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Posted on Wednesday, October 30th, 2013 at 12:26pm CDT by k Q.

Product: Internet

Company: Verizon Wireless

Location: US


Category: Internet Services

October 30, 2013

Because of my husbands work discounts (17%) Verizon offered me home phone and Internet service. I was happy with the service I had from Time Warner but was assured Verizon could save me money on my monthly bill. I was told that with the basic usage my household uses there is no way we could ever use more then 10GB of data a month. We do not watch TV or Movies or ?Stream Videos? on-line and we do not use the data for a home business. We use basic data to search the Internet, shop and check email and news. We are a 2-person WiFi household; we own a desk computer, laptop computer, 2-ipads and 2-iphones. We work full time and are away from home most of the day. Verizon installed my new Internet service on 2/29/2013.

I was under the impression I would receive 1 Bill a month and was paying it as scheduled. On 10/25/13 I started receiving recorded calls from Verizon saying my bill was past due by $745.00. I was certain it had to be an error because I had just paid my bill. I called Verizon to check further and to alert them of this error. I learned my Internet was being billed on a separate invoice and I owed this money in over use data charges. I disputed this with the Customer Service Rep. but she assured me it was correct. . They said there was nothing they could do about this that the usage was correct and I needed to pay the bill.

I then went to the local Verizon store where I had set up the services and I spoke to the manager on duty and explained the situation. I told him I wanted all the overages credited and I would pay only the agreed upon charges of $83.43 per month. He told me he would need to research this with the Store Director and Salesperson. Later that evening I received a call from the Robert Garcia, the Salesperson telling me that he looked at my bill, it is what it is, and I owed the money. He blamed me for not informing him of all my Internet usage the day he signed me up. Why would I not tell him? Why would I change from Time Warner that I was paying $89.00 per month to Verizon if I was not insured of a (17%) savings! I WAS MIS-LEAD. He was only interested in making a sale.

This is the second time that Verizon has miss-lead me, or not told me the hidden truths - Shame on me for letting this happen a second time. Because I have had to try to deal with this company in the past I know that there Customer Service is far from accommodating. I do not have the time to wait to try to resolve this issue with Verizon. Rather than wasting my time and occurring further charges I have notified the FCC and PUC to see if they can assist me. I would like all over data charges removed from my bill and I would like to break all contracts with this company (including my cell phone) without any early termination fees so I can take my business to a more reputable company who will not mislead me. I am willing to pay Verizon only the $83.43 per month quoted to me on 9/20/2013 by Robert Garcia and break all ties with Verizon.


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