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Posted on Friday, October 18th, 2013 at 12:08pm CDT by Barbara

Company: International Perfect Trading CO.

Location: 7801 W. 60TH Place Summit, IL 60501
SUMMIT, IL, 60501, US


Category: Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

I just want to warn anyone who is thinking to choose International Perfect Trading CO.This company is nothing what they promise you. If you want to choose this company for sanding containers to Poland please think twice! They will promise you everything like packing for you, taking care of all paper works, they will even say that everything is included in the price but as soon as there is any problem they will turn back on you and tell you that this is not their problem any more. Unfortunately, my experience with this company is very bad. Most of my stuff from the container came damaged and when I have called them for help they said that this is not their problem. They do not want to pay for any damages, we ended up paying extra money over board which they said is included already in the amount we paid before. This is the worst company that I have ever dealt with.


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Business Reply  734808a8, 2013-11-10, 05:39PM CST

Information in this post is not true, it's blasphemous and unfair. We provide service for over a decade and we have thousands of happy and returning customers. This post is probably submitted by one of our competing companies. please remove it. Thank You.

Barbara S., 2013-11-10, 07:48PM CST

Unfortunately, all of it is true!!! I am a private person who did business with this unreliable company. Please be aware,and do not get fooled like I did. If they state that they have thousands of happy and returning customers just search for reviews of this company and you will find out for sure what they really have to offer! It is sad and pathetic.

Barbara S., 2013-11-10, 07:54PM CST

Please just read some of the reviews this company has and make your own statement about them...

Margaret G., 2014-02-23, 10:03PM CST

I could not agree more with Barbara. My father shipped his car to Poland, which came severely damaged. The most unprofessional and rude owner( borderline idiot) refused to take care of it. Check out Better business bureau website for details, because their rating is going down because of it. They refused to arbitrate!

Magda, 2014-11-28, 05:44PM CST

I shipped the whole container to Bydgoszcz and I was very satisfied, because i did not have to go to Poland so it save my time and money. The International Perfect Trading took care of everything in very professional way. The container was on time without any damages.

In my opinion it is very reliable and professional delivery company with helpful staff.


karl k., 2014-12-16, 09:54AM CST

Kontenery stoj? 3-tydzien w Polsce -co si? dzieje???

72690443, 2014-12-22, 07:37AM CST

Dlaczego macie revoked license w better business bureau?

karl k., 2015-02-08, 12:23AM CST

Nie wysylajcie przez ta firme ,za przestoj kontenerow w Gdyni zap?acicie sami.

wladek r., 2015-02-11, 06:55PM CST

To chyba jakies skomasowany atak konkurencji!!! To swietna firma , wysylam z nimi paczki wiele lat i moze teraz ida troche dluzej ale nigdy zadnego cla przyjezdzaja po nie do domu

marek f., 2015-03-04, 06:03AM CST

Many thanks to all the IPTC. I have saved a lot of money. You are the best. Free pack of went a little long but thank you.

Agnes L., 2015-06-23, 07:18AM CDT

All bad comments are true, positive comments probably were written by employs and the owner. They are layers and sharpies. Don't trust them I sent my pack 4 months ago and still not delivered. TOTALLY SCAM.

karl k., 2015-07-29, 10:20AM CDT

Omijajcie ta firma z daleka,zaplacicie za kontenery drugi raz.

Jane J., 2015-07-29, 11:03AM CDT

I would agree that employees would post good reviews to silence their critics. It has happened before and it can happen again. Thank you so much for this post. Now we know who not to trust and who not to do business with ever again.

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