US Airways - Splitting up a couple at gate for US Airways flight to Paris

Posted on Sunday, October 20th, 2013 at 7:55am CDT by Harold T.

Company: US Airways

Location: US

Category: Airlines

As my wife and I were boarding US Airways flight 786 from CLT to Paris June 28, the gate attendant grabbed my wife's boarding pass (for seat 16H that had been assigned in February) and gave her another one for 20C - a seat 4 rows back and on the other side of the plane. I immediately complained to her and the representative standing behind the counter. He said to see the flight attendant on board. The person on board said for me to ask the person who had just been assigned to my wife's seat to change. None of the 3 US Airways employees showed any sympathy or had any sense of customer service due, I suspect, to becoming desensitized as this happens often and is outside their control. This was obviously a HUGE COMPUTER PROGRAMMING ERROR -- moving one of a couple while assigning her seat to a lone traveler at the last minute on an international flight.

Responses to my letters to US Airways customer service were of the "form letter" variety and mentioned how much US Airways values having couples sit together but offering nothing in exchange for their mistake. My last letter was sent to the VP of Customer Relations, Donna Paladini, in Phoenix. Her assistant stated that no compensation would be offered.

This will be my last trip on US Airways as air travel is difficult enough without having to deal with an airline that will split up a couple on an international flight at the last possible minute and can't understand why we'd be upset.

Fellow travelers, keep in mind that there are other choices besides US Airways when deciding which airline to book.


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ce6f32d0, 2013-12-26, 01:40PM CST

So, did the person agree to change seats?

Harold T., 2013-12-26, 02:40PM CST

Yes, the single traveler who had just been given my wife's seat that day graciously agreed to swap as both seats in question were aisle seats. But not everyone is so kind and it shouldn't have been up to me to ask.

ce6f32d0, 2013-12-26, 02:44PM CST

Agreed. Wonder why the flight attendants did that???

Lori M., 2013-12-28, 12:19PM CST

Us airways is the worst line below spirit and united, if that is possible. And the indignant letter from the vp of customer relations just makes things worse. Time to get attorney generals, BBB, local governments involved where us airways has a heavy presence. now with its current merger I wonder if the monopolistic behaviors will emerge? I suspect that kicking people off flights with no refunds will be next? As for me, I will fix outing my airfare charge for the worst first class ever. Philadelphia ticket agents and flight crews in first class are the worst. Worst worst. If this is a result of poor upper management the board of directors should take a closer look. It is time to revolt nationally.

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