Vacasa rentals - Locked out of paid for condo, stranded with no assistance.

Posted on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 at 4:32pm CDT by haylie m.

Product: Vacation Rentals

Company: Vacasa rentals

Location: 4440 SW Corbett Ave #204 Portland, OR 97239


Category: Hotels

My grandmas booked a room through this company. I strongly recommend having nothing to do with this company, run!!!

A month in advanced my grandma booked a room at Gearhart by the sea. A few short days before heading out on her trip they sent her a letter regarding how to use a lock box to get your key. This is not unheard of, but definitely NOT ideal. Vacasa rentals has no one on site at these condos to help or to give you key to the room. They operate by sending you a code to this box to retrieve your key for your room.

The story? After a long drive to her destination, she was ready to rest in her room. She could not get the lock box open to get her key. She calmly and rationally followed the instructions and used code they provided and it would not open. She called up company and they told her they?d get a maintenance guy out there. After shed been waiting in the cold far from home, all by herself, with no where to go for 30 min I started calling and even by this point they hadn?t got a hold of there maintenance person or heard from him, just left him a voicemail. They had NO answer for me as to how long this could take and she could be waiting. A nice woman seeing my grandma standing alone waiting asked of her circumstances and offered to help, she was younger more physically able, because apparently you have to really push down on something, she too couldn?t get the box open. Almost an hour past with no help and not great conversations with this company. It was getting dark and my grandma couldn?t enter the hotel she paid 100s to stay in. I called up again STILL no contact with maintenance guy, I was very upset and painting a picture to this Rebecca lady that my grandmas stranded out there and Rebecca had the audacity to tell me these things happen?? (I?ve traveled my fair share, these things don?t happen). Besides demanding answers as to when she would get help, I told her some reimbursement was in order and she REFUSED, saying that though unfortunate these things happened and they don?t discount or reimburse for things like this?? (She cant get in the room she?s already paid to be in, what do you reimburse for?)

As if it cant get worse. They call a management company that is a competitor of theres who also rents the condos there, but they actually have an office on site (and btw they personally hand out keys to rooms and don?t use any crap lock box system.) Anywho, they call a management company unaffiliated with them to see if they could help. This management guy, though having no responsibility for the situation comes over to see what?s going on, talks about that he hears/sees there?s problems with these lock boxes, though knows nothing about them, and tells my grandma because its off season they have rooms available. Now that it?s been over an hour and a half of stranded without a room, my grandma who cant afford it gives in and gets another room just so she can unpack and sit down. At this point we were uncertain if we would receive refund still.

They have one last conversation with Vacasa rentals was UNBELIEVABLE. Rebecca first practically questions her as to why someone who they called to help her, why she let them solicit her a room??? (I guess they take zero responsibility for the whole thing?) Then as my grandma complains for legitimate reasons and demands refund they tell her to ?calm down? !!!?? ummm my first jobs back as a teen in food service, people would be worked up for a wrong food order, my grandma had every right to not be calm? on a personal note she had just lost her husband and was first time travelling by herself and had to not only go through all of that, but with no empathy and NO apology from them. They did say she?d get refund ONLY after she was in another room she paid for with there ?maintenance guy? still MIA. Who knows how late, or if he would ever have came!!


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