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Posted on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 at 8:59pm CDT by Nicole B.

Company: TMobile

Location: Tmobile Customer Relations PO Box 37380


Category: Consumer Electronics

I currently have a family plan with Tmobile, 3 Nokia phones. We began the service June 2013. When we began the service the representative lied to us.

She told us we would have 4G. We have 2G. She told us we can keep our previous phone numbers. Our numbers were changed. We only ordered 3 phones. They shipped 6 AND charged us for it. I made it VERY clear my billing address was Brooklyn, NY but the shipping is Omaha, NE. The phones were shipped to the wrong address. We had no coverage in our homes, dropped calls, no internet and distorted calls. We called almost every day to complain.

We moved to a different address in Omaha, NE and the service improved dramatically. However, as recently as Sunday, October 19, 2013, we are experiencing the same poor service as we did initially.

Tmobile credited our account twice this month. I called yesterday to ask for more credit since beginning October 19th we have had spotty service, no service and many dropped calls. I was told by a Tmobile representative that the company will not give us any more credit. We are also being given conflicting information each time we call.

One Tmobile supervisor told us that Tmobile has many towers in our area. We call back, speak to a different supervisor and she tells us that Tmobile has no towers in our area. Another supervisor told us that there is no known coverage issue in our area. The next supervisor tells us that there is a known issue in this area AND that they would investigate and text us when it is fixed.

Today, October 23rd, a supervisor called us and said that Tmobile refuses to give us any more credit regardless of whether we have service or not. So basically we are paying for service we don't have. I have never heard of a company refusing to resolve an issue that is their fault.

Our phones were reset twice this week by Tmobile techs. It did not solve the problem. This is not an equipment issue. It is clearly a service issue which Tmobile should be held accountable for. Considering the lies that was told to us just to make a sale Tmobile should be more professional and committed to resolving this issue.

We were told today that the only way to resolve this is to cancel the service. We were told that we can return the phones and not have to pay for them. We were told there would be no cancellation fee. Considering all the misinformation that has been told to us I asked to have this emailed to me so we can have it in writing. I was told that sending anything in writing is against company policy.

What exactly is company policy?! Charging customers for services that they are not receiving?! Lying to get a sale?! Refusing to resolve any customer problems?! Telling customers if you have any issues to just cancel your service?! Dispensing misinformation?! Is this how Tmobile conducts business?!

Tmobile's customer service, follow through, ability and willingness to resolve customer issues, professionalism and business etiquette is horrendous!!


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