Facebook - Mrs. Marion

Posted on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 at 2:37am CDT by Patricia M.


Company: Facebook

Location: OTTAWA, K1Y 4V8, US

URL: facebook.com

Category: Computers, Software

Facebook continues to temporary block users. Sometimes they claim due to context, or spamming, or overusing the posting. How can a worldwide facebook page have control or censor how or what people post on sites. If you type in certain "words" their analysts view that word as something undesirable when in fact the word is just a normal every day.

More and users are becoming angry and frustratd by facebook's control over free speech, the way people use free speech, using a monitoring system that picks out 'certain words' then temporarily blocks users. I hope a new site comes along soon and replaces Facebook. They do not belong in the realm of freedom of speech and control and denying users the rights to post. Fed up.


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