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Posted on Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 at 6:33pm CDT by 1e3ab3f2

Company: Target

Location: Target Guest Relations Mailstop 2a-B PO Box 9350


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To Whom It May Concern,

And I pray that this incident does concern someone because my experience with my order has been nothing short of a complete debacle. I have been a Target store customer for years, spending more than I need to on things I don?t even need. After this experience, I feel betrayed and that Target does not care at all about its customers.

On 9/22 I placed and order online for 3 items. A bassinet, a glider, and an ottoman; items for my nursery as my baby is due 11/05. However, I wouldn?t be surprised if she came sooner due to all of the stress this has caused me.

My purchase amounted to over $600 after my registry discount and an additional 5% discount for SIGNING UP FOR and using the RedCard credit card.

I paid with 3 gift cards. Two $50 cards and one $500 card.

I received these gift cards for my baby shower and decided to purchase these items from Target specifically for that reason. I signed up for the RedCard during this transaction to pay for the additional $30-50 that my gift cards did not cover.

To my complete surprise, I received a $531 RedCard statement because apparently something happened online and it did not apply my $500 gift card.

I have spent over FIVE hours on the phone, with at least 6 different people?going over my cell phone minute allotment for an entire month?trying to get this resolved with absolutely NO resolution.

All I wanted was for them to credit my RedCard and use my gift card to apply to the purchase as was the original intent.

The incompetence of your first level ?customer service? gatekeepers is jaw-dropping. One associate placed me on hold for a total of nearly 55 minutes just to tell me what I just explained. This was after I requested to speak with an ?SLP2? which another associate had told me to call back and ask for.

Another supervisor actually told me that there wasn?t anything he could do and I needed to enter the gift card at the time of purchase (which I did and which is why I was calling because I don?t know what happened between that and cyberspace). And then he hung up on me.

Yet another told me to ?bring it back to the store??a full size chair, that is an online only item?.what??

There has been no resolution to that part of the problem. Yes, that PART. There is more.

I received the bassinet first, damaged. Took it to the store to swap it out and it took forever because there was no packing slip on the package and they couldn?t look up the order number OR my Target RedCard (which I still haven?t received in the mail?although I did get the aforementioned bill!) After texting my husband and asking him to dig through garbage for the used gift card, I was able to have them look it up by that gift card number and complete the exchange.

It took a month to receive the glider and ottoman. When I did, the boxes were damaged. The ottoman came through UPS and was damaged. Then I received the glider through a delivery service who not only came outside of the window of time they gave me, but left on my apartment doorstep the glider chair?half hanging out of the box which looked like it had fallen off a truck and rolled down a hill. (Please see enclosed pictures).

Hopeful, I opened the box and inspected the chair. Not so good. Glider frame is bent so chair doesn?t swivel, just gets caught on itself. Its also lopsided and looks like one corner was smashed in. Under the fabric, it feels like the wooden frame is busted.

I called no less than 3 times to try to resolve this and reached a very nice supervisor named Susan Daniel. She expedited and exchange for the ottoman and chair for me and also discovered that I was charged incorrectly because the discounts I used (registry and red card) did not apply properly?yet another online issue. She said she was sending me a gift card for that difference which I appreciate. Unfortunately, our call was dropped and I was never able to get back to her.

So here I am?9 months pregnant. With damaged goods sitting in my living room, awaiting the delivery of the chair and ottoman which will most likely NOT come until after the baby is here and no where to rock my baby at 3am. I am also basically out $500 because my gift card is going to sit here unused while I have to pay $500 in cash that I do not have to a credit card that I did not want. If I knew I was going to spend $500 on a credit card, I would have put it on one with rewards for air miles or cash back.

I am beyond frustrated with this entire experience. From the horrible customer service, to the careless delivery, and lack of resolution. As I stated, I have spent time (that I don?t have) energy (that I don?t have) and money (that I don?t have) and cell phone minutes (that I have gone over and will now be charged for) trying to get something fixed that was not my problem to begin with.

I really hope that someone can see what a total inconvenience (understatement) this has been for me. Having a baby is supposed to be an exciting happy time and now because of this I am not going to have a place to rock my baby to sleep until she is at least a month old. And I have been stressed out and wasting some of my last few minutes of ?me time? dealing with something that should have never happened in the first place or at the very minimum should have been taken care of through one simple phone call.

I believe that I should receive some kind of compensation for all of this undue stress. All I did was place and order and try to pay for it and I, the customer, really got the shaft.

As, not only a long time customer, but a soon-to-be-mom, you should realize the value of your customers?without them you wouldn?t have a job. Now, I never want to see a Target store again. Pretty sad since it was one of my favorite places to shop. I am very active on social media, as well as ?mommy? forums, as well as quite a few friends throughout the US (Chicago, Texas, East Coast, California) who are pregnant and more who are planning on it soon-- all of whom I will definitely not hesitate to share my experience with if this is not resolved.


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