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What You Should Know about Dedicated Servers Hosting?

More Disk Spaces and Bandwidth in Dedicated Servers Hosting

Dedicated servers hosting is designed for websites that generate large amount of traffic. This is due to the fact that it offers lots of disk spaces and bandwidths. There are many dedicated hosting packages webmasters can choose from. Each dedicated servers hosting package vary in disk spaces, bandwidth, operating system and etc. Shared hosting often limits the usage of your disk spaces and bandwidths, even if it says unlimited in your cPanel. Unlimited shared hosting actually has limits on the disk spaces and bandwidths but you won?t be notified until you reach a specific limit. At that time, the provider will usually ask you to upgrade your shared hosting to a better option.

Different Definitions for Managed Dedicated Servers Hosting

Different web hosting companies define fully managed hosting in different meanings. Some web hosting providers define fully managed dedicated servers hosting as letting the webmasters having control over the server through a control panel. Others defined it as having professional engineers managing the different aspects of the dedicated servers so that there is no need for the webmasters to perform any maintenance tasks.

Four Types of Dedicated Servers Hosting

Basically, there are four different types of dedicated hosting services including fully managed, managed, self managed, and unmanaged. Fully managed usually means the provider will have engineers to fully manage the dedicated servers so that the webmasters don?t have to perform any task. Managed means the provider offers limited amount of managements so webmasters have to perform some tasks. Self managed means there will be little involvements from the provider. In self managed hosting, webmasters have to perform majority of the maintenance tasks. Unmanaged means the webmasters will completely handle all the monitoring and maintenance tasks.

Web Servers in Dedicated Servers Hosting

The web servers that run in the dedicated servers vary depending on what operating system it uses. IIS or Apache are usually included in Windows based dedicated servers. Apache is also included in Linux based dedicated servers. Apache web server is easier to use because there are more help topics on it.

Choose a Dedicated Hosting that Offers Speedy Performance

Customers should choose dedicated servers that offer fast performance. The performance of the dedicated servers depends on a number of factors such as CPU, RAM, and network speed. The CPU, RAM and network speed are usually mentioned on the description of the <a href="">dedicated servers hosting</a> package. It is important that the dedicated servers operate at a fast speed otherwise the page will load at a slow rate when there are a lot of visitors. Websites that utilize a lot of graphics and multimedia contents should be hosted on high speed dedicated servers.


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