ATT - I wish to complain about the level of service at AT&T?it?s bad.

Posted on Wednesday, October 30th, 2013 at 2:54pm CDT by r brown

Product: AT&T wireless service

Company: ATT

Location: 175 E. Houston


Category: Telecommunications

I wish to complain about the level of service at AT&T?it?s bad.

My Blackberry 9900 (BB) was purchased in February 2013, so it?s currently under the one year warranty. October 19th I went to an ATT&T store in Napa CA to replace my malfunction BB , and was told to go to Device Support Center and they would be happy to help.

On Sunday October 20th I went to the ATT DSC store San Francisco, and was treated with what I can only call ?disdain?. I was given a battery to for malfunction BB and later sent a ?refurbished? BB that is not working. I took the first BB to the Market Street store on October 26th and informed the management a staff that the unit is NOT updating with my emails, calendar, etc., not syncing, and the apps are no longer being support by BB for many key functions. It was stated over and over again the same mantra about replacing my unit with the same unit ? Ad nauseam! This Market Street crowd would not even mail the refurbished phone back

At the same time this is happening I?m trying to remove myself from the family plan to my own plan and using my company discount. I was told to call a 800 331 0500 number to accept the transfer on Saturday and was shifted to an ?endless? prompt to push an series of numbers which lead to nowhere special. I pushed ?0? and was told that 800 number only work on the weekdays, which is not true, because it was not the right number. After many agonizing calls and hours dealing with ATT?s ?trained? staff (NOT) I got my number migrated to my number but I could NOT use my company discount which make little since to my brain. While on the phone to your equipment ?specialist? I begged and groveled for a different phone. Your specialist repeated ad nauseam the same policy dogma. After I repeated for the 8-10 time that this BB is not function with my work email, calendar, and apps just are not keeping up. But the worst part was my hour plus conversation with a (manager) in the south Florida area somewhere who said many things but none were helpful ? at all. The Manager would not allow me to talk to anyone above her? in fact she said there was no one above her to ?handle? my issues. She would not offer any workable solutions beyond ? I should go out and buy a phone and figure out how to get the SIM card to work.

Although there were a lot of other things that I could not possible put on this one-page note, I really want one source to deal with AT&T to handle my Mobil phone issues. NOT ten people for ten issues

I would like a different phone as a replacement. I would like my phone migrated without starting a new 2-year plan, I would like to use my company discount, and not pay a transfer fee. I would not like to be treated like an idiot by your staff



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