Ganley Nissan - Very shady downpayment service

Posted on Sunday, October 27th, 2013 at 7:47pm CDT by charles s.

Product: Downpayment Refund

Company: Ganley Nissan

Location: 6060 mayfield rd. mayfield heights ohio 44124


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

On Oct 14 i put money down on a car to get for my son and i had to go to my credit union to get financing. It didn't work out so ganley Nissan called me about it and i said i cannot do it and send my money back. they said no and send the receipt to them. I will not send a 500 dollar receipt in the mail. so on sat Oct 26 i drove up there and had to talk to the general manager. I explained the situation and said i wanted my down payment back that i paid in cash. they said no. I asked why and they said they didn't have the money there ...lets see a open car business a cashier and no money to refund people yet they probably been taking in down payments all day maybe? fishy to me any way i said well i want a check by Tuesday and he started to get mad.

I stated i will not do business with them anymore and i will post my review on the internet. He said and i quote "don't threaten me or the company" i said i was going to write a review which is my right a complaint. he then said and i quote "i probably cant follow directions with mailing in the receipt which i said was assured and he said i probably didn't follow directions my whole life" Then he threatened me with exposing my whole credit information to the internet and my score and threatened me with getting sued. Then he looked right at me and i quote said " you probably cant afford a attorney any how can you" Now i count that slander twice and a threat from this general manager.

He made a copy of the receipt and i took the original and i got up and left. This is very unprofessional of a company to use slander and threaten a customer on something they owe me. They knew i wasn't getting the car and knew i was coming for the money yet they cant do it. Some advice for the owners of this dealership if your open for business you should also in faith return the money from the customer you take in on faith. Stay away from this company!


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Business Reply  517463db, 2013-11-10, 05:34PM CST

The complaining party has quite an imagination. We are probably one of the most giving and professional organizations I know of. The scenario was a simple one. The complaining party had advised his salesman that he would be mailing in his receipt (or copy there of) for a refund check. We had no idea he was to come in on Saturday or we would have cheerfully been prepared with his refund. It is very unfortunate the way he has chosen to air his issues. Clearly, we would never post let alone threaten to post ones private information. The complaining party will have his refund mailed today! We are sorry that he was unable to purchase a vehicle from us! Respectfully submitted, Ian W. Freiberg, General Manager.

Robert Allyn L., 2013-10-29, 02:59PM CDT

I work for a Dealer, but not this Dealer.

1st Down Payments are generally not refundable.

2nd Every business has rules on how to proccess a refund, you didn't want to follow them, MY opinion: To bad, no refund.


3rd You went to the Dealer and demanded a cash refund of $500.00 on what is probably a $200.00 float. Since 99.5% of people don't pay down payments in cash it is incredibly unlikely that the till had enough ready Dollars.

4th Then you got in the General Managers face about a Cheque by a certain date and threatened him, most likely yelling ranting and generally being a jerk, at this point he should have run you off and told you to File a Lawsuit. This is what I would have done.

Then and only then did he do something wrong. "Threats only lower us to the level of our opponent and sully our reputation" a quote from my Boss when I was having a bad day.

I wonder if the Dealer in this case has a black list agreement with the other Dealers in the area. I bet you are going to find out :0

charles s., 2013-10-29, 09:00PM CDT

First if you read the complaint I wrote it said I put money down to hold the car so I can get financing from my bank. That money reguardless is 100% refunable. Next I didn't storm into his office or even yelled. I just find it amazing major dealerships are open and can collect money from customers but cant refund money. Next I told them 1 week in advance I wasn't getting the car so why not get my money ready?

After this point I was entitled to my refund like I described, sorry but when dealers don't respect the customer then they are not worthy to even be in business. As far as the black list goes, Fine with me I rather buy KIA anyhow and I am in good with Kia you can keep your Japanese and American junk.

charles s., 2013-10-29, 09:32PM CDT

UPDATE: I finally received my 500 dollar check,

official sheet

money down to hold vehicle oct 14 at 8 pm 500 dollars cash

told not getting vehicle oct 18 at 10:30 am

got refund oct 29 as a check 500 dollars

it told them 2 weeks 1 day from start to finish and 11 days to get my refund

that is 100% unacceptable in my opinion

and now we know of a black list? really

People stop buying from dealers who rip you off and buy direct from the auto maker

I did with my 2 kias and am glad!


charles s., 2013-11-12, 08:30PM CST

This business has the imagination if they think they can pull a fast one over on consumers. First if you look at the date of the post he is alittle late for the check was mailed a couple weeks back. Second this business had insulted me and sated they would and can publish my information on the internet if I posted a review of the company. That is a direct quote from the general mamnager. He also called me stupid and poor basicly from the following quotes. This is direct quotes from the general manager in his office " We could take you to court and take everything you have and I bet you cant even afford an attorney" meaning im poor? And this quote You cant even follow simple directions you probably haven't your whole life" Meaning im stupid?

Don't believe this business at all they say they are professional not at all, they are in my opinion liar and not honest. they wanted me to mail an official 500 receipt to them in the mail I said no and I didn't want the car what don't they understand?

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