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Posted on Thursday, October 31st, 2013 at 4:51pm CDT by Berni H.

Product: precise Leads, Inc.

Company: Precise Leads, Inc.

Location: 227 West 29th Street 14th Floor NY, NY 10001
CYPRESS, TX, 77429, US


Category: Online Scams

Oct 10th I spoke to both Brant Megahey 614-468-9021 [email protected] and on 10-15-2013 Mike Hamilton at 866-532-3489 X 2272 [email protected] both assuring me that the product I wanted which was Home Owner Insurance leads in the zip codes that I am authorized to work in, were plentiful and that the purchase of $300 would assure me of receiving on the average of 3 leads a day in the areas that I wanted. The also assured me that they would also be able to send me auto leads for the same folks, for only $1.00 was all a lie - they do not have Home Owner Insurance Leads to sell. The sales force totally misrepresented their ability to provide leads for Home Owners and only sent me auto leads by persons that did not own homes, or only owned Mobile Homes. They stated over and over again, that there would not be any issue with receiving leads for Home Owners that wanted Insurance quotes, and that they would be able to provide on the average of 3 every day. I've received NONE!


As of Monday, November 4th, I've made an agreement with Precise Leads - they will return my deposit and set me up with a Bi-Monthly billing. They have corrected my account so that I will only receive the HomeOwner leads that I have requested. There will be a filter that says I do not want any Mobile Home leads, and that my leads will be Home Owners that are requesting quotes. If I receive anything other than that, I will send them through the credit process.


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