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Posted on Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 at 1:59pm CDT by Edward G.

Product: Fake Warranties

Company: W3 Solutions, The Walker Group

Location: PO Box 91880 West Vancouver, BC, V7T 1C3

URL: http://www.thew3solution.com/

Category: Online Scams

In April of 2011, I bought a Samsung 3D TV which came with 3D glasses and also purchased extended warranty for the TV. The glasses became defective and I have made a claim under the extended warranty but this company has been making all kinds of excuses not to honour the warranty by claiming that the glasses are not covered. I have spoken to Samsung about it and they said the warranty on the TV covers the glasses because they were purchased together and if it had become defective during the time that Samsung's warranty was in effect they would have replaced the glasses, I told W3 solutions to call Samsung to confirm that but they are still refusing to honour the warranty.

It seems as though this company's extended warranty is not worth the paper it's printed on.

I dealt with Jeremy Toms and Chantal P.

The company also goes by the name, The Walker Group and other aliases.

They are telling me that if the TV was defective they would honour the warranty but I have reasons to doubt that because there are complaints all over the internet about this company refusing to honour their warranties such as this one:


Hi Everyone,

I purchased a Toshiba 44" DLP television in 2007 from A&B Sound with the TV I also bought the extended warranty.

7 Months ago the TV broke as one of the circuit boards got messed up. After speaking with the extended warranty people they informed me to take it to a specific repair shop. It was at the repair shop for 6 months and it was determined this part could not be ordered from anywhere as they aren't made anymore.

I spoke with the warranty people again who informed me to send in the documentation showing they could not find the part and they would reimburse me for the TV. I have sent them in a copy of the letter from the repair shop and received back a letter that states:

"Unfortunately, your claim cannot be processed because parts are no longer available. As per the terms and conditions of your policy, we are not responsibile for our inability to repair the coverage."

Now my agreement clearly states that if the TV cannot be repaired in 60 days or a part cannot be found they will replace the tv with one of comparable features. No where in the extended warranty documentation does it state they may change the terms of the agreement with or without notice. Additionally during the process of the claim they sent me a letter showing "Aggregate limit of liability: $1499.99".

Has anyone else had this sort of problem and found anyway to make them stand up to the agreement? Any advice would be appreciated.



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