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Posted on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 at 3:32pm CDT by Diana O.

Product: 2435 Bordeaux Set

Company: Belleza Jewerly Online

Location: 2445 Poppywood Rd


Category: Jewelry, Watches

On Sept 16,2013 my boyfriend bought a deal from "DEAL CHICKEN" It is a bracelet earring set and our anniversary was on Oct 6. The ad from BELLEZA JEWERLY stated 2 to 3 weeks for shipping!So he figure will be here on or about Oct 6. NOT! He email the company on that day and got a very apologizing email stating got more orders than anticipating but that the order had been given "PRIORITY"..still no order. Email the company "DEAL CHICKEN" the company he paid for the Belleza Jewerly order on Oct 17th and them also. I got an email from "Deal Chicken" on Oct 18 stating I had to contact the company direct. I also got an email from "Belleza Jewerly" on Oct 19th with a USPS tracking# 9400111899560549720336 . Today I check the USPS website and it shows nothing has been shipped. I also google the address and is a home, I understand starting a business from home, But I don't expect that people been taking by anybody. The cost was $24.00 so I'm just trying to figure out how many $24.00 orders people place with this company!!


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Tamara S., 2013-12-05, 04:08PM CST

I understand your frustration of feeling taken by a company such as this. I liked them on Facebook and commented 2months after the purchase as to when they planned on shipping. The marked me as a spam which I find rude as all I asked was when they were planning on shipping. Noticed a lot of complaints on the Facebook. Deal chicken is who I went through too. Will not do that again.

be922ea9, 2013-12-11, 08:53PM CST

on november 5th i order a breast cancer awareness bracelet, from deal chicken. as of today I haven't received it, although it was added to my credit card.very upset I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ITEM.

Mycena D., 2013-12-10, 04:25PM CST

I am so glad to see that someone else had problems with BELLEZA JEWELRY. The court is still out on Deal Chicken at least they have been communicating with me . I wait THREE MONTHS for a bracelet,earring and necklace set. It was so beautiful ! So I order (in September) threw Deal Chicken and the problems started. After a month I check on my order and they said they had a lot of orders and ran out of their supplies. I understood that. One month later I email them to just check on the progress. It's in the mail now it's November. December 1st no word. Deal Chicken steps told the same think in the mail. It finally comes I think the middle of December and it looks like crap !!! Nothing line the picture Deal Chicken had. My dear friend say it okay. But I feel betrayed by Belleza and Deal Chicken.

Diana O., 2013-12-10, 06:13PM CST

I knew there had to be more people like me and my boyfriend. They get their money as soon as Deal Chicken gets it. So they had no care or concern for us the customer!Then Deal Chicken tells you cause is direct shipping you need to contact them?

Diana O., 2013-12-12, 12:52PM CST

If you use your credit card, you have 59 days from the day the charge was posted to your bank account or credit card statement to dispute this charge. I used to work for a bank and did chargebacks!! Don't worry what DEAL CHICKEN tells you on their website! We have rights under the VISA and MASTERCARD rules and regulations and also banks under the REG Z rules. I'm glad I found this website and I'm sure more people wil be posting their stuff with Belleza Jewerly!

61eb5ba1, 2013-12-18, 08:17AM CST

I can join the crowd as one who purchased a bracelet from. Belleza Jewelry thru Deal Chicken on Oct. 19, 2013 and have not received it yet.

bf0604fe, 2013-12-18, 12:01PM CST

I had the same issues (product not received for an extended period of time and no way to contact company). I finally had no choice but to contact the Better Business Bureau after weeks of trying to contact the company via email, phone, and their online chat with NO response. After the BBB contacted the company my items were shipped. This company has no business being in business. Horrible customer service and no concern for anyone but themselves. Will NEVER do business with them again.

bf0604fe, 2013-12-18, 12:05PM CST

And to add... I did not use Deal Chicken, I used another company Moolala and had the same issues. The issues are NOT with the voucher company.. the issues are totally with Belleza Jewelry.

6d753d65, 2013-12-26, 07:23PM CST

I ordered on 11/14/13 and still have not received my product. They will not respond by phone or email. They lied about shipping my ordered out and now will not allow negative comments posted on their facebook as there were so many customers not getting their orders. I would not order from this company at all. Something is very wrong.

1cd935a3, 2013-12-28, 01:11PM CST

I ordered with Belleza September 9th and did not receive the product until the 1st or 2nd week in December (3 months). They did answer every email I sent them which did make me feel a bit better because if they were trying to rip you off I wouldn't have thought they would email back. When I received the merchandise it was beautiful! I don't know as a start up if they just over-promised and couldn't deliver.

jeff Y., 2014-01-07, 09:26PM CST

I too ordered the breast cancer awareness bracelet and have not recieved it since october 29 Is there any thing new on the where abouts of it?

DONALD J., 2014-01-13, 04:51PM CST

I ordered a breast cancer awareness bracelet from Belleza Jewlry thru Chicken Deal on 10/13/2013 and was told that it would take 2-3 weeks for delivery. Still on 1/13/2014 I have not received it. Now I cannot reach Belleza Jewlry by phone and Teresa does not respond to my e mails.

fdd1f582, 2014-01-14, 04:11PM CST

I too ordered the breast cancer awareness bracelet on october 15 2013! still have not received a thing. no email, no call, nothing! and you cant reach one person to talk to !!!

Son R., 2014-01-14, 05:31PM CST

I also never received my order, was told it shipped but it never did. 5 months now. Being told to submit for refund through my credit card? Yet they are still in business and sending out promotionals? How are they allowed to stay open for business while ripping so many people off

f62c205b, 2014-02-06, 08:28AM CST

I also have been waiting for an order that I placed in November...the phone # is no longer in service and emails are never responded to...I do still get an email with offers STILL???? Whats up with that...I have obviously been scammed but to continue sending me offers in an email?????

Mycena D., 2014-02-06, 08:44AM CST

So we continue to complaint about Belleza Jewelry but can anything else be done to protect others from losing their money ? Has Chicken Deal stopped advertising for them ?

Nancy L., 2014-03-01, 08:19PM CST

On November 5, 2013 I ordered a bracelet from Belleeza through Daily Deals for a Christmas gift and have still not received it. They ignored my e-mails for weeks, now say somebody is holding money we have paid and they are having trouble filling these orders. If anyone knows of action that can be taken against them I would like the info.

Tamara S., 2014-03-01, 10:52PM CST

Do better business bureau in Tennessee. You will get your item though it was of bad quality. Took over 4 1/2 months. They are not nice either will blame consumer who actually paid for the item. Hope that helps.

Tamara S., 2014-03-01, 10:53PM CST

Do better business bureau in Tennessee. You will get your item though it was of bad quality. Took over 4 1/2 months. They are not nice either will blame consumer who actually paid for the item. Hope that helps.

Tamara S., 2014-03-01, 10:54PM CST

Do better business bureau in Tennessee. You will get your item though it was of bad quality. Took over 4 1/2 months. They are not nice either will blame consumer who actually paid for the item. Hope that helps.

Nancy L., 2014-03-02, 09:25AM CST

Thank you Tamara S. I did

BBB yesterday. I did not know there was a complaint site on-line. Will certainly look at this site often! I think I will look into filing a complaint with the attorney general for Tennessee also. I don't understand how a business can be allowed to operate in this manner. I will also contact Daily Deals and the newspaper where Daily Deals are published.

A B., 2014-04-16, 03:46PM CDT

This is a company to avoid. I made a purchase via a "deal of the day" site back in December 2013. After numerous attempts to get hold of someone I got an email that my shipment was on its way. They even gave me a tracking number. That tracking number was bogus - there was no record of the tracking number with the carrier. Again chased their customer service who finally responded in mid January 2014 that they were researching the delivery issue and would get back to me - which they never did. Then I chased them again and got a different story - my shipment was never made because the "deal of the day" company never paid them. So the net result was I paid an agent of their company, their agent never paid them so I get stiffed and get no jewelry shipped. Better Business Bureau website has them with an F rating. I would avoid buying anything from them.

f3f4fd17, 2014-05-21, 07:46PM CDT

It's not DEAL CHICKEN it's BELLEZA. I paid for a voucher last October through a different vendor. Never got my bracelet. Go a lot of emails saying it was on the way (even one with a shipping label #) Then got emails blaming their 3rd party vendor. Check out the BBB they are rated F.

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