont fall for the same rubbish from"Alex" who says to ALL people complaining on many review sights ..."we have sent you emails" or" we have returned your calls" or better still (as she told us last week)....we posted your shoes 5 days ago" WHERE ARE THEY ????

Mike, 2014-12-17, 03:42AM CST

I was stupid enough not to do my homework on this company before ordering from them. I'm afraid that everything stated on this website by complainants is true. If you are reading this for the first time before making a purchase with them - DON'T BUY FROM THEM, THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY SO FAST AND GIVE YOU NOTHING BUT HEARTACHE.

I ordered my shoes at the beginning of this month after which it took a week of continued hassling to get them to even send me a shipping confirmation. Turns out this was worthless as all it amounted to was an email but no shoes. I don't know if I will ever see my shoes. Even if they do arrive one day i would not have chosen to buy from them if I had known that this was the way I would be treated.

They routinely ignore your voicemails and never respond to them. the email responses they provide are close to useless as they never actually answer your questions and make no attempt to actually re-assure you that you will ever see your shoes.

About to contact MasterCard and the ACCC to lodge complaints. Next stop Facebook and social media to warn people away from this kind of deception.

Business Reply  Alex s., 2014-12-24, 02:04PM CST

Dear 'aea3d6c0'and 'Mike'

Please contact us at [email protected] as we are unable to trace your orders via this forum or to distinguish your complaints from the 'fake' ones posted by our competitor in Queensland (yes 'competitor' we do know who you are, we however at this stage will not stoop to your level of online reputation attacks).

As we continue to tell our customers, we are a registered business with ASIC - 'The Australian securities and Investment Commission (all information accessible to the public if you contact ASIC we have our ABN listed on our website, we have a checkout system with the National Australia bank, all of these things make it impossible to act fraudulently within Australia. We are bound by Australian consumer law and have never left a customer without their money returned to them if it is a refund they wanted, or their shoes delivered. Please contact us if you have any issues with your order an we will sort it out for you. Thanks

ea2f2a5b, 2015-06-17, 11:04PM CDT

Do not buy anything from Start Running as they wont deliver or give you a refund. I checked - they aren't a registered company in either Aus or NZ. The address they give for AKL is a post office letting place. I have contacted Start Running by phone and email BUT get nothing other than "we'll look into it for you" - and never get back to you. Send it again - same response. ASk for a refund - do you really think they will refund!!!

I have forwarded the complaint to Fair Trading (unfortunately takes 2 months - but hey I can wait) and hopefully Fair Go will love the story.

Ben, 2015-08-14, 06:07PM CDT

Hi, Looks like I'm in the same boat, purchased some Brooks Beast, and heard nothing. The [email protected] address that has been mentioned in the business replies on this page goes nowhere. I chose start running because it looks legit, maybe i should have done more research

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