Curran Plumbing, INC - Plumbing Contractor Takes Too Long

Posted on Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 at 9:00am CDT by Jack F.

Product: Plumbing

Company: Curran Plumbing, INC

Location: 314 Columbia Circle

Category: Building, Construction

Curran was tasked to unseize one galvanized pipe in a house and put on 3 brand new fittings. Took them 1.5 hours??? Could care less about my letter with my 3 compaints. They didn't notice I had supplied wrong fitting which caused problems, and a leak developed near their working area. They did however, unseize the pipe without futher damange to the main water line. Also, he charges professional rates but his office location is a personal residence so he doesn't have the overhead and really shouldn't charge so much.


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