www.netgear.com - Non-Support of Wireless Router Product

Posted on Thursday, October 24th, 2013 at 1:10pm CDT by Jerry P.

Product: Netgear Wireless Router WNDR3700

Company: www.netgear.com

Location: unknown

URL: support.netgear.com

Category: Consumer Electronics

I purchased Netgear's Wireless Router WNDR3700 on 11/18/11 from Newgg.com. I was busy most all of 2012 trying to remotely manage my dying mother's affairs and finally went to her home the 1st of November 2012 to take charge in person. I was gone until three weeks ago so the router was off for almost one year. When I turned it back on it would not work, all signs of wireless communication was gone. I had Internet on my one wired desktop PC but couldn't use my laptops or other desktop PCs due to wireless failure. Netgear has tech support that is no better than a numbskull off the street. They try to sell you a premium tech support package which I wouldn't pay for. Otherwise, their so-called free support must be done by email internally on their website. They never answered a one of my 3 emails left on their website. They do not intend to support their product unless you pay for tech support. I got less than one year of use out of their product. I just threw the router it in my Goodwill pile and purchased a new Asus RT-N16 Wireless Router. It works perfect right out of the box. They will get nothing but badmouthing from me from now on. I build lots of computers for friends and have a position with a 678-member senior club. None of my members will ever purchase a junky Netgear Router if I can help it.


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