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Posted on Wednesday, October 30th, 2013 at 12:41pm CDT by linda a.

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So what are we going to do about Insurance companies. Doctors and Hospital that lie and cover up botch surgeries and deny proper medical review for those patients, I'm sure their are those in the medical system that know what I'm talking about. Like this one, (((( Robert W Robinson vs Cigna Health Care , Dr Gary Gartsman of the Fondren Orthopedic Group , The Texas Medical Board , Dr Angela McCain , Aetna Health Care , The Texas Insurance Board. ))) Now these people can still deny this all they want, just like they always have been denying it. But this one thing they can never do, is to prove Robert wrong by challenging Robert in public over his complaints. What is worse than cancer? Doctors and Hospitals and Insurance companies that will lie and

cover up medical mistakes. How sad it is to know that this sick way of thinking still goes on with are so called elite in

our health care system, the very one's that advertise how great and caring they are. It was Cigna that sent Robert to the Fondren Orthopedic Group in Houston Texas and it was you Cigna that allowed those doctors to dump Robert like trash and deny the proper medical care Robert needed after a very heinous botched surgery done to Robert by the hands of Dr Gary Gartsman, which this doctor to this very day along with certain agencies in Texas denies Robert the fair medical review of that surgery that left Robert with medical damage to his brachial plexus trunk, medical damage to his rotator cuff, a torn thoracic nerve that produced a winging shoulder blade that caused a patch of scleroderma to spend out that is effecting Robert's muscles and spine and not to forget the totally out of place shoulder and a abnormal cut to Robert's clavicle and the medical problems effecting Robert's neck because of the massive blow that was done to Robert's upper right extremity in surgery. All this because Robert was treated like a number and never was given a proper medical review of Robert's medical problems before the surgery that gave Dr Gary Gartsman no idea of what he was doing in surgery that caused the botched surgery that damaged Robert's body. After being dumped after surgery with no proper care Robert was left to deal with the pain and medical problems on his own and if that wasn't bad enough insult upon insult was given to Robert by the mouth of a Cigna Rep., Loresa Long that told Robert that Cigna and everyone involved will deny everything and Cigna and everyone involved did deny it and allowed it to be covered up along with certain agencies in Texas all these years and they would always ignore Robert's request for a fair medical review of the surgery and the medical damage that surgery caused. And Aetna was no better, Aetna Health Care allowed MRI films to be taken of Robert's extremities through a orthopedic doctor, Dr Henry Blum that Robert was denied the medical review of those films and Aetna would not help Robert get those MRI films for a review. And how in the world did the President of the Texas Medical Board come up with the only diagnose of Robert's problem being a sprain neck in a report that he gave Robert even after Robert paid to have Cat-Scan before that visit that show a lot more medical problems that was effecting Robert. And to this day nobody will address the shot Dr Angela McCain put into Robert's upper back in-order to try and hide the spreading of the scleroderma that was torn open in the botched surgery. This sick game that doctors and Insurance companies allow against patients with these type of problems really needs to come to a stop. Robert's medical review is way over due but still needs to take place, proper closure over medical disputes should always be the norm and nobody should ever give up the fight to see that it takes place no matter how long it's been, especially when damages accrue to a patient in a surgery. Problems do happen to some people in a surgery, some even fatal, but to take away a fair medical review and lie and cover up those medical mistake over botch surgeries is unacceptable and should be confronted at all levels. Dr Gary Gartsman of the Fondren Orthopedic Group people say that you are a supper doctor and other doctors follow you around, so here is a question for you supper doctor Gary Gartsman and the Texas Medical Board, in your medical opinions don't you think it's been long over due to see that a fair and proper closure takes place for Robert or are you really that cruel like you have been towards Robert all these years by denying Robert the closure he has been asking for or is that just how doctors normally act towards the ones they botch up in surgeries, please supper Dr Gary Gartsman you have no right to get mad at what I'm saying so get over it, because you were not the one that suffered with it all these years and you was not the one that was humiliated by being denied proper treatment and closure of this problem all these years and above all you are not the one that has to live with your mistakes that Robert has to live with. And this is for Cigna and Aetna Health Care why do you allow this sick ungodly thinking to go on in your health care system towards patients that go through botch surgeries and you Attorney's that defend this type of ungodly behavior of doctors and Insurance companies toward patients of botched surgeries just shows how really sick minded people you are and the type of Attorney's we should not allow in our legal system. What good is the Insurance Board or Medical Board if they can't police the health care system and put a end to this wicked evil behavior towards the innocent patients of botch surgeries. Healing can never really take place for patients with these type of unresolved problems until fair and proper closure of those problems can take place. Thank you for letting me post this, complaint.com , as this will be posted on many more blogs.


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