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Posted on Sunday, October 27th, 2013 at 10:07pm CDT by Brandon J.

Company: Relocation Solution

Location: US

Category: Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

Relocation Solution in Fair Lawn, NJ is a moving company that we ended up using during our moving from our apartment back to our home while it was being rebuilt after the damage from Hurricane Sandy.

As if having our house destroyed from Super storm Sandy wasn't bad enough, we had a disaster of a time working with the Relocation Solution moving team and the salesperson and contact back at the company headquarters.

We actually had so many problems with this moving company that we have made a full list for you below. The last thing we want is for anyone else to suffer from the rude and horrible experience we had.

Relocation Solution was late...

It's always a bad sign when your movers are an hour late. Moving is always a rough experience and having movers that are late is just another stress that you shouldn't have to deal with.

Relocation Solution has a ton of hidden fees...

We got one quote from the RS sales team, then when the movers came they had another 10 pages of documents for us to review and sign. This included additional costs for blankets, tape, packaging materials and more.

Relocation Solution movers take a break while working...

I don't mind paying a moving company for transportation and actually "moving" my materials, but for them to take a 10-15 min break at a gas stop (not getting gas) while on my dollar... this isn't cool at all. I was there and watching them the whole time!

Relocation Solution movers started yelling in our face...

The moving team was very unprofessional and at one point they started getting in our face and yelling at us. Extremely unprofessional and I wasn't sure how much this was going to escalate! Not a good situation for customers at all.

Relocation Solution workers lied and provided no help...

Again, when I tried to contact my sales person at Relocation Solution HQ they just kept lying to me and giving broken promises. I was supposed to get a call back from their owner, but I never got back a call. Nothing was provided from RS except a horrible experience I will never forget.

It would be one thing if we only had a couple problems with this moving company, but it was quite the list of problems and a bad experience I will never forget.

The next time you need a moving company, make sure you never consider using Relocation Solution in Fair Lawn, NJ.


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