K & B automotive - K & b automotive college place wa.

Posted on Monday, October 21st, 2013 at 9:27pm CDT by Lyle H.

Company: K & B automotive

Location: 120 north. east. rose street

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

I went to K & B automotive in college place washington 99324

there phone is 509 370 1091 there address is. 120 n.e. rose street

college place wa.99324

I went there to get a new windsheild in my 82 ford 1 ton pickup.

the told me the price would be $ 202.00 dollars.

I paid them in cash. but they wouldnt put there name on my receipt. it was a blank receipt. ecept for it said the price I paid plus tax.

I dropped of my pickup I went back later that day and they said it was done. but it was'nt done correctley. there was a half inch gap all the way accross the bottom of the windsheild on the out side where the glass meets the chrome that goes around the window. I told them and they said that they would fix it. so I took it back to them they had the pickup all day when I went back to get the pickup it still was not done correctley. the dented the body of my pickup there the chrome around the window meets the body. there was still a gap where there shouldnt have been all the way accross the bottom of the windsheild where the chrome meets the glass. and the chrome molding is not down tight on the body down below the windsheild. and they broke the plastic molding on the passenger side inside the pickup. next to the windsheild.

I told them that I was not happy with there work and I reminded them that the told me that the garunteed me that the work would be done wright. well it was'nt. they told me that they where not going to do anything more that I was just stuck with it and for me to leave.

I'm was told by the guy who I delt with that he was the boss. and that he had a buissness lic. but I dont beleave they are even a legal buissness. the lady that wrote my receipt would not put there name on it. or even there phone number but she did charge me tax.

IO told them they could take the windsheil back and give me my money back or I wanted them to do the job write they told me to leave. so thats what I did.


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