- Not allowed to stay, but charged anyway.

Posted on Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 at 2:35am CDT by Delores K.

Product: Hotel and Booking agent


Location: US

Category: Hotels

I would provide ZERO stars if I could. They LIE on their webpage to begin with. I had to pay EXTRA pet fees at all hotels I booked with them. The "fancy" Boise Hotel and Convention Center really made out!

The Boise Hotel & Convention Center stated they did not know I had a cat, and wanted an extra $20.00 above the $91.80 I prepaid with through OFFICIAL PET HOTELS ! Then the desk clerk refused to take the extra money: I had to write a check and told them I prepaid with someone else's card. They did not care. "Sorry, we don't take checks" was all the hotel had to say.

I was not ALLOWED to stay with my cat, because I couldn't pay the extra $20.00 that OPH's website said was not needed. "No Additional Pet Fees". Interesting thing is that there was a convention there that night. Boise most likely was paid TWICE for the same room! I tried to contact but their form would never send. So, my bank tried to tell them what happened, but they took the $92.81 anyway with the excuse "you did not cancel ahead of time" and refused to refund me.

I was moving across the country. I failed to investigate their company on the road (my fault), but I was TIRED and the Internet was spotty at best in the mountains ! AND how was to know Boise Hotel & Convention Center would refuse to allow me and my cat to check in!


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