Ready Rock Construction - Scam Artist posing as concrete contractor

Posted on Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 at 4:00pm CDT by David S.

Company: Ready Rock Construction

Location: HOUSTON, TX, 78380, US

Category: Building, Construction

I hired Ready Rock Construction, which is really a person named Mayo Herrera, Jr., to do some conrete work for me. His first and major concern was "...when can I get some money?"

DO NOT give this person any money until the job is at that stage of completion = to what he wants to be paid or completed.

He and his crew are ignorant about concrete construction or just lazy. He will tell you that "...he is ready to pour concrete..." so he can get money from you, when he doesn't even have the area prepped or formed.

He wasted a full truck of concrete due to his lack of preparation on my job.

He wants you to pay for the concrete so he doesn't have to get the subgrade prepared to acept the right depth of concrete.

He will tell you that he knows how to do everthing, when he doesn't even know how to do concrete properly.

Even the concrete he manages to get on the ground, some of it cracks completely. You have to supervise him and his crew. He is never on the job, except to collect money. His crew is unsupervised.

In my opinion, he is a liar and a scam artist.



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